TXG Travel Socks – 365+ Classic Unisex Style

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TXG’s Travel Socks (also known as Travel Stockings) are comfortable, unisex graduated medical compression travel socks that are perfect for everyday wear.

Designed with a wide comfortable 4cm cuff and a blend of Micro Nylon, Lycra, and Polyester fibers resulting in a soft non-itchy, and irritating fabric against your skin. If you also have a rubber (latex) allergy our medical compression travel socks are perfect for you. Our socks are long-lasting, easy to clean, and quick to dry, making them the perfect travel socks to wear when flying on short or long-haul trips.

TXG Travel Socks 365+ socks appearance is like a fine textured business sock and the ribbing gives them just the right amount of texture and interest and they are sure to make you look professional and stylish. Whether you’re jetting off on a business trip or an overseas holiday, these socks will keep you comfortable for the duration of your flight.

TXG Travel Socks are available in both a Moderate (15-20mmHg) and Firm (20-30mmHg) compression level. They currently come in BLACK and NUDE. They’re available in the following sizes:

  • XS (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)
  • XXL (ankle 34-39cm & calf 36-54cm) – only available in moderate compression in black
  • XXXL (ankle 36-42cm & calf 38-60cm) – only available in moderate compression in black

Benefits of TXG Travel 365+ Socks

  • Improves blood circulation which increases energy levels
  • Reduces swelling, tiredness and aching in feet and legs
  • Helps prevent and treat mild oedema and mild venous symptoms
  • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when flying or sitting for long periods
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of Varicose and spider veins

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Compression socks should NOT be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions: Congestive heart failure, Advanced arterial disease, Severe deep venous thrombosis, or Inflammation due to bacterial infection. We recommend you consult with your doctor for their recommendations.

Please consult with your doctor about whether compression stockings are suitable for you if the following conditions apply: Sensitive skin, Skin infections, Atopic dermatitis, Neuropathy or Insensitivity, and Physical Immobility.

Product Specifications

Features of TXG Travel 365+ Socks:

  • Wide comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion or pressure points
  • The logo is located on the sole keeping the leg area free of embroidery to ensure gradient compression remains intact
  • The toe is skilfully sewn by hand linking. This creates a seamless, smooth, comfortable toe cage
  • 3D toe and heel design provides more room for comfort and extra strength for durability

Fabric Content:

  • 70.8% Micro Nylon, 13.1% Spandex (Lycra®), 16.1% Polyester

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Moderate (15-20mmHg)
  • Firm (20-30mmHg)

Colour choices:

  • Black, Nude

Sizes available:

  • XS (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)
  • XXL (ankle 34-39cm & calf 36-54cm)
  • XXXL (ankle 36-42cm & calf 38-60cm)

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Travel Socks on your next flight?

These Travel 365+Socks are perfect for you if you’re looking for affordable yet comfortable graduated compression knee-high socks.

Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your travel socks delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Feeling Confused?

Check out our FAQ page, or give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help, contact us.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.
Measurement/Size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Ankle 16 – 17cm 18 – 21cm 22 – 25cm 26 – 29cm 30 – 34cm 34 – 39cm 36 – 42cm
Calf 26 – 34cm 28 – 38cm 30 – 42cm 32 – 46cm 34 – 50cm 36 – 54cm 38 – 60cm
Approximate Shoe Size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Men’s USA 5 – 9 7 – 10 8 – 12 11 + 13 + 13 +
Women’s USA 4 – 6 5 – 8 6 – 9 7 – 10 10 +
Europe 33 – 36 35 – 42 39 – 44 41 – 46 44 +

Compression Guide

We offer 2 levels of compression for you to choose

1. Moderate Compression Level

Moderate Compression Level TXG Travel Socks – 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended if you are flying on both short and long-haul flights.

This compression level can:

  • Help prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

2. Firm Compression Level

Firm Compression Level TXG Travel Socks – 20-30mmHg is a firm pressure and is the compression level we recommend to wear if  you have previously suffered from a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or blood clots.

If you have a medical condition, we recommend contacting your doctor, to seek their recommendation on the best compression level for you.

429 reviews for TXG Travel Socks – 365+ Classic Unisex Style

  1. John

    I’m a convert – having recently got a pair of compression stockings, they are the most comfortable I’ve used and will be getting more.

  2. Angela

    Just received the TXG socks, great service and the letter was a nice personal touch. We are going overseas and needed the socks but horrified at the price in the pharmacy!! A google search led to your website . . . very happy at the price for a quality product. Thanks for the follow up too, nice to have such personal service!

  3. Kerry

    I just had to send you an email from me and my hubby. Firstly the initial email you sent us thanking us for our order was so fantastic, we loved every morsel of it !!! Secondly our order arrived 2 or 3 days later, incredibly quick!!! And yes you’re right the tissue paper is super soft and the socks are so well looked after we didn’t want to wear them at first so we framed them and put them on the wall … just kidding, they look amazing, incredibly comfortable and so well made 🙂 Lastly ….. even though a pair of our socks missed it’s adventure to our place the first time, another adventure was planned and our pair of socks arrived unharmed and happy. Your customer service is second to none, your hand written notes are welcomed, we enjoy your fun emails and we appreciate the care and attention you have given us. We are very much “TXG FANS” and we will let all our people know how fab you are. Thank you very, very much.”

  4. Murray

    Arrived promptly, as described, thanks

  5. Kerry

    Hey guys, I received my compression socks today and I just wanted to say how wonderful it was receiving my order. All the wee touches (the ribbon round the box, the wee humerous positive quote note, the note pad etc. I can’t remember the last time I was genuinely blown away by the care and thoughtfulness that has been put into an order. I will be telling everyone what a fabulous experience it has been dealing with you. Thank you so much.

  6. David

    Very helpful and efficient.

  7. Denise

    Socks arrived, all is good

  8. Grant

    Thanks I have received the socks. What a surprise to receive this and the way they were packed. BRILLIANT. Definitely will shop again.

  9. Claire

    Thanks team, Compression socks arrived, so happy with them and just love the time and care taken with the personal messages in the packaging.

  10. Denise Duncan

    Just a quick email to let you know the socks have arrived.  They are a perfect fit. Thank you so much for the enclosed information and also the personal touch with the hand written card. That was very much appreciated.

  11. Antony

    Kia ora, My Grandmother recently purchased a pair of your TXG socks and has been loving them. I would like to thank your team for the lovely hand written card that was with the order. My Nana was so thrilled to get the card and it truly shows that as a company, you truly value the customer experience. Thanks again for giving my Nana a smile on her face.

  12. Joyce

    The socks helped with fluid on the legs. I found them ideal and would absolutely recommend them because they work.

  13. Hazel

    I’m wearing them! They are great!

  14. Margaret

    Great trade as usual. Very fast delivery even with the flooding. Great product, will trade again.

  15. Wayne

    Great again. Thanks

  16. Raymond

    Socks arrived. was so helpful very impressive, and it actually worked thank you, my partner has ordered the calf style socks for me to try, can’t wait 

  17. Katrine

    I haven’t worn them yet, am planning to wear them for when we travel later this year. Even though I have not worn them yet I am really impressed with your fantastic service, incredible! plus it’s great dealing with a NZ Company. Very glad I happened to come across your site while googling and googling looking for suitable and quality travel compression socks, amazing service when purchasing, thank you! thanks for going the extra mile with your most helpful advice, great tips which I will use! In appreciation again of your wonderful service!

