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TXG Calf Compression Sleeves are also known to many as Compression Leg Sleeves or Calf Sleeves. They are sold as a pair and each Calf Sleeve can be worn on either leg. We’ve made them from Aquatimo® (Nylon Cool Fibre) material, which is a unique textile that remains smooth to the touch while transferring heat and absorbing moisture, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. This means you can wear it underneath your usual training outfits for an added edge.

Our Compression Sleeves are great for flushing lactic acid build-up from your lower legs and aiding in your body’s lymphatic pumping action. Together, this relieves aches, swelling and tension in the legs while preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) from developing and treating existing oedema conditions. This is in addition to its usual benefits of improved circulation and energy levels as well as reduced tissue damage and muscle stress.

TXG Calf Compression Sleeves are available in MODERATE compression level (15-20mmHg), as we’ve determined that this is the ideal pressure for reducing swelling while providing comfort. They come in BLACK and are available in the following sizes:

  • S – calf 28-32cm
  • M – calf 33-37cm
  • L – calf 38-42cm
  • XL – calf 43-47cm

Calf Compression Benefits

  • Increases blood circulation in the legs which increases energy levels reduces muscle fatigue and enables enhanced performance
  • Supports the leg muscles, greatly reducing jarring stresses and microtissue damage that can occur during vigorous exercise.
  • Graduated compression over the legs is beneficial for flushing lactic acid buildup from the lower legs.
  • Reduces recovery time between sporting sessions by promoting blood circulation back to the heart
  • Aids the body’s lymphatic pumping action
  • Relieves aches, swelling and tension in the legs.
  • Protects against Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) developing
  • Aids in the treatment of oedema conditions
  • Popular with professional athletes who wear them for training and competing

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Compression sleeves should NOT be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions: Congestive heart failure, Advanced arterial disease, Severe deep venous thrombosis, Inflammation due to bacterial infection. We recommend you consult with your doctor for their recommendations.

Please consult with your doctor whether compression sleeves are suitable for you if the following conditions apply: Sensitive skin, Skin infections, Atopic dermatitis, Neuropathy or Insensitivity, Physical Immobility.

Product Specifications

Features of TXG Calf Compression Sleeves

  • Extra wide comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion or pressure points
  • Complete calf wrap-around supports muscle
  • Twill weave designed to provide shock support to muscle tissue with an enhanced level of breathability

Fabric Content

  • 85% Aquatimo Micro Nylon, 15% Spandex (Lycra®)
  • Aquatimo® (Nylon Cool Fiber) is an innovative textile technology developed by the TTRI (Taiwan Textile Research Institute) through which nylon fibers are modified to become hydrophilic nylon.This process creates the Aquatimo ® fibers which have a soft, smooth texture and high heat transfer ability, they are able to rapidly absorb and release moisture which keeps your skin feeling dry, cool, non-sticky and comfortable.

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Moderate (15-20mmHg) – Medical research indicates this compression level is an ideal combination of comfort and prevention of swelling in feet, ankles and legs during sporting activities.

Available Colours:

  • Black, Hot Pink, Teal Blue, Lime Green, Fluro Yellow

Available Sizes:

  • S  – calf 28-32cm
  • M – calf 33-37cm
  • L – calf 38-42cm
  • XL – calf 43-47cm

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Calf Compression Sleeves, for yourself?

These Calf Sleeves (sometimes called Compression Leg Sleeves) are perfect for you if you’re looking for an affordable yet comfortable calf sleeve that will give you all the benefits of graduated compression and reduce recovery time between sporting sessions.

Simply choose your size, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your TXG Compression Calf Sleeves delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.

Calf 28 – 32cm 33 – 37cm 38 – 42cm 43 – 47cm


Compression Guide

We offer 1 level of compression for you to choose

Moderate Compression Level

Moderate Compression Calf Sleeves 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

  • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • People who are traveling for long periods by air
  • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
  • Pregnant women

This compression level can:

  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles, and feet
  • Alleviate the early onset of lower-limb conditions
  • Encourage circulatory wellness
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

223 reviews for TXG Calf Compression Sleeves

  1. Happy Customer

    The socks have increased mobility and reduced pain associated with jogging and arising from reduced blood flow in the calves.. The compression feature works very well. Excellent product and very good service, would recommend

  2. Neil Mc (verified owner)

    I bought these for very tight and cramping calf muscles. I found them comfortable and they provided good support, which helped my strained calves recover. Good quality fabric. Great customer service (2nd to none!), and very quick delivery. Great service! I wish other businesses could be half as helpful and pleasant to deal with!

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Hi Heather, Thank you for the very prompt response and the advice which is what I suspected might be the case. Chlorine is pretty vicious. I will try the sleeves for recovery first and then before and after swimming. I will certainly let you know what I learn. Thank you also for the very prompt delivery of orders. The sleeves do make a difference.

  4. Tony (verified owner)

    Just received my second pair of calf sleeves. Excellent prompt service again. I’m a massage therapist and I’ll be recommending your company to my clients. Thanks again. Tony. 

  5. Nikki (verified owner)

    Great Trader! Great Communication! Fast Delivery! Cheers!!

  6. Tony (verified owner)

    Great to deal with A++++

  7. Mere

    Works as they need to. Happy with product would recommend this seller to others A++++ seller

  8. John (verified owner)

    Just to let you know, Heather that the compression sleeves arrived by airmail yesterday in a compostable envelope (nice!) and I have now been wearing one long enough to give it the thumbs up – much more comfortable that my open toe ones. Perhaps more difficult to put on, but an excellent product. Thank you!

  9. Lilly Mottl (verified owner)

    They were bought for my daughter’s shin splints. They seem to be assisting her with her recovery. She’s only a week or so into them so its hard to tell but when I asked her how they were she said they were really good. Would recommend if someone had an injury or needed this kind of support. Very quick delivery from order time to arriving at our house

  10. Katerina Kerr (verified owner)

    The sleeves help with the constant pain in my arm and helping calf recovery for my husband. Definitely can do more stuff with the arm sleeve on. Most definitely recommend the product, service & communication are all excellent and loved the little personalized notes. You are awesome and I definitely will shop with you in the future.

