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TXG Compression Socks for Men – Comfort Style

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TXG’s Compression Socks for Men (sometimes called Men’s Compression Stockings) promises to provide men with the comfortable stockings they need, without compromising on its graduated compression qualities. We’ve made our socks from a combination of fibers which including Supima Cotton, as we’ve found this fine count material is gentler on the skin in every way. Supima Cotton has excellent insulation properties, which means that in summer it will wick away moisture and keep your feet cool. In winter it will trap air between its fibres to keep you warm. As a result, your feet remain dry and odour free all year long.

Whether you’re wearing them for a long-haul flight, for everyday use or exercise recovery, you’ll find that our compression socks exceed all your expectations by being low maintenance and high quality.

TXG Men’s Compression Stockings are available in GENTLE (10-15mmHg), MODERATE (15-20mmHg) and FIRM (20-30mmHg). Please read our Compression Guide for advice on choosing the best compression for your needs. They are available in BLACK & GREY in the following sizes:

  • XS (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)

Benefits of Graduated Compression Stockings for Men:

  • Reduces inflammation, weariness and aching in feet and legs
  • Assists with preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), swelling and uncomfortable feet and legs while flying
  • Aids prevention and treatment of mild oedema and mild venous disorders
  • Boosts blood circulation which improves vitality
  • Helps relieve the symptoms and appearance of varicose and spider veins

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Product Specifications

Features of TXG Compression Socks for Men:

  • Broad comfortable cuff to avoid skin chafing or pressure points
  • 3D toe and heel construction gives more space for comfort and extra strength for longevity
  • Brand logo is placed on the sock sole, keeping the leg area free of embroidery to assure gradient compression remains intact
  • The toe seam is expertly stitched by hand linking. This produces a seamless, smooth, comfortable toe cage

Fabric Content:

  • 47.9% Supima Cotton (R), 40.5% Micro Nylon, 11.6% Spandex (Lycra®)

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Gentle (10-15mmHg)
  • Moderate (15-20mmHg)
  • Firm (20-30mmHg)

Colour choices:

  • Black, Dark Grey

Sizes available:

  • S (ankle 18-21cm & calf 27-37cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 29-41cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 31-45cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 33-50cm)

If you’re looking for an XXL size, check out our Antibacterial Compression Socks

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG  Compression Stockings for Men, for yourself?

TXG’s Compression Stockings for Men are perfect for you if you’re looking for a stylish, luxurious and comfortable graduated compression sock which looks good, feels great and gives you all the benefits of graduated compression.

Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your compression stockings (socks) delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand with our free 7-day standard delivery, or you can upgrade to Express 2 to 3-day delivery for just $5.99. Rural deliveries take an additional 2 to 3 working days.

Feeling Confused?

Check out our FAQ page or give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help, contact us.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.
Measurement/Size S M L XL
Ankle 18 – 21cm 22 – 25cm 26 – 29cm 30 – 34cm
Calf 27 – 37cm 29 – 41cm 31 – 45cm 33 – 50cm


Approximate Shoe Size S M L XL
Men’s USA 5 – 9 7 – 10 8 – 12 11 +
Europe 35 – 41 39 – 44 41 – 46 44 +

Compression Guide

We offer 3 levels of compression for you to choose

1. Gentle Compression Level

Gentle Compression Level Compression Socks for Men – 10-15mmHg is the perfect compression level for compression-wear beginners and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

This compression level can:

  • Reduce leg fatigue and aches
  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
  • Protect your feet and lower legs

2. Moderate Compression Level

Moderate Compression Level Compression Socks for Men – 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

  • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • People who are traveling for long periods by air
  • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
  • Pregnant women

This compression level can:

  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
  • Alleviate the early onset of lower-limb conditions
  • Encourage circulatory wellness
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

3. Firm Compression Level

Firm Compression Level Compression Socks for Men – 20-30mmHg is a firm pressure and is the perfect compression level for:

  • People with swollen varicose veins
  • People recovering from varicose vein surgery

This compression level can:

  • Help control moderate to severe edema and varicosities as well as superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Help prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

161 reviews for TXG Compression Socks for Men – Comfort Style

  1. Colin and Jean (verified owner)

    Our Socks arrived yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm. I must congratulate your company for great service and in particular Stephanie for the very professional way she answered my questions and made recommendations as to the product we should buy.

  2. Paula Miller

    I just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday and my huaband and I are very happy with the compression socks. We have tried them on and they are perfect fit. We were also extremely pleased with the peronalised correspondence you included with my order and the quirky little saying. The information you provided on how these socks are produced was awesome. My husband and I are travelling overseas in a couple of weeks and we searched high and low for compression socks. Eventually I found your Company via google search on the internet. I will be certainly recommending your company to all my friends who travel overseas who are looking for these compression socks. Once Again thankyou very much

  3. Paul Weir

    I am most appreciative of your help. I am retired now but my career path was totally driven by service. Even at the very senior levels I was fortunate enough to achieve, I always impressed upon everyone working with me the value of service excellence, including promptness too of course. My dealings with you mirror all of those important aspects. When I placed this order with you, your advice was most helpful, and your focus in resolving my issue has been first class. Whenever I experiance great services I always show my appreciation, so again, my grateful thanks and I’m very sure you will continue to do well in your business.