  18. Alison

    They have arrived thank you and make a big difference to my leg heaviness and general discomfort. Thank you

  19. Bernadine

    Wow great trade thankyou

  20. Mike


  21. Sandra

    Thanks Heather the socks have arrived.  We really appreciate the personal note included. We chose these pressure socks for my husband as we are traveling overseas. Thank you so much for the brilliant advice! It is hard to find a company that gives a personal touch these days, especially when purchasing on the internet.

  22. Duncan

    Great trader highly recommended

  23. Suzannah

    Great product, they look like normal sox.

  24. Carole

    Fantastic communication, item arrived less than 24hrs after placing order. Reccomend to everyone. Many thanks

  25. Michele

    I’ve only just received my socks a couple days ago, and last night was the first time I tried a pair. But I’ll give you my feedback. I’ve  got sensory neuropath and parethesia in my lower legs My feet get incredibly hot and my legs feel like they are ‘fizzing’, and it makes sleeping difficult. Compression socks seem to help! As I mentioned, I’ve only used them last night (I had an old pair that were falling apart and end up rolling down my leg), so it was a pleasure to have a pair of socks that stayed up for the duration of the night. I would recommend you! Even though I haven’t had a chance to really put my socks to the test, your customer service, the attention to detail, the packaging and little extras (handwritten note, etc…) was amazing! So thoughtful and kind. 🙂 I look forward to when I need more socks!

  26. James Winiata

    I experienced freedom and lightness from the aches and pains in my feet. I like the strength of the socks and would absolutely recommend them.

  27. Margo

    Fast delivery, good contact throughout the trade. would highly recommend trader

  28. Frank Lewis

    Stopping swelling of ankle from varicose veins. Work well and I intend to get more.

  29. Aila

    I received the replacement socks and they fit! Thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that it was a painless exchange and prompt too.  I will definitely recommend TXG to my friends and family if we they need compression socks. 

  30. Davern

    Thanks so much, the compression socks are perfect!

  31. Ian

    Great trade thanks

  32. Lea

    Thank you for my new compression socks! They arrived yesterday and I am wearing them to work today. They are very comfortable, and I’m very happy with them.

  33. Vanessa

    Wow, what a amazing company, they care about their customers to make sure item is right for you. The packaging of the Sox was also amazing now just got to get them on my feet. thank you for your patience.

  34. Jennifer

    Just to let you know my son is very pleased with his socks.

  35. Ray

    Provides good support.. Less leg stress during the day. They are well made.. Would recommend for good service and product. Just ordered two more pairs.. that says it all…

  36. Colin

    The socks seemed to work well in preventing/reducing fluid build up in my legs and ankles on my two long haul flights to the UK compared with my two sockless long haul flights to NZ. Many thanks.

  37. Pat

    My legs are not as swollen and my feet are warm and my legs also are not tired. I find the feet are too big maybe shoe size would be an idea and the length of the knee high is too high comes half way up the knee when the instructions say wear below the knee the stockings would stay up kept creeping down the thigh. They are firm but not tight. I would recommend them if they were needed.

  38. Robyn

    Just want to say, thank you so much. I purchased 2 pair compression stocking they are lovely to wear, am so pleased. I also really appreciated your personal note that came with my order.  I will certainly be ordering again.

  39. Colleen Ellis

    The socks worked instantly and provided instant relief from pain and swelling. FANTASTIC. The pain in my leg has gone virtually instantly and my foot pain has subsided at least 85%. The socks are a miracle, WOW WOW WOW. 100% recommend, my nurse specialist at the hospital suggested few places and I chose you first and I’m so happy I did. If anyone wants to contact me about them I am more than happy to talk about the experience with them. I could not have believed it could be an instant relief of pain – simply miraculous for me after 2 years of pain. The shopping was seamless and very swift and thank you for the care taken with the beautiful packaging.

  40. Niki Parker

    I was advised by Vascular surgeon against surgery, but to wear medical stockings “aggressively”. In Australia they were provided free, 1pr every 6 months. NZ not till you’re in Hospital with your leg(s) raised due to ulcers that are very, very. difficult to treat. The stockings prevent ulcers. Go figure. Also tried the calf sleeves and impressed with them. My original stockings weren’t suitable to be used in wet situations. I’m into Waka Ama, a water-sport that sees us on the water 1 or 2 hours at a time. I find the calf sleeves are an effective substitute. Seem as good, and in some ways better, (eg no hard seam in the toe box) than the very reputable ones I have been wearing for 8 years now. Able to be worn alone as sock. Those I have used to date are more like ‘nylons’ and better worn with socks over to help them last longer. Would recommend them. A significant price advantage over my original stockings. Easy shopping and very quick delivery. Only thing I have yet to discover is how well/long the products last.

  41. Willem van Niekerk

    The socks gave me pain relief from ulceration problems and a nasty staphylococcus infection. I would recommend them as the socks are great quality and affordable and provide consistent compression. Service was speedy and professional.

  42. Heather

    They stopped swelling on international travel. I was able to get them on, even though it took about 1/4 hour, had tried other brands and were impossible to get on. Would recommend you to others because you cater for XXL sizing.

  43. John Robertson

    The socks reduced the water retention. They are a good, comfortable fit. Easy purchase and good selection of socks.

  44. Happy Customer

    5 stars

  45. John Robertson

    Would recommend for choice of styles, compression level and sizes , delivery and price.

  46. Aafriyana Draver

    It’s the right fit and tightness. Yeah I’d recommend them.

  47. Douglas Mearns

    I have been wearing compression stocking for 15 years. After a few years of buying locally i changed to sourcing them from ‘foryourlegs’ online. It was cheaper but delivery was pricey often taking up to a month. Over the years their service became more erratic and unsatisfactory. This time I scanned local suppliers and came across TXG. It seemed to be a genuine local business, prices were about half of what I was paying 15 years ago and buyers comments seemed positive. It seemed too good to be true. I decided to try a small order My experience has been beyond expectations. A proudly Kiwi business providing an amazing service at a great price. The stockings are as good as any I have tried and seem made to last The miriad little touches are so unlike the usual impersonal buying experience. I most certainly will be a regular customer. Rating 7* (out of 5)

  48. Cecilia

    I bought it for my brother who’s got a problem finding compression socks that will fit him. His calf size is 58cm diameter so I got the XL but it still did not fit.

  49. Kathy Guy

    I have found that I have less swelling in my feet. They are easy on/off an have a wide band at the top. Fast Service. Efficient Staff. Lovely packaging and wee gift. Thank you for your service.

  50. Happy Customer

    They have solved the problem of oedema in my stroke affected ankle, but have created another one at the knee. There was some reduction in swelling. I had expected the socks to be lighter in colour. I only need them for one leg so it is difficult to find a matching stocking for the other leg.

  51. Sheryl

    Thank you to the TXG team for your prompt and efficient service.  We love your personal touch with handwritten note attached to the order and the unexpected extra gift. Keith looks forward to the relief compresson will give him on a swollen ankle/calf area that’s been an issue since knee replacement and recently needed treatment for internal infection.  His GP recommended that he try these.  

  52. Rogan

    Great trader, really quick to post and exact description, thanks

  53. Happy Customer

    Everything was great

  54. Terry

    Awesome trade, thank you. Highly recommend to all.

  55. Carol

    They fit nicely and I’m pleased that they are looser around my sensitive toes.  I’m not that keen on the colour but it doesn’t matter at hom

  56. Inha

    Your socks are amazing, I’m happy I don’t need those ugly bandages (and pity looks from people) anymore. I already have like 7 or 8 pairs and wanted to increase this number. Thank you for your products and support.

  57. Gena

    I wore the stockings for varicose veins and during pregnancy. Would recommend them as they are nice.

  58. Wayne

    Thanks once again. I’ll be back!