  11. Melissa (verified owner)

    Assists in reducing heartrate in POTS syndrome when standing or walking a little. Length was suitable. If they were breathable then I would be able to wear them everyday, therefore I would purchase more than one pair. The tightness was more than I expected but it does assist me by being so tight.

  12. Chris B (verified owner)

    I have an achilles and calf injury. The calf sleeves fit and have a solid construction. Would recommend as they are a great product and great service.

  13. Tony (verified owner)

    Hi, I’m really happy with my calf sleeves and was impressed with your prompt delivery.

  14. Niki Parker (verified owner)

    I was advised by Vascular surgeon against surgery, but to wear medical stockings “aggressively”. In Australia they were provided free, 1pr every 6 months. NZ not till you’re in Hospital with your leg(s) raised due to ulcers that are very, very. difficult to treat. The stockings prevent ulcers. Go figure. Also tried the calf sleeves and impressed with them. My original stockings weren’t suitable to be used in wet situations. I’m into Waka Ama, a water-sport that sees us on the water 1 or 2 hours at a time. I find the calf sleeves are an effective substitute. Seem as good, and in some ways better, (eg no hard seam in the toe box) than the very reputable ones I have been wearing for 8 years now. Able to be worn alone as sock. Those I have used to date are more like ‘nylons’ and better worn with socks over to help them last longer. Would recommend them. A significant price advantage over my original stockings. Easy shopping and very quick delivery. Only thing I have yet to discover is how well/long the products last.

  15. Kieran (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best company to deal with not only are there products the best, there personal touch are 2nd to none

  16. Alister Still

    Had a blood clot so need to wear lower leg compression. The socks have a nice level of compression , fit well and stopped the swelling. Everything was easy and quick plus personalised info. Nice little touches.

  17. Alister Still

    Had a blood clot so need to wear lower leg compression. The socks have a nice level of compression , fit well and stopped the swelling. Everything was easy and quick plus personalised info. Nice little touches.

  18. Narinder (verified owner)

    Because of long standing hours I always have sore heels and these socks reduced the soreness to significant extent in 1 week. They are comfortable and I like that they are dry and odourless. Strongly recommend coz they are good.

  19. Stig

    Excellent service again highly recommended

  20. Paul

    Hello Heather, I would like to compliment you on your dedication to the customer experience, you have outperformed anyone I have dealt with recently.

  21. Marc

    Quick Delivery. My go to compression sleeves for running. Love the little extras as well. Well done sock checkers 🙂

  22. Jeanne

    I am really happy with product that I bought from you guys.

  23. Deb (verified owner)

    This is a very good company to deal with , fast delivery , good communication , and good the product is very good .. Would highly recommend

  24. Rick

    Fast and easy trade. Thank you

  25. Shannon White (verified owner)

    Hi There, I just wanted to offer my feedback. I ordered Compression Calf Sleeves yesterday and they arrived today. I’m impressed with the service and fast delivery. I’m also a beginner runner and have given myself shin splints. I tried the sleeves on today before a gym workout and noticed that the pain in my shins was relieved instantly. I’m looking forward to wearing these more often. 

  26. Peter Ferris

    I’m a lot wiser and better protected thanks to you. Very much appreciated. I’ve had DVT twice now, once in either calf so have had the experience. And you’re the only one who has given me any advice. I thought I was doing well using Skins from Rebel Sport but they’re hopeless in comparison. Lucky I discovered you.

  27. Mike King (verified owner)

    Hi just received my socks and sleeves wow what a parcel to open a ton of information and great presentation and love the little clips that hold socks together. Great fit too have been using a different brand but will be stocking woops sticking with TXG from now on. Thank you.

  28. Nigel (verified owner)

    Great product and comms

  29. Debbie (verified owner)

    Thank you Heather and the team!!! My calf sleeves arrived safely here.  Never had the sleeves before and I found them easy to get off and on. As I stand mostly at work I gave them a swirl today to try them out. Love em. Thank you again will shop again soon !

  30. Peter (verified owner)

    My socks have arrived and they are fantastic 

  31. Cara Rangi (verified owner)

    With a grade 2 calf tear, these have been very beneficial in helping my mobility, being able to walk correctly while the calf is repairing. The sleeve feels firm, yet does not restrict circulation at all. I’m really impressed with my purchase. I now want to buy the compression socks also!! Nice and firm support, yet not constricting. My calf always felt supported. Features I like are the logos and size on the sock so as I knew which way was the front when putting them on. Highly likely to recommend the calf sleeve to anyone I know that might be recovering from a calf strain/tear. They over delivered, I was expecting the sleeves in 3 days, but the arrived the very next day!!

  32. Virantha (verified owner)

    Good product, good fit, comfortable, good customer service

  33. Viliami (verified owner)

    It has served its purpose well by improving circulation to my feet during exercise and also during a normal day. Reduced/prevents the swelling and improves the circulation when I am on my feet for long periods of time. Features I like are the colour and feel of the material. Definitely recommend because the product is great and its shopped here locally in NZ. Excellent service and prompt delivery even during a time when delays are inevitable.

  34. Anthony Van Kan (verified owner)

    I would have no hesitation in recommending TXG Compression wear. I contacted Heather Gatland, at first thinking they had sent me the wrong size, She was more than happy to refund the item if I wanted a larger size. There is a special way to put them on, and once that was figured out, LIFE WAS GOOD. 🙂 They are firm and exactly what I need. They help with my ( DVT ) deep vein thrombosis. Good quality

  35. Caroline (verified owner)

    Reduced leg pain. No problems putting them on and taking them off. I would recommend them because they are comfortable and easy to use.