  4. Richard Davis

    Very impressed with your dedication to your product and service levels..

  5. Richard Ryan

    Thankyou for the order. The socks are fine although maybe I should have ordered the larger size as the sock is just a little short. Maybe a different style would have been better. The quality of the product is first class and no complaint whatsoever.

  6. Ken Jackson

    The socks eliminated leg/ankle swelling and keeps it down. I had a day where I was unable to use my medication and the socks still kept the swelling down pretty well. They are cool and comfortable to wear. Would definitely recommend, quick service

  7. Richard (verified owner)

    They have arrived and I was wearing them yesterday. Thank you for the service very well done

  8. Gerry Graham (verified owner)

    Thankyou for your service – great

  9. Stewart

    They are comfortable. Keep up the good work. Would recommend them for flying but also for general use

  10. Happy Sock Wearer

    I am pleased to have found a supplier of compression sox and so for that reason would be pleased to tell a friend about you. Quick and easy shopping with a little bit of humour thrown in!!

  11. Paul

    No swelling of feet and ankles. They stay up well. Great service and personalised communication. Would recommend.

  12. Sam Newbigin (verified owner)

    Yes I received the compression socks (to help with swelling after a broken leg) thankyou. They are so comfortable and work so well I ordered a 2nd pair yesterday.

  13. Bubz (verified owner)

    Fantastic seller. Top class service. Brilliant product. Quick postage. Thankyou A+

  14. Kerry fitz-william

    My husband and I bought some TXG compression socks years ago for travel/flights and we love them. We wouldn’t fly without them. Our ankles never look like swollen cankles after a long haul flight

  15. Andrea Travers-Jones (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for your email. We love our socks!! I also wanted to thankyou for the most amazing customer service you have provided. It is such a refreshing change and all of the little touches and love in your product are very appreciated

  16. Kirsty Thomas (verified owner)

    I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I was with the service I received when I purchased a pair of your travel socks. The information I received with my order was details and informative. I have just returned from our overseas trip and the compression socks were absolutely amazing, no swollen feet or ankles. Thankyou so much.

  17. Brian Wilson (verified owner)

    I have worn them once to try them out and they are wonderful

  18. David Robertson (verified owner)

    Many thanks for processing the below order so promptly last week. I had another massive week of work and to receive your parcel, and so nicely wrapped, and with your hand written note, fun information sheet made me laugh – so thankyou!! This was my first purchase from TXG and I am looking forward to seeing the benefits of the socks on my long haul flights this week

  19. Dude

    Another perfect trade from this company. Friendly and easy to deal with.

  20. Wendy O’Brien

    These socks were for my husband. They reduced the swelling in his legs. He says they are comfortable for the first 3 hours. He would recommend them. Says they worked. They are tough to put on but guess that’s why they work. He is looking to buy a couple more pairs. The toeless ones that he can wear at home.

  21. Garry Latham

    Yes they arrived safely and I am now wearing them. I am impressed with your marketing and the product is equally impressive. I will be ordering another pair and will probably get a larger size or lower compression as I have difficulty in putting on any

  22. Chona Ranudo

    Thanks, received it today. The fact that this is my 3rd purchase for my Dad should tell you that he loves you product. Thanks Again

  23. Sue Ussher

    I purchased socks for both my husband and I to travel to the UK in September. We were to spend three weeks touring around. We only got 10 days in and I had three heart attacks. I wasn’t allowed to travel home till 27 th October. So I was most grateful on return flight this past Sat that I had your compression stockings for peace of mind. I also sustained nerve damage to my left leg through being bound up tight for a helicopter rescue ride so had to get a doc to check that out as well so the compression stockings were on for two days on trip home. Thank you so much for having such an incredible products. I also purchased a pair of your diabetic socks and found them great on our travels. Thoroughly recommend these products

  24. Chris Delaney

    A quick note to let you know that I reckon your compression socks are superb. I’ve made a few flights to the other side of the world and back since scoring a pair of these and think they’re great. Happy sock checking.

  25. Bob

    My legs are not as tired and sore. Shopping was easy and fine.

  26. John Marrable

    I like the way the compression around the toes is less. They are comfortable and stylish. Doesn’t look like I’m wearing compression socks. I would recommend them because of the comfort.

  27. Clive McGee

    I have found the service provided by TXG Compression Socks to be excellent. The products are of a high standard and the communication from the staff have made the purchasing process easy and very client-friendly.