  59. Happy Customer

    I liked the soft top band and would recommend to others

  60. Nicola

    Great trade – good trader, very informative, good communication and quick courier

  61. Happy Customer

    I had swollen legs and ankles, my ankles are now nearly back to normal. The feet and band at the top are comfortable. I would recommend, if it would help.

  62. Deanna

    Very happy thank u

  63. Happy Customer

    The feature I like is the nylon material

  64. Lisa

    The socks were too long but the Customer service was excellent. The lady helped solve my problem and I was very happy with the service. It was great having the larger sizes in the calf because it was hard to find
    larger sizes at a good price. Helped with my tired and sore legs. Would be happy to recommend as I was very happy with my shopping experience.

  65. Lyn Potangaroa

    Very likely to recommend. Great service and I’m very happy with the socks, they are a nice fit.

  66. Paddy Ammundsen

    I am pleased with the compression socks. They are a good fit and the right strength to keep my ankles from swelling. They are very helpful in preventing my ankles from getting more swollen. I like the fact that they cover the whole foot, which my previous ones did not do. I have not met someone with my problem but if I did I would strongly recommend them. They arrived faster than I expected.

  67. Gary Moore

    I wear the socks as required. This pair replaces an old pair which are more holey than rightcesous. My legs come back to normal. I like the seamless stitching. Highly recommend.

  68. David

    Good product: thanks for very good service

  69. Monica

    My socks arrived safely and are just what I needed so thank you.

  70. Steffinie Marriner

    i get pain in my feet and legs . i put them on tonight and they are good oh so good to have on. I like the tightness around my feet and legs. I have just ordered another pain of the same but in flesh coloured. Great shopping experience. I thank you for the supply and delivery of the socks. I like the nice touch of the card inside from stella and the team

  71. Keepa

    Thank you I am very satisfied  with theses socks for the comfort and relief they provide. Thanks again,

  72. Malcolm

    Thanks Heather … arrived in our mail box very promptly. All good so are fitting to right leg only (now third day) in consultation with main carer. More appropriate compared to those issued by Timaru Hospital.

  73. Geoff


  74. Mike

    They are great to wear, thank you. Great service. It’s a pity anything you order online isn’t as prompt and professional as your company. Many thanks again

  75. Happy Customer

    I have varicose veins and at my job I stand all day…now my legs are not sore and tired?????? Lots of benefits lol just feel better and my legs love me for my compression socks. The quality is absolutely awesome. Would definitely recommend to a friend and tell them about the price the quality and the fast delivery and funny emails ???? you guys do a awesome job and communication is amazing ????

  76. Theresa

    I had a feeling of tiredness/ heaviness in my ankles. After wearing the socks my legs are not sore and heavy at the end of the day. They are thick and comfy enough to wear for a long walk. Awesome service and quick delivery, I’m very happy about my shopping experience. Heather is amazing!

  77. Liz

    Hi Heather, Yes, they have arrived, thank you! Apparently, they fit perfectly! Many thanks

  78. Penny

    Once again I am pleased with my purchase.

  79. Gail Thompson

    The socks took care of the swelling, they are well made and the TXG service is excellent. Definitely recommend.

  80. Amy

    My legs are less tired at the end of the day. They stay up really well and are more comfortable than cheaper alternatives.

  81. Max

    AAA+ Thank you

  82. Christopher

    Just ordered another pair.  So, the most positive form of feedback.  CC

  83. Denise O’Reilly

    Hi Heather, I actually bought the compression socks for my Mum but she has a venous ulcer that is a little too advanced for her to try putting them on. I was going to return them but have decided to keep them for myself. I am off work following shoulder surgery and doing a lot of sitting. After wearing hospital compression socks for a week I was keen to try something with a bit more flair. I tried them and they made a difference to the swelling in my feet and ankles late in the day. So thank you for supplying these quality products.

  84. Joe

    Quick delivery, good product, recommended.

  85. Robyn

    Unfortunately not a good fit for me but service was excellent . . Thanks

  86. Phyllis

    The next day after ordering they arrived and I am very pleased with them Thank you

  87. Happy customer

    They have helped control fluid build up.

  88. Happy customer

    They look good and I’m perfectly happy with them.

  89. Elizabeth

    Thank you Heather. They have arrived and I am wearing them. I find them very comfortable. Very happy with your service which was both friendly and quick. Also loved the information that came with the pack. I intend to order a black pair soon. Thank you

  90. Valerie Page

    Great shopping experience, quick response. I like the colour and would definitely recommend to a friend travelling.

  91. Grumble

    Great product A++

  92. Dana

    Hello, First of all, I would like to thank you heaps for my recent order. The socks are top quality and very comfortable. I loved the way you pack them, how sincere your thank you cards were and also thank you for the little unexpected gift. I use them at work while standing for long periods and my legs are less tired and not swelling, so happy I bought them. Thank you for all the info and tips. You are bloody amazing! And funny as well, Feel free to use my feedback on your site.

  93. Mark Gwilliam

    Hi Heather and team. Thank you so much for your excellent attention to detail and service. My socks arrived on time. Trust me, I deal with heaps of service companies and VERY few match your service – both before, during and after purchasing. Your little notes enclosed are such an excellent idea and really add value. Regards, Mark

  94. Lyn

    Awesome. Great communication, lovely to deal with. Really happy with the socks. Thanks so much.

  95. Jacque

    I am trialling them on one leg and so far so good for me.

  96. Lyn

    The backbone of any Business is the Service they provide to their customers, well you certainly go out of your way to give your customers outstanding Service and your products are top quality. Highly recommend. Thanks so much.

  97. Happy customer

    The socks eased the pain and pressure in my knee, I like everything about them.

  98. Glen

    Very quick delivery and looks like a good product. I am starting to get varicose veins so looking to limit this. Comfortable fit but nothing is noticeable yet.

  99. Howie D

    The socks have helped my bad circulation to my feet. My feet didn’t feel so achy and the socks are a good length.

  100. Bob

    My lovely TXG support stockings just arrived this afternoon as you announced. Thank you very much or the fantastic follow up and follow through! Thank you very much or the fantastic follow up and follow through! You have a customer for LIFE! Well done !!!

  101. David

    Once again my new socks have arrived safe and sound within a minimum of time – even allowing for the long weekend!  This is the more commendable when all the major retailers seem to be bleating that with an “increased concentration of on-line ordering” big delays may occur and that the Covid situation is causing post and courier hold-ups!  (Blame it all on Covid!). As you are evidently well aware, Diana and I have purchased quite a few pairs of TXG compression socks by now.  Enthralled by the packaging?  Entertained by the personalized messages?  Entranced by the product quality? Ecstatic with the pricing?

  102. Betty

    Hi Heather, yes they arrived so quick (like the speed of light) – I am VERY impressed. And the socks are amazing – they really work. Really well. I will certainly be recommending them and your excellent customer care – outstanding! Thank you!

  103. Monica

    I just wanted to say, thank you for your caring and wonderful gift, that accompanied mu husband’s compression order.

  104. Ovalau

    Simple easy purchase of a great product

  105. Lewis

    Quick delivery and great product. AAA+++.

  106. Kaminii Joshi

    Hi Heather n team, Thank you for the socks. Yes it was surprise to observe how much effort you ppl hv put frm the way it was wrapped rt up to the note of appreciation as well as regards to the directions on use.Thr ar few in my experience who tk so much effort to please their customers. The socks match ur standard of care.Tq so much.

  107. Heather

    I compliment you on your first class product and superior standard of customer care. Your web site is particularly informative with a lot of product information to support the graphics. I am impressed by your prompt response to email, the approachability and clarity contained in your replies, and your willingness to have a satisfied customer.