  36. Graeme Couch (verified owner)

    After being in Hospital for 2½ and wearing compression sock every day , the TXG socks have made a great difference in my recovery and in getting around with the aid of a walking stick. They help with circulation and my legs are not tired and irritable after just walking around the house, backyard or even going down to the local Supermarket. Easy to put on once you worked out the easiest way. I would tell friends and family were I got the socks from and it would be up to them to decide were they get them. Once I Googled Compression sock and found the TXG web site every thing just fell into place. The service has been great delivered within a couple of days of ordering and the information that came with the socks you couldn’t fault. Great Product, Great Service, One happy Customer.

  37. Happy Customer

    My legs didnt feel as tired with them on. They were easy to get on and off. Would recommend for sure, something that works as intended , we pass that knowledge onward ! Shopping experience was lovely will shop there again.

  38. Debbie (verified owner)

    I must say your company has got to be the best company to deal with , good communication – your refund /exchange policy is good ..Thank you. There are a lot of companies out there that just don’t care if your happy or not.

  39. Thomas

    Awesome Trader, Fast Delivery, Highly Recommended AAA+

  40. Te Atawhai Karauria (verified owner)

    Man, TXG are awesome! Your comms are amazing and the little personal touches and advice just make my day.With the mandates dropping and winter 565 season getting underway, I’ll make sure to recommend your products as often as i can! I am so happy I purchased the 525 from you. The quality is amazing. I also appreciate the extra information and the complimentary gift. My only little feedback would be choice of courier to deliver your products – specifically my package. Post Haste had all the contact details and information needed to inform me that the package was delayed. If the delay was covid related, and I’d been contacted I would’ve been more than understanding. This however does not reflect on my opinion of TXG. Thank you again for the 525, have a great day and weekend. Ng? mihi, na

  41. Paul

    Thanks for the easy Trade.

  42. Ali

    Great Trader, very responsive

  43. Marc

    Awesome to deal with and great product. Thankyou “Chief sock checker”

  44. Brendon and Sharon

    Excellent easy trade. Prompt delivery of item – very happy!

  45. Keith

    Thankyou for such awesome service – was a shame I couldn’t get the pink, but all good will no doubt get some more

  46. Nick

    Great trade, Good Product

  47. Matt Curd

    My calves are less tight after wearing the calf sleeves. They are comfortable to wear. There was a muck up with delivery. It took 6 days instead of 3. I’m a bit worried about loose threads at the hem of one of them.

  48. Mitchell

    Outstanding customer service and communication. A quality product. Highly recommend this product and trader. Thank you 🙂

  49. Dave (verified owner)

    A good hassle free purchase

  50. Mami

    I had to give it away..The sleeves are not actually the size..it couldnt go pass my ankle..But the idea was great..Thanks..

  51. BP (verified owner)

    Great trade very fast great product thanks again very happy customer ????

  52. Matt McDougall

    First set helped with torn calf muscles and really long trail runs (they died a death of one thousand cuts.) This new pair is to help rehab a sprained soleus. They definitely help with keeping the calf muscles all working as a team holding hands and signing happy classic Kiwi songs. I like the socks longevity and based on past experience, will recommend TXG. I appreciate the happy, cheerful emails and greeting on my purchases (thank you for that!)

  53. Junior (verified owner)


  54. Anton Coltham (verified owner)

    Thanks for the prompt delivery of the calf sleeves. We loved the personal touch – keep that up 🙂 We are very impressed with the sleeves. Excellent quality and great feel. 

  55. Stg

    Great trader with fast delivery

  56. Shaun (verified owner)

    Great trader. fast shipping. awesome package with unexpected extras. very happy

  57. Mark

    Looking at doing an ultra marathon and looking for extra calf support. The calf sleeves give great support while running and they feel great. Would recommend as the service and product are excellent

  58. Stephen

    Wore them for the first time today, on a run, did the job nicely , the right amount of compression and extra protection for my shin protecting a scar from a recent injury, good job. So far would recommend for the good protection/compression. Your pressie and covering letter / email was very good , good marketing.

  59. Davis Pham (verified owner)

    Been using the sleeves for a few of my runs, and I gotta say – it makes a huge improvement by slowing down your fatigue around the calves area. Really appreciate how the parcel was wrapped, but also the small gift! Excellent customer service too with a follow-up on your order (THANK YOU HEATHER!)

  60. Olivia Graham

    I got the long socks and calf sleeves. These stopped my restless legs in the evening! They are comfortable and I like the colour, look of them, very functional. I didn’t receive a confirmation email when I paid, but this might have been an issue on my end. I was happy when they arrived successfully. Very likely to recommend, do their job very well.

  61. Lisa

    Very happy with the product

  62. June

    By far the best trader I’ve dealt with A+++++ HIGHLY RECOMMEND A++++++++

  63. Ruth

    I have them now and they look good.

  64. Ben

    If I could give an up to 10 star rating.. I would give 11 !!! Awesome! Fast! Good communication! Thanks team. Highly recommend!

  65. Sifa

    Great service and care

  66. Benjamin Wright

    Have received my parcel and just want to say. Thank you!! The effort you put in is received with a huge smile! Very grateful! Thanks Team

  67. Karyn Chalk (verified owner)

    I brought my compression sleeves and then found out they were too small. Heather immediately replied with a kind email and then sent me a replacement pack back. What a great company.  The compression sleeves are sensational.  I think I’m going to live in them.  Lucky I got two pairs. And to round it all  off you get a personalised note and a wee gift upon purchase. Well recommended

  68. Happy Calf Sleeve Wearer

    I purchased the Calf Compression Sleeves and they prevent my calves from getting tired/achy. Everything about them is great 10/10 I like what I bought and thank you for ensuring its safe delivery 🙂

  69. Renu (verified owner)

    Just letting you know, I have received my pack of compression socks and I have tried them on.. I absolutely love it . I will get my husband to try his this afternoon and will let you know if there are any issues. Thank you again for the wonderful service and absolutely loved the list pad and the note that came with the package. Thank you heaps.

  70. Rob (verified owner)

    Once again great socks, love them

  71. Braydon

    Fast contact and shipping. A+++++

  72. Reynold (verified owner)

    Thanks for the calf sleeves, they are amazing. I have just recently taken up ‘running’ and these sleeves makes a whole world of difference – comforting my shin splints and achiles soreness. Just wondering  are these okay to wear overnight? 

