Compression Socks for Workers

Why Wear Graduated Compression Socks While you are at Work?

Why wear TXG compression socks at work

Many occupations involve people sitting for long periods of time; in front of a computer manning bank teller stations, airline check-in counters, airline pilots, taxi/bus/ truck/train drivers etc. Many other occupations involve people standing for long periods of time such as teachers, security personnel, factory workers, pharmacists and nurses etc. These occupations and many others share a similar constraint that they often do not have regular opportunities to walk or exercise. The requirements of their occupations and their daily routines often results in an overall sedentary lifestyle. Over time, this can lead to a number of ailments such as loss of energy and stamina to carry out physical activities as well lead to the development of spider / varicose veins and/or thrombosis formations in blood vessels and even oedema type problems.

These syndromes are often attributable to poor blood circulation. Return blood flow from the legs must obviously overcome the height from the feet and ankles, through the legs and body, all against gravity. Normally return blood flow is assisted by a combination of feet and leg muscle action together with the action of venous valves.  Sedentary occupations and lifestyles can result in reduced pumping action for return blood flow. If veins are additionally suffering from the presence of thrombosis (DVT), or the venous valves responsible for ensuring one-way flow are damaged (varicose / spider veins), blood flow is further reduced.

TXG compression wear is specifically effective in assisting the veins of legs to push the anoxemic blood back through the circulation system for re-cleansing and re-oxygenating – essential for vitality and good health. There are a variety of styles ranging from unisex products through to products designed specifically for male and females, they are available in a variety of colours, compression levels and are fabricated from various high technology fibres such as SUPIMA® and TENCEL®, combined with Lycra® Energy verified elastic fibres.

So, try out  TXG Compression Wear for yourself or touch base with us to find the perfect graduated compression socks for you.

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