  108. Janice Moynihan

    The socks gave me relief with aching swollen ankles and legs. Nice and comfortable as I got the Xxx size, black colour good as mainly wear black trousers and shoes. Would recommend to a friend if they needed them, and tell them how happy I am. Quick delivery, even though there was a hold up with me collecting because of Covid Lock down. Nice lady in Auckland also sent an email regarding delivery.

  109. Lynda

    Very pleased and would definitely recommend to others. I had ankle surgery and needed more support. The socks reduced swelling and pain reduction. I like the firmness and quality.

  110. Judy

    They are helping me through my day feel more comfortable. I suffer with swollen feet especially bad in hot weather. Reasonably okay to put on and take off. I dont however like the colour or the look of the texture. Don’t think I could wear them with a skirt or dress unfortunately. Everything was very efficiently handled thanks.

  111. Robert Campbell

    Highly likely to recommend due to friendly, helpful service. They provided reassurance of reduced chance of DVT during air travel, including an 18 hour flight.

  112. John

    Comfortable to wear and knees don’t ache. They stop my legs swelling up and look pretty cool.

  113. Peter

    They were comfortable and the right length for my legs

  114. Robyn Kelly

    I work as a nurse. In the past I’ve had various treatments for varicosed veins. So I like to wear compression while I’m at work in my feet. I find them very comfortable and love the support your stocking have in the past two days wearing them. They are a good length. While my old stocking from Obex were good, they always felt a bit short on my leg. Good price. Comfortable to wear. I enjoyed the little note and gift. Thank you.

  115. Happy Customer

    Very likely to recommend because they have improved my life. I found them comfortable and experienced a reduction in aching legs. Excellent service and prompt delivery

  116. Fiona Van Weerden

    I have Lipodermatosclerosis. My specialist advised it would be good to wear compression socks to help in the future. They felt warm and firm. Been too hot to wear but also dont look great with summer skirts but hope to wear everyday when I wear trousers. Your service was impeccable and loved the little gift and the personalised note on the envelope.

  117. Margaret

    Helped ease the pain of very sore varicose veins. Biked 30km today then had a day cutting back very overgrown vegetation at back of section and no excessive leg pain. Aching veins eased back a lot. They are a good fit and don’t slide down. Have already persuaded a friend to try them. She knows how pleased I am with mine. Amazing speed of delivery, considering the times we are living in. From Auckland to South Canterbury in 3 days. Well done.

  118. Fiona

    A very good trade .. fast delivery. Thanks.

  119. Dawn Mikkelsen

    I work long hours as a nurse, constantly on my feet. The socks Relieved my aching legs and I felt lighter on my feet. Definitely recommend… great service great product and easy to put on.

  120. Brian Clarke

    Second order of 2 pr socks have arrived – perfect thank you

  121. Dot

    The socks have helped control fluid build up. They are good quality and a great price, would recommend. My order was easy to track and prompt service.

  122. Zoe

    I got these compression socks to lessen my postural drops episodes, they are comfy to wear and I was impressed with the fast delivery and customer service. I loved the personal notes and gift.

  123. David

    Repeat customer, good product, quick delivery & great service. Highly recommended

  124. Joe

    Quick response & delivery, very well packed, good product, great trade. Recommend this trader.

  125. Margaret Alexznder

    I am very happy so far I have got them on today for the first time and all is good so far I have got very swollen legs and ankles from having work to that required me to be on my feet all the time I also have a problem with retaining fluid and they just ache. I like the feel of then and they were reasonably easy to get on. I would recommend you to a friend the service has been great and so far very pleased with the socks.

  126. David

    Very good product and this team really takes customer services seriously. Thanks for the trade

  127. Jane

    I am looking at purchasing another suitable pair soon.  These ones are so comfortable my legs and ankles feel so relaxed and light ??

  128. Mary Seymour-East

    I got the classic daily wear and toeless socks to help in reducing oedema in lower limbs. I got less discomfort. Increased mobility. SoB more manageable. self management of symptoms good for personal wellbeing. I like how functional they are. I would recommend. as part of a self-management plan. Non-invasive and is with in your control. TXG was prompt and informative, with email contact from enquiry to delivery. I found it an easy web site to navigate. important to take your leg measurements more than once and on varying times of the day. They reduced my lower leg oedema, I had increased capacity with mobilisation and they kept me warm on cooler days!! I would recommend these if it is clinically appropriate to do so.

  129. Adrian

    I found it frustrating that I could not order directly on line ( registering was well nigh impossible) BUT had superb service when I rang through on the 0800 number.
    Delivery time was ok too. I do like the firm nature of the fabric. My lower leg, ankle and foot have considerable less fluid accumulating and so are much more comfortable. My leg has reduced in size and I can fit my shoe much easier.

  130. Kerry


  131. Geoffrey Dunbar

    First day — Some difficulty in putting them on, but I assume this will get easier over time… Quality construction! They help to combat swelling of legs and ankles. Very Happy.

  132. Paul Daniele

    I drive all day, and now I don’t have aching legs. These socks are comfortable and I received excellent prompt service. If any one asks about compression socks I will be recommending TXG socks.

  133. Arend van den Bos

    I wear compression socks for ongoing maintenance as I am post DVT. I have used a variety of compression socks prior to the TXG ones, and all have been problematic for one reason or another. Some have been too short, others lose their elasticity quickly, while others provide uneven compression. These (the TXG) ones are superb. The TXG brand has been for all the reasons already stated, the best. I would highly recommend TXG to anyone wanting good quality compression socks.

  134. Yolanda & Tony deRuiter

    My husband is very pleased with the socks because he has always struggled finding compression stockings the fit him as he is 1.98 meters tall! Please go ahead and include our feedback, we are very happy to support this excellent brand of compression socks.

  135. Rameshwari Nand

    I work in a pharmacy and have long 12 hour shifts in a day and standing long hours was giving me red lower legs and my doctor recommended me to get compression socks i did try other brands but i was still getting red lower legs but from the day i started using these TXG socks I am not having lower red legs any more. They are easy to wear as well. I have already recommended them to the rest of my team. Great shopping experience.

  136. Dorothy

    My feet are feeling good now, no more swelling. The texture of the socks feeds good, very supportive, very good. I am showing and telling family of this product, thank you

  137. Lee

    They are helping to reduce swelling in my lower legs and feet. Would recommend, had good service and the products appear to be of good quality and they are comfortable.

  138. Stu

    I was very pleased with the purchase, every step through the sale was communicated to me. Brilliant Package. The parcel arrived overnight. My 91 year old father in law is grateful for the socks. Highly recommend.

  139. Delwyn Swanson

    We are thrilled with the socks!!

  140. Paul

    Hi, i had these because i had problems with varicose veins and they work.

  141. Carolyn

    Replaced an existing pair of travel compression knee highs with TXG socks after looking on internet for a product that was highly recommended. After reading reviews from many satisfied customers i chose to purchase these. I have some varcose veins and the compression stockings keep my feet and legs from aching or swelling when on my feet all day. I like the wide top bands. Sizing is accurate. Would recommend checking your product range out.

  142. Jennifer

    Excellent friendly communication and prompt service.

  143. Nash

    I purchased my first compression socks from TXG, I have to pass my MASSIVE Compliments to all the persons that packed the item as I have never received a package with so many messages from so many persons…definitely a great first experience. I got the XXL 15-20mmHg and wearing it feels good.

  144. Happy Sock Wearer

    The socks have stopped swelling in my lower legs and ankles, very comfortable & I don’t feel tired at the end of the day. They fit my feet & legs very well. Would recommend if a friend was having the same issues that I have. I will probably purchase more socks at a later date.