  73. Matt

    Arrived quickly and happy with the product.

  74. Din

    Awesome quick reliable and perfect

  75. Nicola

    Helping with burning restless legs after a long day working and walking. My Legs more comfortable and less swollen. Calf sleeves Easy to take on and off, toes not being squashed as with compression socks. Excellent product and service.

  76. Russell

    I got the Arm Compression sleeves yesterday and they seem to fit nicely. Thank you and much appreciated.

  77. Jony (verified owner)

    I was very impressed Heather. Will recommend you to my family

  78. Doryan (verified owner)

    I’m very happy to say my calf sleeves have been delivered. Also a BIG thank you for the extra effort you and your team put into personalising the package, and for all the ‘extras’ you have added. Beginning with your email at the weekend to check if the sleeves had arrived. Then the blue bow tied around the box with the little ‘saying’ added by Stephanie, the shopping list pad and clear instructions if any problems with the sleeves. Brought a smile to my face and a lovely way to start the week?? Once again, thanks very much.

  79. Mara Goes

    Very likely to recommend. Great product, great price and timely delivery.

  80. Steve (verified owner)


  81. Campbell S

    They have made a huge difference, wish I had of tried them years ago, comfortable too. Dizzyness has been eliminated and I am able to stand for long periods painting and gardening and have greater energy. My Uncle and Father-in-law have just purchased, would recommend to everyone. Efficient, well packaged up. Found the website somewhat clunky and difficult to make multiple purchases of different products

  82. Chris

    I don’t do a lot of internet shopping but was amazed when this showed up the next day with all the info I needed along with info on other similar products! Great Marketing! I will be buying again for sure! Thanks so much…

  83. Arthur Bissett

    Wow, what fabulous note and totally thoughtful packing and personalised service. It is good to know that there are people like you that actually care about their Customers. The Calf Sleeves fit like a dream .. I ran 12km with them this afternoon … It felt so secure and I can see its a great product. Well done.

  84. Marcelle (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say a very big thankyou for the excellent customer service on my recent purchases. I’m still adjusting to the strassburg sock, but I love the calf sleeves. They have really helped ease the pain when running. The calf problems are a knock on effect of my plantar fasciitis, so I’m hoping that the strassburg sock does its job over the next wee while. It has been a pleasure dealing with the TXG Team.

  85. Jeremy Gutsell 

    They seem to work really well for cycling too!

  86. Sam

    Thanks for the awesome sleeves and all the wee extra specials you put in the package. Thank u

  87. TK

    Great product…. Super fast delivery…. A+++

  88. Meech

    Ring that bell……this has honestly been the best EVER purchase. Well done team!!

  89. K9

    Great trader. Very helpful, quick response and postage. Thankyou

  90. Claire

    A+++++ Best trader I’ve ever dealt with. Quick and highly entertaining communication. Product arrived with fantastic instructions and packaging and the extra touch of a personalised note. Love the extra mile this company goes to to ensure their customers feel appreciated. Will be using them again for sure and have recommended them to friends.

  91. Jenny

    Awesome. Product is great and high quality. Lovely message, highly recommended. Will buy more products

  92. Cameron Hill (verified owner)

    I recently purchased some calf sleeves – they are really good. Thankyou Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome handwritten note and all the other material. Such a good first impression. I’ll definitely be recommending you

  93. Cameron Hill

    I wear the calf sleeves for injury prevention and calf muscle cramping when running. I like the fit of the m. Very likely I’d recommned. Prompt service and quality product. Loved the written message with them.

  94. Janos Erdos

    5 stars, the calf sleeves are comfortable and the design looks good. Quick response, quick delivery, user guides and lots of complimentary material. Maybe needs a bit more range of colours.

  95. Ant

    Fast and easy trade. Great communication. Thankyou so much. Nice touch with the little gift.

  96. Jaim

    Awesome trade, quick delivery very happy

  97. Jeremy

    From intial use they appear to be good quality I would recommend them

  98. Kelz

    Great Trade, thankyou . Appreciate the little extra gift. Will definitely come in handy A+++

  99. Tim

    I experienced much less aching in my legs from my Varicose Veins. Comfortable!! Also, appreciate that they don’t look “medical” My experience with the product and your site and service has been excellent

  100. Richard Ng

    I feel less tired walking for 5 hours while playing golf. Great Product. Your company and staff are great to deal with. Big Thanks.

  101. Marita

    Excellent trade and awesome customer service with very fast postage. Thankyou

  102. Ricardo

    Amazing trader, thank you so much. Couldn’t have been any simpler and stress free, I’d trade with you again with no hesitation whatsoever. Thanks a lot.

  103. John

    Received my order today and socks fit perfectly so your sizing advice is spot on. Best online parcel I have received: Complete with personal note and a small gift. Great service guys!! Highly recommended traders

  104. Alf

    Awesome and excellent product. First class all round!!

  105. Reebo

    Great Product. Best seller to deal with as everything was personalised, funny and friendly. Thanks very much

  106. Tim Slater (verified owner)

    Helped with running recovery, specifically with lower calf/achillies discomfort. They are definetly comfortable you notice the lack of seams. Customer service is exceptional.

  107. Brown

    Ring those bells and flash the factory lights Stephanie I am another happy TXG Customer. I also loved the person touch of a hand written card. Hope to trade with you again soon.

  108. Neah

    Great, clear communication followed by prompt delivery of a quality item. A highly recommended trader A+

  109. Rex Bowden

    Yes I received my socks with impressive promptness. I loved the packaging and personalised parcel work and even a gift. I’ve never bought something online that melted my heart as well.
    Well done! Your customer care is exceptional, others could learn a lot from you.I have suffered some sort of calf injury possibly achiles related that sends 10 second ache surges through my leg day and night. Too painful to stretch or massage. The compression sock feels good on this slow recovery process but I bet they all feel good!
    I’ll recommend txg to anyone who will listen. Particularly my father in law who is half paralysed and has leg and arm trouble. I’m not sure which sock would be right for him if you could recommend that’d be appreciated aswell.
    I want to play squash!

