Compression Sleeves & Socks for Exercise

Whether you participate in sports recreationally or competitively, TXG graduated compression socks, arm sleeves and calf sleeves can help improve your performance, health and well-being, and recovery.

Exercise is beneficial for your health, but in excess or in certain circumstances it can cause more harm than good. Even the most accomplished athletes in the world can fall prey to this. While there’s no magic pill that can prevent pain and injury, wearing compression wear before, during and after exercise is a proven secret weapon for better performance, faster recovery, and injury prevention.


Running (and other forms of cardiovascular activity) involves repetitive movement that creates an impact and vibration on your leg muscles. This can lead to shin splints, tendonitis and fatigue are inevitable after a certain period. By wearing compression wear when warming up, during your exercise session and then after working out there is less stress placed on your joints and tendons and your blood flow is optimised, giving your muscles better oxygen access so you can work out harder, for longer, with less pain afterwards. Excess shock is absorbed allowing you to maintain a steady pace, which is essential when training for time or distance related goals and marathons.

In all other forms of exercise that rely on leg movement, similar benefits apply when compression garments are worn. Delayed onset muscle soreness is reduced, as is muscle inflammation and swelling, as the improved circulation means that lactic acid is swept away from muscles so that it can be flushed from the body.


Our TXG graduated compression socks are designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our unique patented X-pattern structure offers strong yet comfortable protection for the ankle area – simulating the benefits of pre-strapping the ankle without the tape. Our socks combine a compression gradient with anatomically moulding, flattened seams and padding for sole pressure distribution to create the ultimate fit. We also use fabric with thermal and hydroscopic properties to prevent overheating.

Our TXG Compression Arm Sleeves keep your arm muscles compact while regulating temperature enable you to gain more power from your arms and to help prevent fatigue. Arm sleeves are becoming increasingly popular with athletes active in Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Squash, Cycling and other vigorous sports.

Diane's TXG Sock Feedback

"They are great, stopped my legs from swelling and helped with my bad knee. I will always wear them now."


"I've been doing an Alpine tramp over Cascade Saddle in Aspiring National Park & I wore the TXG compression socks. They are great. Stopped my legs from swelling and helped with my bad knee. I endured no lactose build up in my calf muscles despite the very steep ascent and descent. I will always wear them now and have recommended them to my tramping friends."

Dianne Parker

Aroha's feedback on her TXG sleeves

"I love my arm and calf sleeves, they help me at hockey"


"I purchased some arm sleeves and calf sleeves and love them. Trialled them out last week during my many games of hockey and at an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament to see if they’ll help me at my next hockey tournament and I can safely say yes, I especially love the arm sleeves keeping my forearms from tightening which is so important when dribbling. They also help at the gym during any arm work where I grip tightly and my forearms tighten. Usually, I would fatigue and be forced to stop, but I get far more out of my arms."

Aroha Sakura

"For the first time ever I did the run with no uncomfortable tape strapping of my ankles"


“I wore TXG sports socks in the Coast to Coast race for the 3km run off the beach, the first 55km cycle, the 30km mountain run, second 15km cycle and 1km run to kayak … so that is 8 hours of a nearly 17-hour journey. The only reason I took them off before getting in the kayak was that I wear split to kayak booties otherwise they would have been on until the finish.

I experienced no problems with calf cramping during the race or after. As previously mentioned I find them more effective than your competitor's product I have used. They have a higher level of compression, stay up when crossing rivers and the support bands in the ankle region means for the first time ever I did the run with no uncomfortable tape strapping of my ankles. “




"I am 100% happy with my purchase. It’s faultless – does an excellent job"

My calf sleeves arrived in impeccable condition! Along with all the little extras which just made my day.

I have been so impressed with the first class service from the moment I ordered online. You truly go the extra mile and I’m sure the company’s reputation benefits greatly from your dedication.

I am a fussy buyer and do a lot of research before purchasing anything (much to my husband’s frustration). I am 100% happy with my purchase. It’s faultless – does an excellent job (exactly as advertised) and is very well priced for a high-quality item.

All that on top of the exceptional customer service leaves me only to brag about my purchase to everyone!

You’re more than welcome to use my feedback. I completely stand by it – still think you and my calf sleeves are awesome  

Abi Jones

Abi Jones

"They are fantastic and cradle your calves like a warm hug"


“Thank you very much for the speedy arrival of my hot pink calf compression sleeves. They’re even more pink than I could have imagined. I doubt I’ll ever get them off my 4-year-old daughter though haha.

These are the second pair of compression calf sleeves that I have purchased (the first purchase was a few months ago for my husband). They are fantastic and cradle your calves like a warm hug  

Being a small business owner myself I really appreciate the “extra mile” you have gone to with the sweet note and little pressies. It’s thoughtful fun and definitely makes you a likeable business.