  145. Ang

    Excellent in every way thank you.

  146. Dude

    Very Good Very Happy

  147. Nina Katherine

    Great product and service

  148. Bill Martin

    When they arrived I immediately became aware of the loving culture they had experienced in your care, so after such a long hikoi (journey) from Taiwan obviously a powhiri (welcome) was necessary. Having duly done the deed and finished with a karakia (prayer) and a waiata (song) I tried them on – you will see I’ve ordered a larger size.??????

  149. Robin Mark

    They are firm and of good quality. Perfect replacement for my old ones, thank you. I will order some more very soon. For sure I’d recommend them

  150. John

    Some time ago I purchased a couple of pairs of your stockings. I have tried other brands and their various offers but want to rebuy your brand – definitely a quality product.

  151. Allan Sutton

    This is only the second day I have worn them , Iam 88yrs old and have always had prominent varicose veins which even now do not bother me but during lockdown I started to develop an ulcer so my GP suggested the stockings. Very likely I’d recommend them when I see what the pharmacists want to charge and now I have received yours and find them excellent.

  152. Jo Smith

    Hard to put into words but they have just made the most amazing difference to me. Warm legs and no swelling at all!!! Instant relief!!! Would absolutely recommend these socks. They work immediately and are just amazing. I’m about to order more so I can have a fresh pair every day. Amazing to deal with. Thankyou for such a wonderful product

  153. Marcus

    Thank you for the socks. I will be recommending you to others – the service was exceptional.

  154. Julie

    have only used for a few days but they have relieved some of the pain in my legs. I would 100% recommend them and already have. The speed of delivery was nothing short of amazing.

  155. Anthony

    All good

  156. Diana Dempsey

    I have been advised to wear compression wear in the meantime. I tried some another brands “thick nylon stocking” type ones but they don’t stay up well, and constant pulling them up shredded them. Yours stay up really well and the first pair I bought from you is still fully intact! My legs don’t swell up during the day and I am not getting the varicose ecxema around my ankles. Easy to put on and they stay put. Now that I am wearing long winter pants they sometimes need to be pulled up a little once early evening. Very likely to recommend them if I ever hear anyone needs them – also like the reasonable price. I paid $52 for a thin pair at the Chemist and they were in tatters in a month.

  157. Leanne

    Great Trade, socks arrived in speedy time packaged well.

  158. Amy

    These are the best fitting and most comfortable sports recovery socks that I’ve ever tried!

  159. Heather

    Love the socks

  160. Lynda

    Excellent, thanks

  161. Diana

    Thank you so much for supplying my compression socks recently. I am very happy with them – especially the fact that they do not slide down my leg all the time. They are very comfortable and seem to be providing a good level of compression. I was completely stunned that they arrived at my place less than 24 hours after I placed my order – unbelievable! I also really enjoyed your personalised note and extra gift. Thank you again, I will possibly need more down the line so will be back.

  162. Olivia Graham

    I got the long socks and calf sleeves. These stopped my restless legs in the evening! They are comfortable and I like the colour, look of them, very functional. I didn’t receive a confirmation email when I paid, but this might have been an issue on my end. I was happy when they arrived successfully. Very likely to recommend, do their job very well.

  163. Dave Cottrell

    The socks help with my swollen legs and they stay up, my legs don’t feel as tired.

  164. Campbell S

    They have made a huge difference, wish I had of tried them years ago, comfortable too. Dizzyness has been eliminated and I am able to stand for long periods painting and gardening and have greater energy. My Uncle and Father-in-law have just purchased, would recommend to everyone. Efficient, well packaged up. Found the website somewhat clunky and difficult to make multiple purchases of different products

  165. Helen

    Thankyou for great trade AAAA+++

  166. Don

    A+++ Wow super quick delivery and awesome material provided with the product – recommend 100%

  167. Paula Miller

    I just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday and my huaband and I are very happy with the compression socks. We have tried them on and they are perfect fit. We were also extremely pleased with the peronalised correspondence you included with my order and the quirky little saying. The information you provided on how these socks are produced was awesome. My husband and I are travelling overseas in a couple of weeks and we searched high and low for compression socks. Eventually I found your Company via google search on the internet. I will be certainly recommending your company to all my friends who travel overseas who are looking for these compression socks. Once Again thankyou very much

  168. Happy Customer

    AAAAA++++++ Love them – top notch

  169. Paul Weir

    Many thanks for the prompt service Stephanie, received this am and looking forward to using them

  170. Ann Morrow

    The socks have arrived and are just right. Thanks for the prompt delivery

  171. Glen

    I had swollen ankles, I found the socks comfortable and they improved my ankles. I like the length of the socks. Great service and great product

  172. Mary Morrison

    I have been wearing my compression socks and find them beneficial. They are not easy to put on but gradually getting better at doing it. Would recommend them as they do give good support

  173. Kiri

    Awesome service and trade. Very informative. Thankyou

  174. Kerryn

    It was a relief to find compression socks that were sized (and accurately). Other brands I had looked at were based on shoe size or “one-size-fits-all” and when you’re on the bigger size, one size most definitely does not fit all! I bought the socks for a 17 hour direct flight I’m taking in 3 weeks, but am hopeful from my initial try on that they will reduce the swelling I’ve previously experienced on short flights. The feature I like the best is the accurate sizing! What a relief to find they fitted my large calves and “cankles”. I would highly recommend you to everybody. The customer service is second-to-none. Delivery was prompt and the extras and messages included were fabulous – I felt very special!! I’m tempted to keep ordering socks just to repeat that feeling!. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

  175. Allister Grant

    Wearing some today, very comfortable. Thanks for the prompt service

  176. Robyn

    The compression socks helped with inflammation in my legs and water retention due to osteoarthritis. They were large enough to fit around my swollen calves and they eased the pain. I would recommend them because they actually helped.

  177. Valerie Needham

    Thank you for your prompt delivery of my order today, much appreciated up here in sunny Waipu (in “smoke free” Northland).Well ………..!!I’m not quite sure what they put in the water down there in Pakuranga but you guys certainly seem to have the rare gift of understanding what ‘Customer Service’ really means. Your extra notes/gifts were a lovely addition and certainly did cheer me up and make me smile. As is often the case these days, I prefer shopping online because attending retail shops, who never engage (or understand the value of) such a thing, is becoming common practice. Just for feedback purposes, you may like to know that – I am NOT Diabetic (just yet anyway), NOT flying on a plane (unless someone gives me a free ticket to Rarotonga or I win Lotto, which I won’t because I never buy a ticket), NOT playing anything considered ‘sport’ (if I can help it), and most definitely NOT pregnant (that would make history as I am 71). You will surmise by now, that I am actually an “Everyday Sock” wearer. I use your products as a safeguard against the terrible things that can happen to us all in this dangerous and volatile world, often suddenly and without warning. (CUE: Scary music)
    God forbid I should be forced to eat too much sugar (even though the strawberry chocolates I was given yesterday for my birthday are sitting patiently in the fridge), OR I should suddenly be whisked off to the Cooks Islands for a surprise holiday by my family – yeah right!), OR I am picked to immediately fill in as ‘mature reserve’ for the Silver Ferns as Goal Shoot), OR I am selected by medical science to become the oldest NZ resident to produce a baby whilst collecting their Pension and using a Gold Card! So, THANK YOU Heather, long may you continue to be the ‘happiest chief checker’, not only of SOCKS but of anything else that comes your way. I hope Stephanie manages to complete her Apprenticeship without too many blemishes on her Report.

