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10 Easy Ways to Avoid Infuriating Excess Baggage Fees

10 ways to avoid excess baggage fees

So, you’re heading overseas for a holiday. That’s awesome. Few things beat experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of a different culture. Is everything packed? Be careful — you don’t want to receive a hefty fee for too much luggage. That’s a real joy killer. With this in mind, check out these 10 easy ways…

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How to recover faster after a sporting event

Tips to recover faster after an event when you are older

What physical pursuits do you enjoy, hiking, cycling—running marathons? Whatever they are, good on you! Being active is essential for good health. As you age, though, you’ve probably noticed it takes longer to recover than when you were a young ‘whippersnapper’ in your 20s. So, in this post, we offer some tips for faster recovery…

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How to tell if my sports shoes are worn out?

How to tell if your shoes are worn out

Do you have a favourite pair of sports shoes? If so, it’s not a good idea to run them into the ground. Even if they look okay, a worn out pair of sports shoes can cause you harm. So, how can you tell if your sports shoes are worn out? We explain in this post.…

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Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Massage Therapy: What do I need

Physiotherapy or Massage Therapy?

If you are carrying an injury, it can literally be a ‘pain in the neck.’ There are, of course, plenty of specialists available to treat you. The problem is figuring out whom to call. So, the purpose of this post is to provide some clarity. Struggling with an injury is tough. Not only must you…

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Reclaim Your Fitness with a Personal Trainer

Reclaim your fitness with a personal trainer

You know, losing your mobility when you get older isn’t just because of age. In fact, it is often a symptom of inactivity. In this post, we explain why a personal trainer can help get you up and moving. How much should you exercise? It is no secret that exercise is important. And you are…

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How to Prevent Injury using Stretching Exercises

How to prevent injury using stretching exercises

As we age, staying physically active is pretty important — “use it or lose it,” as the saying goes. And in New Zealand, there is no excuse for being a ‘couch potato’ because access to physical activities is easy — cycling, running, swimming, hiking; you name it. Of course, with exercise, there is always the…

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Socks you wish Santa would deliver

Socks you wish Santa would deliver

Have you ever plucked a pair of socks from your Christmas stocking? In most cases, you’d probably wish you hadn’t — they are on about the same excitement scale as handkerchiefs. However, if Santa had kindly delivered TXG compression socks, I suspect your reaction would be quite different. That’s because TXG compression socks can make…

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How to Recover Quickly from Jet lag

How to recover quickly from jetlag

You’ve now learned some travel tips to help you stay healthy, sleep better, pack your carry-on bag and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) on your next flight in our other blog posts. Did you know that there are things you can do during your journey that will help your body recover more quickly once you…

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Learning About DVT Could Save Your Life

Learning about DVT could save your life

Swollen and puffy feet are a common problem amongst air travellers. Though uncomfortable, the condition is usually harmless. Deep vein thrombosis, on the other hand, is much more serious. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can occur when the blood coagulates to form a clot in the lower leg. Sometimes a blood clot can travel through the…

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