How to Choose the Right Socks for Diabetes

If you’ve been reading some of our resources and guides, you may know that diabetic socks provide wonderful support for millions of people.  They’re designed and developed to offer daily relief!  Diabetics are at risk of a wide variety of aches, pains and strains regularly.  Therefore, many will choose to wear compression socks during everyday activities, and even at rest. 

But how do you know which compression socks for diabetes are right for you?  Is there a catch-all option which all people with diabetes can wear?  It’s perhaps not as simple as that.  However, there is more choice out there for you than ever before – and that’s a good thing.  In this guide, we will quickly consider some of the things you should be looking out for when purchasing the right socks for diabetes. 

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Compression Levels

All our compression socks are available in a variety of strengths.  Compression and pressure are measured in millimetres of mercury, or mmHg.  These levels determine how much pressure you receive when wearing certain socks on a regular basis.   

But how do you know how much pressure you’ll need?  People with diabetes are at higher risk of poor circulation than most people, which means they will generally benefit more from higher pressure.  However, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor or medical professional to find out how much pressure is likely to be beneficial to you. 

Moisture Control

Diabetics are at risk of ulcers, sores and bacterial infections.  To be able to prevent these problems, you will need to wear compression socks which are designed to combat moisture build-up.  The right socks for diabetics will be those which fit comfortably and which readily absorb moisture.  Build-up of fluid can lead to sores, grazes and ulcers.  All of these could be fatal to a diabetic.   

Open Toes

Open toe compression socks are recommended, too.  Diabetics will need to regularly inspect their feet for cuts and sores before they develop into more significant problems.  Open toe socks will allow you to check for sores and grazes easily without having to take your socks off completely.  It’s ease of access which is recommended. 

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Seam Choice

What you may not know is that sock seams can differ from design to design.  While raised seams in socks may be the more affordable manufacturing choice, they can provide uncomfortable pressure when wearing shoes.  As diabetic sock wearers are already at a heightened risk of damage to their feet, it is important to look for socks which do not have raised seams. 

Flat seams or seamless joins will be a perfect choice for those people in need of diabetic socks.  All TXG socks are manually linked, which means there are no pressure points raised during every day wear. 

Enhanced Protection

Finally, what can set some diabetic socks apart from the rest is the focus on protection.  Rubbing can lead to sore skin, which, again, leaves people open to infection.  Some diabetic socks are designed to be doubly protective, which means they may be thicker or may be designed to offer less friction.  It is another factor you may wish to consider when buying diabetic socks. 

Find Out More

Buying compression socks for diabetics for the first time doesn’t have to be tricky.  TXG has a vast range of options available for you at various pressure levels.  Why not take a look and see if there are any socks which appeal to you? 

Alternatively, call our team at any time on 0800 894 769 for advice and support you can trust. 

Please note: The information provided here is for general information only and is not intended to act as medical advice.  We advise anyone interested in this subject to seek qualified, professional advice. 


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