  110. Adnurs

    Sweet trade. Thanks

  111. Darren Sullivan

    I purchased them for my husband and he absolutely loves them. He is waiting to have knee surgery and they are helping to minimise the pain so that’s fantastic. We are also both in law enforcement so in the future we will definitely be purchasing more TXG products

  112. Mike Bhana (verified owner)

    Compression Socks have arrived!! I have used similar from you before however, it was time to get another pair. I like them and they do have the benefits as specified. Thankyou.

  113. Nancy Parr

    The calf sleeves assist with calf tightness up hills, I experience less pain hiking. Highly recommend, fast friendly service and great product. Like the personal touch.

  114. Stephen McCormick

    My Calf Sleeves help with my running. They are a nice fit and comfortable to wear. I’d recommend them.

  115. Gloria Crann

    FANTASTIC! you made one boy really happy, thank you so much for the speedy delivery and hassle free trade, Highly recommend to all! AAA+++

  116. Steve Judd

    Great trader and excellent product!

  117. William Wahanui

    Great Business to deal with excellent communication very quick service thanks so much. A++++++

  118. Andrew Burgess

    All arrived, good communication and well made

  119. William Wahanui

    Excellent service highly recommended A+++

  120. Stephen Fairley

    Excellent. Personal service really appreciated. Sleeves are excellent. Thankyou

  121. William Wahanui

    Thanks for your service this product is incredible I’ve never worn anything like this product before. I’ve had them on for a few hours now and I can feel a difference already. The information booklet that came was VERY helpful and I’ll definitely be purchaseing more of these in the near future.

  122. Michelle

    Thanks very much for a great trade. I would recommend to all, such a fast supplier. A+++

  123. Patricia and Shawn

    Just a random observation about the calf sleeves.I have been running/racing with your calf sleeves for the last 20 months or so and have found them to be the best that I have tried. I have managed to stay injury free during this time, some of which I think is definitely attributable to the sleeves. I think they are a great product but they are basically anonymous as they dont have any obvious branding, at least on the black ones. Have you thought about putting your logo on them (Large white letters on the back) so that other runners can see your product is out there? I have a couple of races in the next 6 months (Taupo 74km and Tarawera 100 km) and I will definitely be wearing them with or without the logo!

  124. Dianne and Keith

    Wore today at Taupo Marathon and they are wonderful!! No more sore calves!! I will order more

  125. Dave

    Quick note to let you know that I received the compression sleeves and WOW. I am not only impressed by the quality of the product but also your level of personalisation and attention to detail. I will definitely be recommending you and i’ll be back for more in the future I am sure!

  126. Moka

    Awesome Trader. Highly recommend to all. Can’t wait to do further trading A+++

  127. Lauraine and Mark

    Thanks they arrived today. My Husband is delighted with them. You really go the extra mile with your customer service.

  128. Yorkie

    Awesome to deal with and great product. Thankyou “Chief sock checker’

  129. Darren Myles

    I am in rehab for a torn Calf. With my Calf Sleeves I am able to run while still recoving from my injury. I’d recommend them as they are high quality.

  130. Lenoir

    What a pleasure to deal with. Fantastic quick service and excellent buy. Super highly recommended!!

  131. Lindsay

    Awesome people to trade with and great communication, recommend to all. A pleasure to deal with and fast shiping AAA+++

  132. Laurraine

    Exceptional trader. Highly Recommended.

  133. Carol

    I can walk further with my calf sleeves on, they are high quality. I was disappointed that the hot pink in the arm sleeves and calf sleeves don’t actually match

  134. Vicki

    TXG calf sleeves are excellent ! I would definitely recommend them. They are very high quality and I have more energy and better recovery from exercise

  135. Ivan Rangitonga

    My compression sleeves have arrived safe and sound. I’ve only had them on for an hour and can see how they’ll benefit my ailing calves from now on. Thanks again. They will most definitely be worn during as well as post exercise from now on.

  136. Gary

    I had a calf injury and was looking for support. It is brilliant to be able to run again. I would recommend the calf sleeves as they worked for me.

  137. Allan

    My calf sleeves achieved what I required – support of my calves. I would recommend them – good price and effective, high quality product

  138. Janet

    I am satisfied with my calf sleeves, my veins and aching improved, but my legs got a bit hot in the warmer weather. I like the safe site for buying, thw quick mail-off and ability to track and the good customer service

  139. Deepesh Hari

    The compression calf sleeves arrived and they are exactly what I expected. I have done a couple of runs with them on and they are brilliant. What I didn’t expect was the personalised messaging with my delivery. That really was the cherry on top. I would like to purchase two more pair.

  140. Chrissy Taylor

    I had a painful and tight achilles since wearing the calf compression sleeves I am experiencing less pain and tightness. I would and have recommended TXG to others. Service has been excellent 5 out of 5

  141. Bea

    Product matches description so no surprises.

  142. Blair

    Good fast service

  143. Chrissy

    Thank you very much for the speedy arrival of my hot pink calf compression sleeves. They’re even more pink than I could have imagined. I doubt I’l ever get them off my 4 year old daughter though haha. These are the second pair of compression calf sleeves that I have purchased (first purchase was a few months ago for my husband) They are fantastic and cradle your calves like a warm hug 🙂 Being a small business owner myself I really appreciate the “extra mile” you have gone to with the sweet note and little pressies. It’s thoughtful fun and definitely makes you a likeable business. Thank you … oh and my calves thank you too 😉

  144. Ning

    I work in a lab and I stand on my feet most of the day and my right calf was getting sore. After wearing the sleeves for a day I didn’t feel any pain in my calf. The next day I thought I’ll try not wearing them and the pain came back. If I knew someone having the same problem as me I would totally recommend TXG, the products are great and the customer service was great too.