  28. Christine Low

    I already have a couple of pairs of your socks and they are great.Having read the story on the puffer fish feet I reckon I have a better one.I’m known amongst my travelling friends for previously getting huge ankles after travelling. Then taking every advantage when landed to put my feet up and wear long trousers to cover them up. However your socks were a game changer as after a flight Christchurch-Auckland-San Francisco I was shopping for dress shoes three hours after landing (and I had travelled economy so no foot rest!) Now a pair on and a spare in my carry-on are my standard for travelling. Pity I didn’t have them when I went to Italy – I could only window shop for shoes there!

  29. Chris Benn

    I am extremely satisfied, the socks are very comfortable and I’d recommend them. Best customer services ever. Love it!!

  30. Keith Willan

    I had an injury to my legs from an accident causing swelling of lower legs, the socks are comfortable and lessened the swelling of the lower limbs. I am satisfied.

  31. Sue Ussher

    I am extremely Satisfied.

  32. Julie Khrapko

    I was looking for compression socks as we are flying to Europe shortly. Also as a Bank Consultant, I sit all day long and my legs were sometimes swollen by the end of the day. We are flying next week, so I didnt have a chance to wear them on a flight, but I did wear them to work and found that my legs were not swollen at the end of the day. I would and I already have recommended them. I have also purchase a pair for my Husband.

  33. Martin Trent

    We are finally back from our trip from England and Spain. The compression socks were the best of the best, my legs never felt better, never sweated and felt comfortable even after two 24 hour flights. I have a history of DVT’s and there was never a sign of a problem. I would throughly recommend these to anyone they are just fantastic.

  34. B Johnstone

    I bought the socks to stop my ankles swelling on long airflights. I havent worn them yet as not flying till August. They are very high quality.

  35. Tim

    My TXG Socks keeps my leg swelling under control. Better then your competitors product and very high quality. Very good follow up post sales.

  36. Stephanie and James

    You have the best customer service ever :

  37. Martin Trent

    Just to let you kno that I am absolutely delighted with the whole experience with TXG socks and would recommend them to anybody. The socks are wonderful and a perfect fit. Once again thank you very much.

  38. Carole & Colin

    The stockings arrived the next day safe and sound many thanks to your team for your EXCELLENT SERVICE!!

  39. David Smith

    I used them on the flight to Vietnam for my ankle that I broke a few months ago to help keep the swelling down. I’d recommend TXG it was simple to order and the socks arrived fast. They are very high quality.

  40. Ian Thomson

    The brand recommended by the supplier I was sent to by the doctor were very expensive (made in Germany, sent to a supplier in London and then to NZ) Three pairs cost me $400.00. Having got them a year ago I have found them uncomfortable to wear with the pressure the toeless part puts on my toes!! Still I kept wearing them as I needed to reduce the swelling in my legs and feet. My wife then started searching the internet for alternatives and found you. We had been told that the only supplier was the one I was sent to. I have found them extremely comfortable and they have given my legs and feet the support they need. I have problems with my lymph system, which causes the swelling. I would absolutely recommend TXG !! In fact I saw my doctor this week and told him about TXG and he checked the website while I was there. They are comfortable and an affordable price. Your service and follow up is great. Very prompt delivery and very high quality socks.

  41. Kyle

    My legs dont hurt anymore from prolong standing/walking. I would recommend TXG cheaper price with the same results from other sock brands and they are high quality socks and great Customer service

  42. Mike

    Yep socks on and feeling great. Thanks for the great service and product

  43. Ian Thomson

    They have arrived and I am really pleased with them. Best I have used. Am about to order some more and am going to look at the other varieties you have

  44. Steve Canton

    I havent tried the compression socks yet, I bought them for a trip to Hong Kong at the end of July. I can’t rate the socks yet, but I thought that your website was very good, and the Customer Service very good as well – it’s rare to have a purchase followed up.

  45. Nancy

    Great high quality socks and quck service. Love the humor 🙂

  46. Murray and Christine

    Socks arrived, all good. Thank you so much for the socks and for the excellent service you have providced, a pity a few other businesses dont take a leaf out of your book

  47. Mike Eagles

    Arrived and are perfect. Thanks

  48. Ken

    Many Thanks, very good service my socks arrived almost before you sent them!

  49. Phil Godfrey

    I have Varicose Veins, left leg only following farm bike accident. Without a compression sock, left foot becomes numb (pins and needles) towards end of the day. I would recommend them because they are cheaper then previous brands of socks I purchased from a chemist shop, and work as well, and seem like same or better. Quite happy with your service. High quality socks.

