Compression Socks for Athletes

Why Wear Graduated Compression Socks During & After Sports or Exercise?

TXG Compression wear is your secret weapon for better performance, faster recovery and prevention of injury.

TXG compression socks with active support boosts natural vein function to promote improved blood circulation. Muscles and tissues receive an improved supply of oxygenated and enriched blood and nutrients as well as being flushed clean of de-oxygenated blood and cleansed of lactates and other waste products – all allowing for maximum sporting performance.

With a more efficient removal of lactate acid, fatigue and aching muscles are reduced. This also allows the muscles to regenerate more quickly from strenuous activity.

Whether you participate in sports as a recreation or competitively, TXG graduated compression wear can help improve your performance, health and well-being and recovery.

Designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts, our unique patented X-pattern structure offers strong yet comfortable protection for the ankle area – simulating the benefits of pre-strapping the ankle without the tape. TXG® Sports compression socks provide compression gradient using specially selected fabrics and unique twill weave for a high level of breathability and comfort.

The special design feature of TXG Sports Socks include:

  • Patented ‘X’ patterned ankle support.
  • Softly knitted cuff
  • Anatomically moulded socks
  • Crease-free fit, very flat seams
  • Padding incorporated for anatomical pressure distribution on the sole
  • Special knit in sections provide a high level of breathability
  • Fibres used in fabrication have special  thermal and hydro-scopic properties to prevent your legs from heating up by being covered

We’ve got your arms and legs covered too. Take a look at TXG Arm Sleeves and TXG Calf Sleeves. Ideal if you prefer short socks, but want the benefits of graduated compression for improved athletic performance.

Arm and leg compression sleeves boost your blood circulation for improved performance whilst maintaining flexibility for vigorous sports performers. So effective are the sleeves they are becoming standard wear for NBL players and are also popular with cyclists and other sports competitors.

Try out the TXG sports compression wear range for yourself or touch base with us to find the perfect graduated compression wear product for you.

What other’s say about how TXG Compression Socks & Sleeves helped with Sport & Exercise

So, try out the following TXG Compression Products for yourself or touch base with us to find the perfect graduated compression socks or sleeves for you if you are an active sports enthusiast:

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