  145. Abigail

    I was trying to find a top quality reputable product that truly did the job. I purchased the calf sleeves as I had very bad shin splints. I wore them firstly to help with my recovery and then while running. I had immediate relief from the first time I wore them. Running with them is fabulous (they stay up. I was worried they may slip down) They make running far more comfortable now. I would absolutely recommend TXG calf compression sleeves The product is first class – does exactly what you want/need it to do and it’s very well priced. But more than that – the level of customer service from Heather makes the whole process exceptional. The little details that she goes to the trouble to include make your day! My recommendation is to keep Heather on! Give her a bonus! I hope all your staff are trained to give the same first class customer service as Heather to match your first class products.

  146. Kathryn

    Great product thanks A+++

  147. Rachel

    I had sore veins on my leg from working on my feet 8+ hours a day. After wearing the calf sleeves my legs/veins are not as sore – they don’t ache as much after work and I sleep better at night. I would absolutely recommend them to others I have told my work colleagues already. Great Service and high quality product.

  148. Brendan

    A+ product! Shin splints going away already

  149. Puahikitia

    Thank you. Recommend to all. Will definitely be back for more in the future

  150. Nikki

    Awesome product this is our second pair. Once again customer service fantastic A+++ thanks

  151. Scott

    Fast delivery and great service

  152. Jacinta

    I just had to email your team to say a big thank you! You have made all of us here smile with your packaging, wee notes and then the chirpy email to follow. Yes, we have the calf sleeves and they will be a very close friend to two very niggly shins and will definitely make one teenagers life better, so thank you very much.

  153. Nic

    I found the compression calf sleeves reduced the discomfort of my aching legs/veins. I would recommend them – they are a reasonable price – very high quality – great service and prompt delivery.

  154. Barbara W

    My calf compression sleeves give my legs support during workouts – especially during cycling I feel more confident to get enough km done. I would recommend the TXG calf sleeves – they are a good product – easy to put on and off as well and very high quality. Friendly service and nice communications.

  155. Kay

    A purchase that makes you smile! Thanks to the awesome Chief Sock Checker and her awesome crew. Highly recommended A+++

  156. Charles

    Best communication ever. Nicely packaged goods. Fantastic product. Thank you very much

  157. Barbara

    The calf sleeves arrived today. They looked like a very late christmas present with a bow – card and a gift. I was flabbergasted! Thank you and your team so much for the special effort you are making when sending out goods! It is thoroughly appreciated. I also like the story how your company works – well done!

  158. Rob

    So far so good – the calf compression sleeves keeps my calf muscles (which are always susceptible to breaking down) intact when running. I would certainly recommend them as the sleeves are very high quality and your service is exceptional. Your communications are great.

  159. Garry

    We found that we had tight calf muscles after longer training runs. Wearing the compression calf sleeves we found less fatigue and less soreness after running. We also wore them on a long haul flight and didn’t get swollen feet. We would definitely recommend the calf sleeves – they are good value for money – are high quality – they wash well and they do what they should. There are some loose threads on the inside of the calf sleeves but this is not a big deal. We have received fantastic customer service.

  160. Abi Jones

    My calf sleeves arrived in impeccable condition! Along with all the little extras which just made my day. I have been so impressed with the first class service from the moment I ordered online. You truly go the extra mile and I’m sure the company’s reputation benefits greatly from your dedication. I am a fussy buyer and do a lot of research before purchasing anything (much to my husband’s frustration). I am 100% happy with my purchase. It’s faultless – does an excellent job (exactly as advertised) and is very well priced for a high quality item. All that on top of the exceptional customer service leaves me only to brag about my purchase to everyone! You’re more than welcome to use my feedback. I completely stand by it – still think you and my calf sleeves are awesome 🙂

  161. Janet

    Me and my husband have both been wearing the calf sleeves for longer training runs and they are fantastic.

  162. Dahlia

    Very happy with my calf sleeves. Could possibly buy more in future. Recommended to all

  163. Brent

    I bought the calf compression sleeves because they were the best value for me. I use them for injury prevention and they seem to be doing a good job for me. I would recommend them. Service is good.

  164. Sharma

    I would recommend the TXG calf sleeves as they give protection similar to using strapping and they helped with recovery

  165. Jas

    My problem was a deep compartment within my calf muscles. The benefit I found was that the calf compression sleeves trapped heat to help ease my calf muscles while playing sport. I definitely recommend them. The material is thick and very high quality which is what I needed. These calf sleeves can be used for a range of things. Customer service is 100% amazing very lovely people! No need to improve anything.

  166. Sean

    My main challenge was finding the right level of compression. Other brands lost compression over time. I have had no calf tears since I started wearing my calf compression sleeves. I would recommend them as they are great quality.

  167. Essie

    My sleeves arrived very fast! I’ve never received such carefully packed sleeves; it was quite the experience. Thanks.

  168. Ben

    Great item. I have been doing exercise and having a calf strain the compression sleeve worked wonders for recovery. Highly recommended to all. Thanks

  169. Paul

    As an injury prone 50+ runner I was looking for calf support sleeves whilts training for the Buller Gorge Marathon. The TXG sleeves are well made, good value and have firm compression. They definitely help reduce calf soreness after exercise and post warm up help to keep my calves warm and supple. I recommend them because they are good quality and good price. Great Customer service!

  170. Garry

    Socks arrived thank you for the great customer service it was excellent. I will be in touch for more compression stockings later in the year

  171. Mel

    The calf sleeves has eased my pain from shin splints and better recovery.

  172. Deborah

    I purchased the calf sleeves as a gift as they were reasonably priced. I liked the prompt service, enthusiastic and friendly personal touchs and humour

  173. Anthony

    I love the calf sleeves that I got. It was recommended to my by my physio to start running in calf compressions due to multiple calf and achilles injuries. I use them to be able to run for longer periods as I’m a heavier guy training for Ironman and need all the help I can get. My biggest problem is overheating, I’ve never liked wearing anything other than the necessary things when training due to overheating. I feel that the TXG calf sleeves are a lot more breathable than my canterbury sleeves. With them feeling a lot more breathable it feels like I;m not wearing them which is a huge bonus. The benefits I found were the comfort and knowing that I’m wearing something that are doing exactly what I need them to do. I have already recommended TXG to my circle of keen mates and I’m going to get my mum some socks for her birthday. I am a tradesman business co-owner and operator so I believe that being honest and your service/product does and offers exactly what you say it does is all you can do. I believe you have a great product and I enjoy the personal touch you get when you receive your order so no complaints from me. Thanks once again for the great service and product.