  178. Di

    Wonderful product and very friendly quick service. Thankyou.

  179. Mary Morrison

    Thankyou for my socks that arrived this morning, also the present and info on there care. I am going to visit my son in Perth soon, and being over 80 years feel they will help me on the trip. I am sure I will enjoy my new socks. Thanks to Heather, Stephanie and all the Team

  180. Lynnie

    I really love dealing with this company. They are super friendly and very quick with their handling. Also, really great product

  181. Alison

    Arrived yesterday, exactly what I wanted, great service and I appreciated the extra touches. Thanks so much!!

  182. Rowena Christie

    Thanks for the notes, info and the gift.

  183. Graham Murray

    Socks arrived and seem to fit well. Like the fact that unlike others I have had they don’t seem to tight around the top of the sock and don’t dig in to much behind the knee like another pair of another brand I have. Wonderful – thankyou

  184. Cameron and Rachel Smith

    I’ve been finding these socks fantastic and would like to get another pair.

  185. Lois

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the excellent socks and definitely going above and beyond. This has to be the best trader on T.me ever!!!!! Highly recommend AAAA+++++

  186. Lyn

    I was thrilled at been given a second chance to buy these socks which are really well priced. Very happy customer indeed

  187. David Lane

    Socks have arrived and fit perfectly. A friend of ours down the road has ordered a pair after hearing about your excellent service.

  188. Michael Smart

    Helps with my varicose veins and stops aching in my lower legs. Comfortable and look good, no ankle swelling, no aches. I’d recommend them.

  189. Sam

    The shopping experience makes me feel comfortable and happy I love the card you attached with the socks. Thanks a lot.

  190. Katherine

    My socks have arrived and they are a perfect fit, very happy with them. Many thanks

  191. Lynette Robertson

    I bought three pairs of compression socks through trade me and tonight was just browing through afterpay’s directory and there you were. I can now buy directly from you instead of trying to find your ad in trade me. I am expremely happy to have found you as I am always going to need compression socks because I am in a wheelchair. It is difficult these days to get them through the Hospital and now I don’t need to wait for the health board to keep approving socks – it take so very long. Your socks are also the best looking and most comfortable I have ever worn. I look forward to buying more with you.

  192. Bos

    Good Socks

  193. Mone

    Great socks, many thanks

  194. Sharyn

    Seem to be the right fit and compression strength. I intend to use them on a long haul flight in 3 weeks time!. Prompt service and good information.

  195. Barbara Emmitt

    My socks arrived in the post on Friday and have had one on ever since – they are great and look like normal socks, which is so much better than compression bandages. Am very happy and will be ordering some more in the near future

  196. Letitia McCallum

    My socks arrived on Thursday they were beautifully packaged. I have tried them on and they feel very comfortable

  197. Elizabeth

    I have venous insufficiency, the compression socks helped to reduce leg swelling and improved blood flow up the legs. I like the even compression, the ribbed texture and the strength of the knit. Comparing with other brands I have used, these are far superior and value for money.

  198. Don McKay

    Hi thanx our socks arrived and thanx for awesome & quick service. Any of our friends that are going overseas I will pass on your link and tell them this is where to buy them from. Thanx again.

  199. Tara

    I get swollen legs when flying, these compression socks helped a lot. I like the material and the great customer service.

  200. Tania

    The socks helped with circulation. They are the right size and comfortable. Would recommend them to others, we were referred by a friend and we would do the same. Service is excellent and the socks are a great price.

  201. Tanya

    I think everyone should order these socks from this trader, fantastic communication, prompt delivery and such lovely surprise with the way the socks were presented and the extra “notes” that came with them. Thanks so much.

  202. Rach

    Great, thanks

  203. Joyce

    My socks arrived safely and beautifully packed. I’ll try these out, see how they go and then perhaps another order. I will certainly recommend you to my friends if they need to buy support socks.

  204. Mare Tutapakore

    Awesome product and how it was packed. Thankyou for taking the time. Highly recommended and will definitely use again. A++++++

  205. Heather Whittaker

    Wow Great Prompt trade very happy cheers!!!

  206. Veronica Hoyt

    I havent worn the socks yet – I bought them for when I next fly somewhere. My most recent trip resulted in swollen ankles etc, that stayed swollen for quite a few days. I am hoping the socks will make a difference next time I fly. As for service: It was great all the way. Good communication, fast, super easy all round. I’d recommend you guys

  207. Kerry Symes


  208. Ingrid Hofland

    I’m about to travel overseas so will definitely comment on my new socks after the trip as I suffer from severe ankle swelling. I have to say I am most impressed with your customer service and prompt delivery and communication to date.

  209. Janeen Foote

    Fantastic Trade. Recommend this seller to everyone!

  210. Hinemoa Delaney

    I purchased the Classic Compression socks for my Spider/Varicose Veins they are suprisingly comfortable. They make me feel secure and, so far, they seem to be effective. It may be too early to be able to give a thorough account but I would definitely say that, so far, I’m very glad that I decided to give them a try and that others should seriously consider them to.

  211. Bubz

    Fantastic seller. Top class service. Brilliant product. Quick delivery. Thankyou A+

  212. Megan Banks

    Firstly I would like to say I have never had such an amazing experience with all the personal touches and enthusiam that you have shown amazing really made my day when I opened my package. I’ve tried them on and thy’re a little tight however this is the biggest size you have and maybe its just a case of them needed to be tight as i’m wanting them for flying. Again thanks so much and I’ll be recommending you and your team. Thanks so much.

  213. Cheryl Williams

    I tried on my new ones and am very happy with them. I have bought socks from TXG before.

  214. Katrina Deed

    Wore my socks on our huge flight 27hours then another 7. They were comforable to wear and I had no swelling so would definitely recommend

  215. Vonney Johnston

    My socks arrived in great condition. I’ve tried them on and they cut in a bit around the knee at the back but I’m hoping they may stretch a bit. Many thanks for your speedy service and follow up. It’s great to have a kiwi service that believes in true customer service and follow up

  216. Happy Customer


  217. Colleen

    Very easy and quick trade

  218. Olga Rossiter

    I have got socks thankyou they are good socks – thankyou again

  219. Alastair

    My socks arrived very promptly thank you. Good product and good service. Much obliged

  220. Sophie Bradley

    Thankyou for my first ever pair of compression socks. I wore them yesterday for the first time and my legs felt great at the end of the day.

  221. Kaiwaka

    Awesome efficient A+++

  222. Deborah Clapshaw

    The sox have arrived thankyou. Wonderful Service. I am very impressed with speed, effciency and communication.

  223. Happy Customer

    Thks for the socks

  224. David

    Best quality I’ve seen in support socks and the service was second to none! VERY IMPRESSIVE

  225. Yvonne

    Great Trader super quick and efficient would recommend

  226. Debbie

    Thankyou for the great trade

  227. Glenn

    Absolutely Great Service AAAAAA+++++

  228. Kim

    Great Product. Thanks

  229. Garry Latham

    Yes they arrived safely and I am now wearing them. I am impressed with your marketing and the product is equally impressive. I will be ordering another pair and will probably get a larger size or lower compression as I have difficulty in putting on any socks (using a sock-slider) as I have hip problems waiting for a joint replacement and did have some difficulty in putting them on. Thanks for your service.

  230. Sue Williams

    My Hubby loves the compression socks I bought from you. The whole experience from placing the order to rceiving has been faultless. Love the notes from the Apprentice Sock Checker who did a great job. Thank you also for the notepad which will be very handy. Will be purchasing more pairs soon.