Thank you … oh and my calves thank you too"


"I love the calf sleeves that I got. It was recommended to me by my physio to start running in calf compressions due to multiple calf and Achilles injuries"


“I love the calf sleeves that I got. It was recommended to me by my physio to start running in calf compressions due to multiple calf and Achilles injuries. I use them to be able to run for longer periods as I’m a heavier guy training for Ironman and need all the help I can get. My biggest problem is overheating, I’ve never liked wearing anything other than the necessary things when training due to overheating.

I feel that the TXG calf sleeves are a lot more breathable than my Canterbury Sleeves. With them feeling a lot more breathable it feels like I’m not wearing them which is a huge bonus. The benefits I found were the comfort and knowing that I’m wearing something that is doing exactly what I need them to do.

I have already recommended TXG to my circle of keen mates and I’m going to get my mum some socks for her birthday.

I am a tradesman business co-owner and operator so I believe that being honest and your service/product does and offers exactly what you say it does is all you can do. I believe you have a great product and I enjoy the personal touch you get when you receive your order so no complaints from me.

Thanks once again for the great service and product. “



"They definitely help reduce calf soreness after exercise and post-warm-up help to keep my calves warm and supple"


“As an injury prone 50+ runner I was looking for calf support sleeves while training for the Buller Gorge Marathon.

The TXG sleeves are well made, good value and have firm compression.

They definitely help reduce calf soreness after exercise and post-warm-up help to keep my calves warm and supple.

I recommend them because they are good quality and good price.

Great Customer service! “


"No pain in my ankles and calves – miraculous!!"


“Hi Heather – Your compression socks are truly the BEST BEST.

I received them before last weekend and I was able to do 25km cycle and 8km run on Sat and Sun and then again last Sat and yesterday – all with no pain in my ankles and calves – miraculous!!

Seriously good and very pleased – hope the compression keeps working! “


Bill Carson

"I had immediate relief from the first time I wore them"


“I was trying to find a top quality reputable product that truly did the job. I purchased the calf sleeves as I had very bad shin splints. I wore them first to help with my recovery and then while running.

I had immediate relief from the first time I wore them. Running with them is fabulous (they stay up. I was worried they may slip down) They make running far more comfortable now.

I would absolutely recommend TXG calf compression sleeves The product is first class – does exactly what you want/need it to do and it’s very well priced.

But more than that – the level of customer service from Heather makes the whole process exceptional. The little details that she goes to the trouble to include make your day!

My recommendation is to keep Heather on! Give her a bonus!

I hope all your staff are trained to give the same first class customer service as Heather to match your first class products. ”





"They are the best compression gear I have used"

“Been wearing the TXG compression calf sleeves for a few weeks now when running and they are the best compression gear I have used. They are comfortable, stay in place and work.

Since I started using TXG my right calf muscle, which has always given me trouble when running is now improving and I hardly notice it at all now.

Thanks, TXG. ”


" It took me a while to find the perfect Calf Sleeves here in NZ"


“Features I like most about the TXG Calf Sleeves are the high quality and they feel great while wearing them.

I found as a result of wearing them better performance and faster recovery after running.

I would absolutely recommend TXG socks to other people. It took me a while to find the perfect Calf Sleeves here in NZ and when I visited the TXG website I knew I was at the right place.

High quality at a good price point.

Nice fit, strong fabric and breathable. Perfect!

Keep up the good work. Great service, super product, thanks guys ”


"I am extremely pleased with my calf sleeves, I do think they are making a difference"


“I am extremely pleased with my calf sleeves, have been umming and ahhing for a while whether to try some to try and stop my calves from getting so tight after running, and I do think they are making a difference.

An unexpected benefit, which I don’t want to be repeated, was my second run with them on, I got attacked by a dog who took a bit of my calf (mustn’t have liked the colour!), I really think the sleeve stopped the bite from being too bad and it certainly prevented it from bleeding too much, because once I got back to the car and rolled down the sleeve the blood started pouring out. Although I was not happy with having a hole in my new calf sleeve? At least the blood washed out okay. 

Anyway, I think my partner is keen to get some calf sleeves or socks so probably be putting another order in soon and I will probably get another pair too.

So, thank you again, especially for the prompt delivery, couldn’t believe how quickly we got them.

Great Service"


"Absolutely rapt with my TXG Sports Compression Socks!"


“Absolutely rapt with my TXG Sports Compression Socks!

I have been trail running for the past year but was recently suffering from very sore calf muscles post running after returning from a month overseas (my legs/ankles suffered badly with swelling during every flight).

I got them for recovery as opposed to performance and I’ve tried wearing them both while running and post run for a few hours or overnight and can honestly say I haven’t suffered from sore calf muscles since. They work! Happy

Also, super fast delivery and super friendly communication.

Cheers team ”



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