  174. Amanda

    Love my calf sleeves. The fabric is good, the fit is good, the marketing is really good. They aren’t reflective, but that isn’t too important. I will definitely buy them again

  175. Mione

    I have finally worn my first pair beyone their useful life. They were awesome so back I have come 🙂

  176. Nancy

    Hello Heather and TXG team, Thank you for an amazing products. The features I like about txg compression products are quality and comfort. I have been wearing txg calf sleeves when walking and joking for a period of times. Also wore the compression socks while travelling on a long haul flight. I say goodbye to the heavy legs and swollen feet and ankle after a long walk and a long flight because of txg compression socks, yeahhh..!!!!. I recommended a various type of products TXG offers to my family and hope they could find the right one for them and enjoy the benefit as I do (especially, the superb customer service that always bring a smile to your face).

  177. Jason

    I’ve just bought my second pair of TXG compression calf sleeves as well as a pair for my daughter. I’ve enjoyed the calf sleeves; they are very comfortable and I have worn them underneath my heavy work socks without even noticing the difference. At the time I also had a few niggling calf injuries that were associated with my calves which the sleeves have assisted in their recovery. Highly recommend them. Thanks

  178. Tony

    I received the calf sleeves yesterday and tried them out last night – fantastic! Thanks for being so helpful

  179. Tracey

    Wow that is awesome service, thank you

  180. Rod

    The race went very well, and I loved the sleeves! I think I sold a few pairs for you as I got a few mentions! I’d like to buy another pair.

  181. Sandra

    Here is a quick update to let you know I was delighted with my compression sleeves, when I wore them for the first time on the Old Ghost Road tramp last month. No swollen ankles and lower legs! After my December tramp last year, it took a couple of weeks for the swelling to resolve, so great not to have that this time. I did appreciate the care and attention my order received. The quote you included “Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous” remains on my desk for daily inspiration… and means I think of you each day!

  182. Garry

    Thanks for the delivery of my recent purchase, compression sleeves. I have used them and feel some benefits from them, value for money when compared to other similar products available in the market. The service with the order was good.

  183. Sharon

    Thanks, they’ve arrived and feel great!

  184. Lawence

    What a great purchase. They are so comfortable and my lower legs feel great. Look great too. Thanks again

  185. Joline

    Features I like most about the TXG Calf Sleeves are the high quality, great feel while wearing them. I found as a result of wearing them better performance and faster recovery after running. I would absolutely recommend TXG socks to other people. It took me a while to find the perfect Calf Sleeves here in NZ and when I visited the TXG website I knew I was at the right place. High quality at a good price point. Nice fit, strong fabric and breathable. Perfect! Keep up the good work. Great service, super product, thanks guys

  186. John

    After wearing my TXG calf sleeves all day with a lot of standing around there was no or very little swelling in the foot and ankles. I am very pleased with them. Have tried other so called compression wear and yours are the only ones that actually work. Well done.

  187. Julie-Anne

    I ordered my first pair a few weeks ago. They are fantastic and the service you provide is very friendly and has he personal touch that many modern companies lack. So thank you and I will be back to order more.

  188. David

    Been wearing the TXG compression calf sleeves for a few weeks now when running and they are the best compression gear I have used. They are comfortable, stay in place and work. Since I started using TXG my right calf muscle, which has always given me trouble when running is now improving and I hardly notice it at all now. Thanks TXG.

  189. Santina

    I practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga 6 days a week. The TXG Compression Calf Sleeves have provided much needed support through my lower leg muscles and particularly my shin bones. I suffer from poor blood circulation during the winter months. I started using the calf sleeves during my yoga practice and experienced improved blood flow, resulting in better performance and faster recovery. I have experienced deeper levels of mobility in my ankle joints as the shin bone is warmed improving vascular performance. The TXG compression fabric comforts and fortifies the muscles and tendons in my lower legs while reducing inflammation, swelling and soreness. I use the calf sleeves when I teach and travel. My shin bones are thanking me for the support.

  190. Diandra

    Thanks so much for my calf compression sleeves! They are extremely comfortable and that lovely note that was sent in the package was a nice gesture! I’m raving on about how awesome this product is to my colleagues that I’m hoping you guys will have a new customer shortly! Thanks again for such a great product and prompt service 🙂

  191. Andrew

    Received my TXG Calf Sleeves today. Excellent service I must say. Easy to order, fast delivery and a great product, thanks Heather.

  192. Mike

    Thanks to Heather the Chief Sock Checker and the team at TXG for amazing service and a great product. I’ve had my TXG Compression Calf Sleeves for a week now and they are amazing to wear 🙂

  193. Evan

    So I’ve been impressed enough with the product to want another pair.

  194. Peter

    Very happy with the calf sleeves they make my old legs feel young many thanks

  195. Judy

    My compression sleeves arrived today one day after ordering. I am very impressed with your service along with the package presentation. You are obviously very proud of your customer service and your product. I have now opened an account with you and will definitely recommend your service and product to my family and friends.

  196. Mike

    The calf sleeves are great, they fit well and they are making a difference. Thank you for being so informative and helpful. It was great to meet you in person – nice to know there are genuine people in the world like you – thank you

  197. Jenny

    I received my calf sleeves the very next day, thank you so much. I put them straight on and told my partner they mad me want to run haha. Very intrigued about the gift, yet to be opened of course, my family have been trying to get me to open it before the 5th June, but I said that you are such a fab company to deal with I couldn’t possibly open it before and let you down. Just to let you know I’m going to sing your praises from the rooftops (actually at our gym that focuses on running) they are all always eager to find value for money products and new companies that have such friendly and approachable staff.