  50. Phil Godfrey

    My TXG Compression socks did arrive in good time to my farm, and I am very pleased with them, considering their quality and around half the price of the last pair I purchased at a chemist shop in Invercargill. I only need to wear a sock on one leg after a farm bike incident and I find it a great help. Therefore I will shortly be purchasing another pair which should see me OK for a couple of years!! Thanks for your prompt service and impressive packaging, purple ribbon and information leaflets

  51. Ross and Bronwyn

    Arrived safely and fit perfectly.. I promise I will take good care of them and very shortly they will be off on another adventure to Europe

  52. Kevin D

    The socks have dutifully arrived in good condition. The black comfort socks are a large as ordered and a perfect fit. The sole is smooth without the ridges that plague so many of your competitors products. Great to wear. For whatever reason I’ve got soft as feet and by the end of a day standing and walking those ridges become uncomfortable. Not the TXG Socks though comfy all day. Thanks for the personal style messaging and the quality of the product.

  53. John

    Thank you for the prompt service they arrived on Saturday

  54. Judith Pimm

    I am delighted to received the socks Thank you. I was talking to the Omokoroa Physio the other day and telling her all about the socks. I am going to give Sally all the info you sent as she said she has a lot of Patients that could benefit from them so am hoping more business comes your way. Many Thanks for your prompt and efficient service!!

  55. Nathan

    My Socks and my Husbands Socks winged their way on a long haul flight to Italy, road tripped through Croatia and hiked through Switzerland to finally winged its way back home with no issues with swelling at all!! I Now plan to use them in winter to help my legs when I go for long runs: Brilliant!!

  56. Frank B

    How delighted I am with the product – and how greatly I am impressed with the prompt delivery – a most efficient system

  57. Don King

    My compression socks arrived early this morning and what a pleasure it was for me to receive all your information and especially your personalised notes. The product was beautifully presented. Most exceptional and excellent service. I am trying out the socks today and so far they seem to be helping. so thank you and I will be in touch with you again soon.

  58. Tom Watson

    I had no idea what type of compression socks to get, your website made it easy to choose the right socks and the quality is great. My legs feel refreshed even when sitting for long periods (at work or on the plane) and don’t go dead. I would recommend them – great quality – excellent customer service and informed guidance on what socks to purchase. Even though I didn’t respond to the follow up emails it made me feel that you care and love what you do. i think the socks are great and it made me feel that if there was an issue I have no doubt you guys would assist wherever possible.

  59. Jim Newbigin (Age 86)

    I am wearing my socks every day, they are giving me excess comfort. Unfortunately I have very swollen legs and ankles from Campylobacter and the compression socks are a god send.

  60. Lisa

    Thank you for the delivery of our flight socks. How nice it was to have them presented so lovely too, thanks for that effort

  61. Terry Beckett

    TXG Socks were recommended to me by a Cardiologist as a reputable brand. I would recommend them for the fantastic customer service.

  62. Kevin

    My socks have arrived and I am pleased to say I wore them for about 4 hours while doing some heavy lifting of some big tree rings for firewood, just to see how they felt and I’m pleased to say they were much more cofmrotable than I expected, so very happy so far.

  63. Denise Falloon

    Our socks arrived late yesterday afternoon – it was so nice to receive my socks with the ribbion around them and all the extra information. It was such a pleasure to receive an online purchase that felt like it had been packed with care. So often these days an online purchase arrives with no documentation/receipt or even a thanks for your order. I guess most companies just don’t care. You are as amazing as the socks and I’ve already been telling friends and family how wonderful my experience was shopping on your website. The socks are put aside for our upcoming trip and I simply can’t thank you enough for everything. Your care and attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed – keep on smiling it makes people wonder what you have been up to 😉

  64. Frank

    My socks have arrived and in good order. I was looking for quality and something NZ. I would recommend them as I have no major issues with my merino socks – they look good – feel great – and do what they are supposed to do. Great service – great presentation of socks and great people skills.

  65. Ray Hodder

    Hello, I have received my second pair of socks but unfortunately they were not delivered by a cloud of fairies but by a man in a van! The socks are certainly doing the job and instead of having short fat hairy legs I now have glorious slim long legs fit for a ballet dancer -well I can dream can’t I! I like the packaging for the first pair and appreciated the effort involved. But in order to save another forest the second pair should have been sent in a plain brown envelope delivered by snail mail – that way the postman wouljd have been left wondering exactly what I had ordered. Seriously though thank you for great service and an excellent product. And when I have saved up enough I may order another pair. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and your team

  66. Chris

    I was pointed to your website by a friend. Benefits I found was reduced swelling in my ankles and veins and less fatigue in my legs. I would recommend the comfort mens compression socks for prolonged standing and sitting they give a firm support. Customer service is great

  67. Jane

    Arrived safe and sound thank you and fit well 🙂

  68. Bruce

    I have just received my pair of compression socks from you. I was totally impressed by the manner in which the socks were packaged and the way that you went out of your way to outline the way to put them on/washing etc. Even the little purple bow and gift was thoughtful. The way you presented everything was totally professional and although I only spent $55 the way everything was presented could have looked like I had spent $$$$’s with you. Thanks again.