  231. Laura Wragg

    These socks are brilliant. I’ve had compression socks before for long haul flights and they have been hideously scratchy and uncomfortable, and borderline unwearable … these however, are silky, comforatble and after an epic 45 hour journey were still a joy to wear 🙂

  232. Noel and Trish

    Socks have arrived thanks

  233. Kate Taylor

    Another pair of great socks. Will definitely be buying more. Very comfortable to sleep in

  234. Kate Taylor

    Great product, breathable, no red line at top of my leg. Thanks for an excellent product.

  235. Tom

    Excellent response. Excellent communication. Excellent Product.

  236. Allen

    Great Trader, fast over nite service, thankyou AAAA service

  237. John

    Good easy trade

  238. Christine Low

    I already have a couple of pairs of your socks and they are great.Having read the story on the puffer fish feet I reckon I have a better one.I’m known amongst my travelling friends for previously getting huge ankles after travelling. Then taking every advantage when landed to put my feet up and wear long trousers to cover them up. However your socks were a game changer as after a flight Christchurch-Auckland-San Francisco I was shopping for dress shoes three hours after landing (and I had travelled economy so no foot rest!) Now a pair on and a spare in my carry-on are my standard for travelling. Pity I didn’t have them when I went to Italy – I could only window shop for shoes there!

  239. Sophie Trask

    My socks reduced my severe oedema. I’d recommend them as they worked for me and are good quality socks. You have great customer services and I do not think you need to do anything else!

  240. Raewyn Brady

    I have received our compression socks thank you, your service is absolutely fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and service.The lady I originally spoke to was also fantastic and so helpful. We tried our socks on in the weekend and what a mission putting them on but once they were on they were great. Thank you again for your great product and service.

  241. Dave

    I had no circulation problems on long haul flights, they were comfortable/high quality and did the job. Very good customer services.

  242. Michelle Armstrong

    Thankyou they arrived this morning – They are a lot more comfortable than my other brand of and I have dry skin and so far very pleased with the way I feel. I had a hip replacement in September so thought they might be a good idea. Very impressed with your follow up and the time it took to get here as I have been in sales and PR well Done!!

  243. Melissa Parton

    Just a wee message to say a massive well done and thank you. Not only did the website’s product information, description, free shipping and non-cringeworth price make my first compression sock purchase extremely easty but then they arrived less then 48 hours later (fast standard shipping, hallelujah!) along with the cutest thankyou letter, personalized note, instructions, complimentary notepad complete with ribbon really topping if off and put a smile on my dial. 10/10 nailing business-customer relations, 10/10 would recommend and 10/10 for compression sock comfort (yes, Im testing them out around the house at 7pm). I’m sure my first prenancy first long haul flight will be a lot comfier and safer with these bad boys! Have a great day and keep being outstanding 🙂 Absolutely include my feedback on your website, I think its just as important to give positive feedback and praise where its due!. By the way airplane cankles and blood clot paranoia were at a minimum, thanks team!

  244. Martin Harper

    Not worn on flights yet but have tried them on for comfort and sizing etc. They seem to be well made, comfortable to wear and competively priced. I’m very happy.

  245. Dulcie Penwarden

    Just purchased a second pair of socks for hubby. I have NEVER had such GOOD SERVICE and follow up. I would recommend this website to all

  246. Sharon Payne

    I bought my socks for a long flight and havent used them yet. Customer service was great and I’m extremely satisfied.

  247. Rick

    Fantastic trader. Great communication, fast delivery, hand written thankyou note and a thankyou gift included. Who could ask for more? Thankyou for a pleasant experience.

  248. Nichola Voice

    I suffer from Odema and I found my socks reduced my swelling and fatique. I’d recommend them becaue they work, they are high quality and your customer service is awesome.

  249. Boj

    Other brands are expensive and not available easily. My TXG socks are very good, comfortable and easy to wear. Exactly as mentioned in the website. I’d recommend TXG as you are very reliable, fast shipping, true to word. Thankyou. I am very happy with your Customer Service

  250. Paul Bradshaw

    These are my first compression sox. Finding basic info like size and strength was helpful. I have worn them once. I’d recommend TXG reasonable price, quick delivery, local and the info you provide.

  251. Allen Ujdur

    Very very good, very high quality socks and you have great customer service.

  252. Margaret W

    Firstly let me say how much I appreciate your great service and follow up (and your great sense of humour) The wording in your email certainly put a smile on my face. Whoever chose those words has a great idea of what customer service is all about and deserves a chocolate fish for their efforts!!

  253. Houhora

    They were that cheap and service so good, had to buy some more – Thankyou A+++

  254. Allen

    They were that cheap and service so good, had to buy some more. Fast over nite service. Thankyou AAAA+++++

  255. Cristina

    I’ve received the socks and I’d like to say that I’m extremely impressed by the care you put on the process, by the gift and all the little details that made my day more special!! I never thought that purchasing compression socks could make me feel like that! Thank you so much and looking forward to buying more socks from you soon!

  256. Sheila

    They took us to South Africa and they worked!!!! Thanks

  257. David and Vivien

    Thanks for the amazing product from a very happy customer!

  258. John Kavanagh

    I would recommend them. Good service and high quality, only issue was my wife has short legs and the socks didnt fit her

  259. Kim

    Great Product – Thanks

  260. Michelle Y Lin

    I had been having swollen and sore legs everyday in the afternoon. I felt pain of my legs after a long walk. I also felt itchy and numb around my ankles. I realized that I have poor blood circulation. Doing moderate exercise did not ease that much. I observed a significant difference after wearing TXG compression socks for only 8 hours. No more swollen and sore legs. Itchiness around my ankles – was alleviated. I put on my compression socks soon after I got up in the morning and took them off around dinner time. I am more energetic and lighter. I have lost some weight, apparantly that was water as I used to have water retention problem. I would recommend TXG socks. They work as what they are advertised for. It is easy to put them on and very comfortable.

  261. David

    Thanks Team. Socks arrived and I’m pleased with them. You take your marketing seriously.

  262. Margaret Baird

    Thankyou!! Just returned from a trip Up the Wanganui River and walking to the Bridge to Nowhere etc. Very pleased with them.

  263. Kiri

    My socks have been worn to Brisbane (prior to xmas 2017) and returned to Christchurch in 2018. They did the trick! Keeping my ankle swelling down.

  264. Bill Harvey

    Well we have just returned from our trip to Europe and Russia and wore the TXG Classic Pressure Stocking socks while on the long hauls from Auckland to London and return. We fouind the socks very comfortable, so much that you didnt realise you had compression socks on. During the flights there was no discomfort at all and no issues with tiredness or cramps. I will highly recommend these to everyone we discussed the trip with or maybe looking at some longer haul flights. Thanks for a great product

  265. Catherine Barker

    I suffer from Lower Leg Oedema. I like the quality of my TXG socks. I’d definitely recommend them, heaps of sizes and variety to choose from and they arrive so quickly.

  266. Happy Customer

    I get swelling and soreness of the lower legs especially after a long day on my feet. The fit of my socks is ideal, I never have to worry about them sliding down over time. This product does exactly what it says it will do. I am a contented and committed customer who is glad to have found your products!

  267. Jenna

    They suit my long legs!! Good price, great length and range of sizing, speedy delivery. I’d recommend them.

  268. Brett Mitchell

    Thanks!! Awesome

  269. Itzi

    I suffered from badly swollen ankles during long flights. The socks were just amazing. My feet felt incredibly comfortable during the flight, didn’t feel heavy at all and when I landed my ankles were as good as when I boarded the plane at the very beginning of my journey. I would definitely recommend these socks, my feet and ankles didn’t feel tired for a second and it made a huge difference feeling much more comfortable on my flight to Europe. I found the Customer Service very professional and with a special touch that most companies do not provide anymore. The letter and the way you send the product makes you feel the love you have about the business.

