Compression Socks for Retail Workers

Some jobs and roles will require you to keep active and on your feet all day.  One industry that asks this of their workers is, of course, the retail world.  No matter where you work or what you sell, retail can be extremely demanding on you physically.  Starting a new job in retail can also mean having to adjust to moving around a lot, and having to deal with a new level of aching and fatigue. 

It is safe to say that retail work equals a lot more physical pressure for your body than a desk job.

Compression socks for retail workers, therefore, are recommended.  But you may be thinking that compression socks all do the same thing – what’s the point in buying socks designed for active working?  As it turns out, there are plenty of great reasons to get fitted for retail socks.  Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

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How Compression Socks for Retail Workers Might Help

It’s easy to think that conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and oedema only affect sedentary people.  It’s true, DVT can affect people who sit for extended amounts of time without dynamic movement.  However, very active people, especially those who are working 8 to 12 hour days on their feet, are just as much at risk of venous problems and poor circulation.  For that reason, it may be worth considering trying a pair of compression socks if you are new to a retail role.

Working in retail is demanding, both mentally and physically.  This type of occupation can put a severe strain on all your extremities.  Compression socks for retail workers, however, will help to reduce fatigue and tiredness in your legs and feet.  The more you move around, and the more pressure you put on your lower limbs, the harder your veins are going to be working.

Therefore, compression socks can help by gently massaging your legs and feet.  They will work to reduce fatigue build-up as well as everyday aches and strains.  This means that, ultimately, you can keep going for longer.  Which, in a work environment is always going to be beneficial.

Why Buy Retail Compression Socks?

Compression socks for retail workers are specifically designed to deliver a certain level of pressure.  This is measured in millimetres of mercury, or mmHg.  It’s always worth speaking to a doctor or nurse to see how much pressure you should ideally be looking for from your compression socks.

You should also bear in mind that these socks are designed to be for constant, active use.  That means they are rub-resistant and will protect you against moisture build-up.  Active socks are great to wear all day and can be removed at night.

Do you work in retail, but are struggling with aching legs and feet?  It might be time to try a pair of active compression socks.  Take a look at our range or call us on 0800 894 769 for more information.

Please note: The information provided here is for general information only and is not intended to act as medical advice. We advise anyone interested in this subject to seek qualified, professional advice.

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