7 Ways to Combat Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

As much as pregnancy is an extremely exciting time for any expectant mum, the changes in your body can start to take their toll. Your back will ache, cravings will be through the roof, and as the weeks pass by you’ll notice that your feet will swell, making it often uncomfortable to walk and put your shoes on.

In this post we are going to look at some remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy. These are things you can do to help with feet swelling while you wait for the arrival of your precious new family addition.

Have regular foot massages

A Turkish study into the effects of regular foot massages on pregnant women showed that a 20-minute massage every day for five days reduced swelling significantly. Now you may not be able to afford a visit to a professional masseuse on a daily basis, but you can always ask your partner or even a family member to do the honours. You can also check whether there is a massage training centre in your area that offers free or heavily discounted massages by trainee student

Do light exercise every day

As you get further through your pregnancy, the last thing you probably will like doing is exercise. But doing some light exercise like yoga or walking at least 30 minutes every day is a great way to keep fluid and blood circulating and will lessen the swelling in your feet.

Decrease caffeine intake

When you consume a lot of caffeine, you’ll no doubt be visiting the bathroom more often than usual. This increased urination can cause you to become dehydrated, and also retain extra fluid. Try sticking to herbal teas as much as you can and leave the coffee for after baby is born.

Watch your salt intake

Foods which contain high levels of table salt are best to be avoided during your pregnancy as fluid retention is a common symptom of having too much. If you do have cravings for salty foods, make sure to balance it out with eating foods high in potassium.

woman with both feet up

Keep your feet up whenever possible

One way to relieve swelling in your feet is to keep your feet up above the level of your heart through out the day, as this encourages fluid and blood to drain away from your feet. You can do this by lying on your bed with your feet propped up on some pillows for at least 20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and at night.

Wear compression socks

Using compression socks during the third trimester of your pregnancy does wonders for swelling. They promote healthy blood circulation and gently massage your legs so that fluid is guided back up to other parts of your body. Compression socks also help to reduce varicose and spider veins when you choose a pair that is the right fit.

At TXG, we live and breathe compression socks and will be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding using them during pregnancy. Contact us today and one of our team will help you choose the right pair for your needs.

Please note: The information provided here is for general information only and is not intended to act as medical advice. We advise anyone interested in this subject to seek qualified, professional advice.

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