  69. Judy

    Our socks have arrived and we are very happy with them. They will very shortly be going on a trip to Vietnam 🙂

  70. Andrea

    Thank you for the super fast delivery and amazing service and super friendly too boot! My husband is thrilled with his socks and will put them to good use on our long haul flights in a months time. Will definitely purchase some more socks in the near future. Thanks again

  71. Darryn

    Socks have arrived. Thanks for great service

  72. Rod Cornelius

    The socks have arrived – a pair for me and a pair for hubby. I am wearing mine right now to test them before our 17 hour flight in a couple of weeks. They’re very comfy. Thank you for a superior product. Excellent service

  73. Gary

    I haven’t travelled yet but a trial wearing at home the socks have been comfortable. I would recommend TXG – prompt service and excellent response to a query. Service is great not a lot to improve

  74. Dave Robinson

    Compression socks are great thanks. Also the way you package it and send the little parcel is just amazing. You do such a lot to make people feel good. Thanks heaps.

  75. Willem van Noordt

    The compression socks arrived. They fit well and I appreciated your service very much. Thank you again and will order from you again if I continue to need them.

  76. Bruce Morrison

    I think that your customer service before during and after the recent sale has been great. So much so that I have just placed an order for three more pairs – some of which are a gift for my brother. We shall see how you go with this new order. I have varicose veins and get sore and tired legs. I have been wearing your compression socks for the past year or more and I have found them an enormous daily help in managing my condition ( Varicose veins surgery is no longer funded by Public hospital). So I will take some to my brother who has the same problem – both conditions bequeathed to us by our dad. Anyway – I am a TXG Fan

  77. Vish Vishwanath

    These are the best travel socks I have had. Been on over six long haul trips in the last 8 months and each time I have not had any fatigue or swelling of my feet. They are very comfortable to wear, the compression is firm but not painful and I will certainly recommend them as a top class product.

  78. Chrissy

    Thanks so much – dealing with your company has been a pleasure. The socks were a gift for my elderly parents but I have had feedback that they worked a treat – no swollen ankles after a longhaul flight to London. I would recommend TXG – fabulous service and followup even to check they’d arrived. Once I had ordered online then later I was on Facebook and your page popped up then I was able to read how engaged you are with your customers

  79. John

    I have long distance travel of 17 hours on one plane flight coming up. I have yet to wear my compression socks on the flight – I have tried them out around home. The ability to know the correct measurements for the correct sock is very helpful. I would recommend them as they are a specific to fit item not a general hit or miss on correct size.

  80. Stuart

    I have varicose veins the benefit I found from wearing my TXG compression socks is that I had no discomfort or pulsing feeling in my legs. They are expensive but appear to be of a high quality – assuming they will last for more than a few months.

  81. John

    My TXG compression socks arrived within 24 hours and I am wearing them. They are very comfortable – fit perfectly and look good. I am so pleased with my TXG socks and impressed with your TXG customer service – you can expect me to be a regular TXG compression socks customer in the future.

  82. Trevor

    The socks prevented swelling during my overseas travel. I would recommend them for sure. Awesome great service.

  83. Liz Whitton

    My husband had comfortable legs and no swelling at the end of his 24 hours of flight time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these comfort mens compression socks. Far better quality than the only brand available locally for the same price. Excellent to get a breathable travel sock for better comfort. Fantastic service. Socks – packaging and service all top notch.

  84. Robin

    My socks have arrived safely and have been very good to wear.

  85. Sue

    The socks were very comfortable and worked well on our long haul flights. I would recommend them – the service is fantastic as is the very high quality product. I can’t think of a single thing you could improve – I think you have everything covered very well

  86. Scott

    I was looking for firm but comfortable fitting compression socks from the base of the ankle to just under the knee. I found the comfort mens socks provided good-ish support for a 33 hour (door to door) set of plane trips within 2 days this week – inlcuding 23 hours in planes. I would recommend them because for my lower leg the fitting was OK – better than others I have tried (brand names forgotten). I was disappointed that the hold of the sock wasn’t firmer (but of course without being throttling)Your Customer service is the best – don’t change it – fast – correct – kept me up to date 5 out of 5. Socks I would rate 3-3.5 out of 5 – all other brands I have tried I would not hesitate to rate 1 out of 5.

  87. Joe

    Your website provides great information and guidance on how to select the right socks. I will be wearing my comfort mens compression socks on a long haul flight to Europe soon. I would recommend TXG socks because of the great advice provided on choosing the right type of socks for the individual. High quality socks and great customer service.

  88. Derrick

    Many thanks for the superfast service! The fastest delivery ever. I spoke with you on Friday afternoon and the package was on my doorstep at 8.30am on Saturday morning. It was like opening a Xmas present – what with the little notes – gifts etc! The socks are as always good quality – good value for money – most useful

  89. Lynette

    We are travelling overseas and wanted compression socks to wear on the flight. We both tried them on and they seem really comfortable – you don’t realise you have them on – I would recommend them. Your customer service is excellent – no problems at all

  90. Jude

    Soooooooo cute 🙂 I absolutely love your marketing – my socks have just arrived. Beautifully gift wrapped and lovely words on your cards. Thanks heaps, I’m so impressed with your service. Will definitely be shopping with you again.