  198. Allan

    I would recommend this product to any one that gets sore calves and achilles from running, as they have been an awesome help to me. I am loving the calf sleeves for training and they were an awesome price.

  199. Paul

    Good product, excellent service, highly recommend

  200. Andrea

    My calf sleeves are great, love them so much I’ll probably be ordering another pair in the next few weeks.

  201. Matt

    Thank you very much for my calf sleeves. The card is a great surprise and I am now anxiously waiting for next Wednesday! I will definitely be buying form your company again.

  202. Sam

    Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the product, always nice to receive a hand written note in the package too 🙂

  203. Lisa

    Thanks so much TXG! We couldn’t have done the Oxfam walk without our compression calf sleeves. Our legs were well supported and the sleeves are so comfortable! We all successfully completed the 100km walk in 21 hours 55 minutes and came 48th out of 238! Along the walk we had so many positive comments on the TXG compression sleeves and we all told them where to get some 😀 Through thick and thin our TXG Calf Sleeves were amazing!:)

  204. Vicki

    I am extremely pleased with my calf sleeves, have been umming and ahhing for a while whether to try some to try and stop my calves from getting so tight after running, and I do think they are making a difference. An unexpected benefit, which I don’t want repeated, was my second run with them on, I got attacked by a dog who took a bit of my calf (mustn’t have liked the colour!), I really think the sleeve stopped the bite from being too bad and it certainly prevented it from bleeding too much, because once I got back to the car and rolled down the sleeve the blood started pouring out. Although I was not happy with having a hole in my new calf sleeve? At least the blood washed out okay. Anyway I think my partner is keen to get some calf sleeves or socks so probably be putting another order in soon and I will probably get another pair too. So, thank you again, especially for the prompt delivery, couldn’t believe how quickly we got them. Great service.

  205. Zane

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. The socks have definitely helped me by reducing my cramping and heavy legs during sport. I have also noted that I have no sore calves after intensive exercise. So all round a very positive experience

  206. John

    I am very happy with my TXG calf sleeves. One big plus is that when sitting in a car on the way home after a day tramp my lower leg and foot does not “go to sleep” as it regularly did before. My leg also doesn’t feel heavy when walking. All other products that I had tried failed to reduce the swelling and some were a lot more expensive than yours.

  207. Aroha

    Heh team, I purchased some arm sleeves and calf sleeves and love them. Trialed them out last week during my many games of hockey and at an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament to see if they’ll help me at my next hockey tournament and I can safely say yes I especially love the arm sleeves keeping my forearms from tightening which is so important when dribbling. Plus I love the teal colour of my calvies. This company is so cute with its letters and surprise gifts. I will be investing in more, especially on the recovery side of things. Can’t wait to get into summer hikes in these bad boys. Thanks heaps.

  208. Lisa

    The walkie talkies started our training for our 100km walk for Oxfam, we tramped up Mt Holdsworth to Powell Hutt (Waiarapa) and our TXG socks were amazing? Warm & Comfy and held our legs together through rain, sun and snow!!!

  209. Trish

    Thank you for being such a wonderful company! Its been a pleasure to have found you and deal with you. Nothing could be better in the way you do business, thank you

  210. Olivia

    The calf sleeves worked really well under my shin pads, thank you

  211. Maddi

    Thanks so much for sponsoring the Auckland U18 girls hockey team, we all loved our compression sleeves. I especially like having them on after games, they helped with my recovery 🙂

  212. Rhys

    Just got my new calf sleeves, they are great, very comfortable on my veins and giving me fantastic blood oxygen levels so I can make it through the day. I will definitely be getting another pair

  213. Grant

    Very happy with the quality of the socks and great service, will be shopping with you again

  214. Ben

    Brilliant service and great product. Even received an unexpected package a week later with a little gift and a hand written note. How’s that for kiwi service? So far the calf sleeves have totally met my expectations. Would definitely buy from you again

  215. Paul

    An excellent product. Thanks for the excellent customer service

  216. Kevin

    I bought two products (calf sleeves and open toe socks) from TXG recently. The delivery time is very quick and I found the letter and card associated with the parcel is lovely and neat. The compression wear is awesome, it fits nicely and is very comfortable. I would definitely buy another compression wear from TXG when my ones have worn out and I highly recommend them to people who are looking for good comfortable compression wear

  217. Neil

    My socks have proven to be a wonderful item. They are warm and comfortable and as a sufferer of closts & DBT they are a vast improvement on the stockings I have had to wear in the past. My feet actually enjoy walking around all day. Again many thanks for the socks I am looking to purchase a few more pairs in the near future

  218. Murray

    Bought a pair of TXG compression socks as was having calf muscle injuries. Have found them a great buy, am now back up to 75 minutes running – no aches and pains. Have found also less muscle spasms at night in using these. Well worth the purchase. Thanks

  219. Murray

    I am very happy with the calf sleeves thanks. I wear one all the time as I had a DVT in my lower leg which still swells up, but by wearing the calf sleeves it appears to be better and certainly more comfortable. Hopefully mine will last me quite a while, but I will certainly recommend them. I am a dairy farmer and active hunter so they get a really good workout

  220. Murray

    Got the sox. Great. Really good service and nice personal touches

  221. Galvin

    Excellent Seller. Excellent Product. Thank you

  222. Mike

    Thank you very much for your gifts – it’s these sort of things which set organisations apart from the run of the mill and are a very nice touch. Your prompt attention to, and dispatch of my order was also very much appreciated. The calf sleeves are doing their job (I had a broken ankle and a lot of swelling in my leg) so this is not 100% yet but is coming under control thanks to the TXG calf sleeves, In fact I may come back for the socks at some future time but we’ll see how the sleeves go in the interim. I found your website helpful, informative and easy to place my order, feedback for your organisation from me is thus all good. Keep up the good work

  223. Clint

    Great product and service of the highest quality, Ive been using the calf sleeves for basketball and theyve been brilliant. I highly recommend them to others out there A ++

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