  91. Sue Martin

    The socks have arrived. Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and the quick delivery. Have recommended you to others that we know of that have long haul travel plans shortly

  92. Kenneth

    I was trying to find quality socks that really did what they are meant to do. The TXG comfort mens compression socks give great compression where it is needed and I would recommend them for sure – great product – great service – amazing customer contact and follow through after purchase

  93. Patsy

    I needed compression socks which were good quality with a trustworthy brandname. Benefits are less tiredness of the legs and peace of mind on long haul flights. I would recommend TXG socks because they are excellent quality & a trusted brand. I have used them before. 5 out of 5

  94. Beryl

    I would recommend them. Easy website to use and fast delivery only a few days to get them before my husband had to travel by plane and they got here in time. Also good variety of socks and my husband said they were very comfy and he had less swelling of his legs and ankles. Will definitely be buying more.

  95. Barry

    I purchased the comfort mens compression socks because I had sore swollen legs. After wearing the socks I found that at the end of the day my legs were not as sore or swollen and didn’t feel heavy. I would recommend these socks because they are very comfortable and very high quality. Very good customer service – keep it up

  96. Colin

    Thank you for your wonderful service. Socks received and will be tried out on long flight in May. Great communications.

  97. Sonia

    My husband loves his socks and so we would like to order 2 more pairs

  98. Lisarna

    I just wanted to get back in touch and thank you very much. They were fantastic and worked a treat. Your help sorting out the courier delivery problems were much appreciated, thanks

  99. Bev

    Incredibly happy with my flight socks!! Great communication, very fast delivery. And a great product. Thank you for the hassle free purchase, very helpful and a pleasure to deal with AAA++++

  100. Garry

    Socks arrived thank you for the great customer service it was excellent. I will be in touch for more compression stockings later in the year

  101. Brent

    Socks were received on time and proved to work as claimed on our long-haul to Vancouver – cant ask for much more, thanks. I did want also to let you know that your online service was superb as you managed to transform a mundane internet task into a personal shopping experience – well done, you deserve to do really well and I will be singing your praises!

  102. Denis

    Thank you, fits and feels perfect

  103. Arrie

    My problem was aches and pains (standing while working), varicose veins and I also suffer from diabetes. After wearing my socks I found pain relief, no tiredness, no aches, no pain and reduced swelling, my legs feel much better and also look better. I would recommend TXG socks because of the excellent quality, good support and they assist blood flow. Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job, excellent service!! love your friendliness and helpfulness and good service.

  104. Tina

    Thank you for your input and assistance! Greatly appreciated!

  105. Donna

    Our compression socks are really comfortable and will be great for our upcoming long haul travel. We liked the size range for a good fit and also the option of fabric suitable for sensitive skin. We would recommend TXG because of the lovely friendy, great service, prompt delivery and good information. The friendly touches that came with delivery surprised us.

  106. Quentin

    You really know how to sock it to them!! The socks are great heading for the hills like never before.

  107. David

    Hi Heather, I have been searching for compression socks for a week or so and your add popped up on a nzherald site so I went ahead and purchased. Very impressed with what I received, a lot of information and a hand written note from you. We went for a walk last night about 3kms and I found them to be very good. We are off to Vancouver next Friday on a 13 hour flight and I get swollen ankles even on a 3 hour trip to Sydney so that is the reason I purchased these.Your service is amazing! Thank you so much.

  108. Vicki

    I wanted to prevent thrombosis and swelling etc on a flight. I never had swelling in my legs and felt fine once landed. My partner had swollen ankles so he didn’t wear his again – he didnt like them. I would recommend the socks as they were very comfortable. The quality and customer service is very high

  109. Ian

    I have to say the socks are perfect and I’m thinking we will recommend your company on our website for all clients travelling with us. The socks fitted me perfectly and Ali as well. After many long hours flying our legs were not tried and not swollen and felt fine. I actually forgot to put my socks in my cabin bag on a flight to Kenya … had to buy socks in Nice airport – YUK what a horrible experience – I’m thinking I need a second pair to be able to change after and on long flights. A big thankyou for a product that is awesome!!!

  110. Ian

    Thanks so much for the recent delivery of my flight sox, also for the online version of your “Ultimate Guide to a Comfortable Flight”. Your personal service is exemplary and quirky! I don’t know how you manage to do it. Best wishes and thanks for the sox ( I might even consider another pair for recreation!) Your service is unparalleled.

  111. Diane

    The comfort men’s socks I got Friday are great. My husband can actually put them on which he cannot do with another brand and would get upset and stressed. They are a firm fit and comfortable. Great, thank you I’m ordering a pair for myself

  112. Paul

    My wife and I have just got back from Hawaii and we both think that they helped 100%. My wife usually gets swollen feet just going to aussie, but she didn’t have any problems either way on this trip (17.5 hours total). Thank you very much. We will be telling all our friends about your socks

  113. Jim

    I am a very happy customer with my purchase from last year. Have your contact details on my desk, so will be in touch when required.

  114. Britt

    Thanks received the socks – they and the service are great

  115. Caroline

    Awesome. Thank you for your help and patience in our choosing

  116. Amy

    Thank you so much for your quick response and providing advice to guide us to choose the kind of compression socks to meet our needs. The surprise will be continuous for the improvement in wearing the socks for the rese of our lifes. Now, we are happy, thankful, less stressed and confident in everyday life. Thank you very much for choosing TXG for Kiwis. Your high quality and standard of products and excellent after sales service are the great contribution to the people who are living in NZ. We need TXG all the time.

  117. Roger

    I like the ease of fitting my TXG socks (with excellent advice) the constant aching in my ankles is eradicated. I would definitely recommend TXg socks and Heather’s commentaries are a great joy. I can’t think of anything you could do to improve.

  118. Joaquim

    Thank you for dispatching the pair of stockings which I received yesterday morning. I am fully satisfied with your product and will be ordering some more in the near future. The quality is excellent and I have no complaints to voice about it and will recommend them to my friends.

  119. Stephen

    My socks arrived in perfect condition and have been great to wear. Features I like are; toe and heel design are great, comfortable to wear, easy to put on, great to have a non-black sock, they look good and feel great. I also love the humour in the communications. Benefits are: my legs are less tired, varicose eczema has all but disappeared, variose veins are less prominent. I would recommend them, they are comfortable, look good and have done a lot for my legs

  120. Filippo

    Amazing service! Extremely fast and customer oriented. Thank you very much

  121. Doug

    Thanks for the prompt delivery of my socks and thoughtful gift. I think your marketing and customer service is fantastic. I really like what you do and many other companies would do well to follow your lead. Thanks again

  122. Juri

    My comfort men’s compression socks are quality, comfortable and warm and provide a sense of wellbeing knowing that they are doing my legs good – called Prevention. I recommend TXG as number 1 because of your excellnet customer attention and customer service. There is nothing you could do to improve, your service is outstanding.

  123. Joaquim

    I intend buying more socks in the future

  124. Tony

    Thanks for the TXG socks, especially the sheet on how to put on – makes it a lot easier to do it correctly. They certainly give a good compression and have the desired affect. Your packaging and service is 100%

  125. Paul

    Will be wearing your socks with pride when I fly out on 23rd.

  126. Marjory

    I purchased your compression socks on the advice of my Doctor and since wearing them my swelling and bruising has disappeared

  127. Brian

    Excellent product, very pleased with my purchase

  128. Ross

    I’m really pleased with the compression socks I bought through TXG – I’ve tested them out for my “big” overseas trip and am impressed at how comfy they are. What great service, speedy delivery and follow up your company provides. I’ll absolutely recommend TXG to my friends and workmates for those looking for or talking about compression wear. Great job.

  129. Joaquim

    Thank you for sending my socks and for the lovely gift enclosed which will come in very handy. The socks are fantastic and I love the quality and secondly it does not run down and stay firm on the legs when I go for my walks in the mornings. I will continue purchasing more of the socks in the future. The quality of the socks is excellent and I will recommend it to my friends and neighbours.

  130. Derrick

    Congratulations on an excellent service, product and website

  131. Richard

    Felt great within an hour of putting the socks on, I would like to order a pair for my wife.

  132. Tony

    Well what can be said. suffering swelling and painful feet a trip to the doctor resulted in a packet of Panadol. I noticed that by putting pressure on the top of my foot relieved the pain, interesting I thought. After some research I found out about compression socks and was surprised to learn that one of the best was made right here in NZ. OK so I thought lets give them a try so I purchased a pair and eagerly awaited their arrival. At this point the discomfort was quite intense the swelling had gone down and the pain had increased I could not sit in a normal posture but had to keep my legs and feet elevated. The socks arrived and I rapidly ripped open the package and put them on the relief was instant and truly amazing, within a few days I ordered another pair and now wear these wonderful creations from morning to night. I am also seeing a slow but definite improvement in the condition of my feet. Thanks to Heather and the crew, I hope when the bells ring and the party starts at TXG u understand what your socks can do and the way you are helping all those in trouble and pain.

  133. Juri

    Your socks are great and as I have said many times your marketing is awesome, cheers

  134. Rita

    My husband loves his TXG socks, the swelling in his legs has gone down considerably and we will be ordering more.

  135. Joaquim

    I think that my Comfort socks are fantastic and I am very happy and will continue to order some more in the near future. The quality of the socks is superb, thanks once again.

  136. Garry

    I have worn my compression socks while walking, playing golf & during the day. They feel as though they hold my legs together quite firmlyand are really comfortable once I have them on. The instructions were brilliant. They work really well and I would like to order another pair. The instructions were brilliant and they washed well.

  137. Allister

    Since wearing my TXG socks my legs don’t get as tired, they feel nice and comfortable to wear and they keep the swelling in my legs to a minimum.

  138. Grant

    Socks are working well thanks, I wore them for a day to try them. Will get the real test on my way to Ireland in a couple of weeks time

  139. Tony

    Our TXG socks were great, they worked very well for both of us while on our trip. I was worried about swelling in my legs, but had no problems at all.

  140. Marsha

    I am more than happy with the socks I got from TXG a short while ago and have them on at this very moment! I would like to order 3 more pairs for my husband, my son and myself.

  141. Denis

    My socks are beautiful, I wore them on a flight to Brisbane and they were also great to wearwhen I was walking, theywere so comfortable that I would like to order 2 more pairs.

  142. Ray

    I find TXG a great company to deal with, great communication and prompt delivery. The packaging was superb. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and the great product.

  143. Joaquim

    Thank you for the compression stockings and gifts received a few days back. I really appreciate your prompt service. I am fully satisfied with the stockings and will be ordering some more in future. Thanks once again.

  144. David

    The soxREALLY were very comfortable to wear and I DID feel the benefit after both flights. I wish you guys all the very best – you do deserve success simply based on your approach to the customer – well done.

  145. Joe

    I wore a pair of these fantastic socks while travelling the world for the past 2 months and even after my 7 long flights I had no problems with any cramping in my legs what so ever! They are fantastic

  146. Ray

    Thanks for the surprise. I found your service exceptional. Information given on the situation of my order, expected delivery time, speedy delivery and fantastic packaging. the product does everything it states it should and more, many thanks

  147. Roger

    My socks arrived beautifully wrapped. I love them and they feel great, thank you for all your help

  148. Joaquim

    Once again I am happy with the stockings and will order again in future

  149. Joaquim

    I have received the pair of socks and have tried it and am fully satisfied. They are nice and firm on the legs and comfortable and do not ride down my legs as my previous purchased other brand of socks did. In future will continue to order some more. thank you for your prompt replies.

  150. Juri

    Thanks, as expressed before your service, follow ups etc never cease to amaze me, your company is brilliant as is the product – very comfortable

  151. Joaquim

    I wish to state that I am satisfied with the purchase of TXG socks and I intend to order further from you in the future. Previously I was using socks ordered from Germany and I found them to be expensive and not very satisfactory to wear

  152. Len

    Thank you for your kind gift. I am very pleased with my TXG socks, makes my daily walks so much more enjoyable, the support I get and less pain is quite marked

  153. Clive

    I received the pair of TXG socks I ordered and have been enjoying wearing them and I am pleased with the way they seem to be helping keep my legs from swelling. They feel comfortable. I intend to place an order for a second pair soon. Your prompt service was appreciated.

  154. Neil

    My socks have proven to be a wonderful item. They are warm and comfortable and as a sufferer of closts & DBT they are a vast improvement on the stockings I have had to wear in the past. My feet actually enjoy walking around all day. Again many thanks for the socks I am looking to purchase a few more pairs in the near future

  155. Juri

    Just wanted to send you and your company a huge compliment for your customer communication – attention to detail – presentation etc. etc. Can only say you blow any other company away that I have ever dealt with. You folk are unbelievable, your customer service is fantastic with all these hand written follow up notes etc. Whoever puts this together needs a medal

  156. Rhys

    I got my socks a couple of days ago, they work well, my circulation is better, I am not as tired anymore. I will be purchasing the open toe socks soon. It was great to finally find a local company that has good compression socks. I have been through quite a few different types that claim big but deliver poorly

  157. Ewert

    I am quite impressed with the socks, they stay up, they don’t wrinkle, they don’t fall down. They do what they are meant to do, they are supportive right through the feet, they are very comfortable to wear and don’t leave any marks from the seams

  158. Alfred

    Am impressed with the quality of your socks which suit me fine and are comfortable to wear

  159. William

    I am thrilled with my socks, they are getting easier to put on and I have recommended them to my daughter who is on her feet at work all day. The socks are excellent value, I now have two pair for the same price that one pair of another brand cost

  160. Trevor

    Very happy with the very good socks, they are a very good fit, great service, will buy again

  161. Jim

    Thank you for your kind service when I ordered my compression socks. You made me feel like a real person rather than just another order coming through, in the way of guiding me through what I needed, the gifts you sent (great for cleaning balls and clubs) on the golf course with it tied to my belt. Your letter, I felt like the “million dollar” man. Now that I have mastered the way to put them on, they are doing the job well. Another order may be in the pipeline in the future . . . Thank you once again, have not had that service from anyone for a very long time

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