  270. Lee

    My TXG socks delivery was quicker than I thought it would be which was great. I haven’t tried them yet only want to put them on before I leave. Read the instructions and I will follow them to the letter. So far with the help and information from you guys I feel confident more so than with all the other brands I’ve bought and tried. Thanks.

  271. Lorraine

    My parcel arrived safe and sound. Thank you for the very quick service. The experience with your firm has been quite amazing the way everything has been presented.

  272. Kylie

    Absolutely outstanding service!! Product arrived super fast and correspondence was fantastic. The care and attention that went into the product and packaging was evident – they really went the extra mile. I can’t speak highly enough. Thank you !!!! A+++++

  273. Rhona

    I got mine last week. The socks are so great I didn’t feel any soreness on my legs while doing my shift. I would highly recommend this product. I will place another order. Thanks TXG.

  274. Jannise

    I needed compression socks for a flight and price was a deciding factor. The socks have been comfortable and I have already recommended them to a handful of people. Once again I can’t believe the amazing service you give your customers

  275. Margaret

    I have never had such amazing customer service! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is travelling.

  276. Margaret

    Many thanks for the socks which arrived today. I cannot believe your fabulous customer service and will certainly be recommending you to people. Many thanks again. PS THANK YOU for the beautiful blue ribbon and wee gift

  277. Bryn

    I was looking to avoid blood clots while travelling. I found the classic compression socks comfortable to wear and less noticeable than other brands of compression socks I have worn. I would recommend them on the basis of comfort and high quality.

  278. Alison Christie

    Thanks so much, very happy with all aspects of my purchase, enjoyed the notes and personal touches, so another happy customer, cheers

  279. Ana Christian

    Thank you very much, the socks arrived and they fit me very well. They certainly help with my circulation. I was very impressed with the nice presentation. It felt as is I was receiving a present. Thanks again.

  280. Kinette Deats

    I have shallow varicose veins on my ankle. My classic compression socks are amazing at the end of the day my ankle is still trim and slim which hasn’t happened for years!! Also no more severe sensitivity. I would absolutely recommend TXG compression socks they give the perfect amount of compression from your toes up. You’re doing EVERYTHING right. Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Thanks Heather!!

  281. Wayne Mulznieks

    I would absolutely recommend TXG socks. Excellent marketing, true to what they really are like! Excellent packaging, amazing price in comparison to other brands. I had results within a day, they are comfortable to wear, my previous brand were hot, uncomfortable and itchy and didn’t give me the results I got within a day of wearing my TXG Classic socks. They are amazing, great strong quality and comfortable. I will not shop anywhere else from here forward! I am extremely happy and will be ordering more. Your correspondence and set up is brilliant, very professional and so diligent! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company! Absolutely no improvements you could make, Exceptional! Stay just the way you are!

  282. Dave

    I can confirm receipt of the socks. Awesome service and the bow made me smile 🙂

  283. Evo

    Very happy with purchase. Speedy response and delivery. Highly recommended and will definitely buy again.

  284. Melinda

    Thank you for the amazing socks. Highly Recommended

  285. Wally

    Your socks arrived with the usual fanfare. As usual the next day I am now proudly wearing them. Thank you very much 🙂

  286. Kristin

    Great product. Love all the extras and the purple ribbon. Delightful thank you

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  288. Helen

    The socks arrived safely and they are great. Your service has been excellent !!!!

  289. Wendy

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  290. Rachel

    Wow Awesome service and product. Customer service with theis company is second to none

  291. Richard

    The socks arrived, beautifully wrapped. Thank you very much

  292. Ning

    I work in a lab and I stand on my feet most of the day and my right calf was getting sore. After wearing the stockings for a day I didn’t feel any pain in my calf. The next day I thought I’ll try not wearing them and the pain came back. If I knew someone having the same problem as me I would totally recommend TXG compression socks the products are great and the customer service was great too.

  293. Leigh

    The compression socks have been fabulous. We are making a number of long haul trips during the year for my husband’s work and I have worn them (and will be again soon). So comfy and easy to launder. Thanks for a great product and service

  294. Brian

    Having just had an op on my varicose veins I found after wearing my compression socks that my legs were not so sore after standing at work for hours on end. I would recommend TXG socks they are very comfortable to wear and easy to put on. You are doing everything right. The quality of your product is excellent and the little notes you send with your products certainly helped to brighten my day. It was really appreciative to know that a business cared that much about their customer.

  295. Martin

    Never before have I experienced superlative service such as this.

  296. Rachel Williams

    Our socks have arrived. Thank you so much for your wonderful service 🙂 Please pass on how lovely you have all been to deal with particularly how prompt the socks arrived and how friendly you guys are.

  297. Jean

    Your service is great and socks high quality

  298. Heather

    Good morning, just to say how impressed I am, Thrilled with the socks, I feel very comfortable in them and today will be my first day wearing them at work where my legs usually ache. I will be placing another order tonight. Thank you again for that personal touch!

  299. Andrea

    The socks have arrived thank you so much. They were on my doorstep the next day! The whole purchasing process was a breeze and the package arrived in perfect condition and beautifully presented. Many thanks again.

  300. Selina

    Thank you for the socks. They arrived safely and my parents are putting them to good use. Thanks again

  301. Mary

    My socks have arrived and I’m delighted. They will be winging their way to bonnie Scotland and back to New Zealand. I have told a few friends about TXG so maybe your lovely socks will be going to their place.

  302. Alan

    The flight sox have arrived. My wife and I reckon they are great! Great packaging – product & information. Many thanks

  303. Eric

    The socks are excellent

  304. Bev

    I have already recommended the compression socks to my daughter – they have the advantage of a wider top which helps with her work she is standing a lot. Customer service I found was excellent and I like the packaging and sayings that come with the sox.

  305. Linda

    Brilliant totally hassle free. I highly recommend TXG to all AAA+++ honest – reliable – I will definitely be buying more

  306. Barb

    I have received the socks. Thanks very much. Using these mid May on my OPOE (Older person’s OE) 🙂

  307. Sarah

    I had a 17 hour flight ( and then a 7 hour flight after that) and I wanted to prevent leg swelling or DVT. I wore my TXG compression socks and I didn’t experience any leg or foot swelling during my travels. I would recommend TXG socks. I have no improvements to suggest – everything was perfect

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  309. Martin

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  312. Nazreen Nisha

    Thanks very mcuh I have received my socks. Wearing them today. Feels really good and legs feel secure.

  313. Nicky

    I have a medical condition called POTS that causes blood pooling in my lower limbs. Compression stockings are recommended to try and help this. I am finding I can be on my feet longer and my legs are less tired feeling. I would recommend TXG compression socks they are a great product – easy to wear – comfortable and good quality. Customer service was absolutely amazing. I literally had my compression stockings within 24 hours of ordering them.

  314. Michelle

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  315. Megs

    Thank you Heather they arrived the other day and are happy hanging out with me

  316. Filiva’a

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  321. Cheryl

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  322. Kinette Deats

    My socks certainly did arrive in fine fettle – purple ribbon and all. I was most impressed – thank you so much. I’ve been wearing them every day since and have experienced relief for the problem for which I bought them. Thanks so much for giving a wonderful customer experience. When I need more socks or if I need a different kind I will order from TXG immediately. Thanks again.

  323. Jo

    I’m impressed. It took one day for delivery. And the note the gift the packaging I’m really impressed. Thank you again.

  324. Nicky

    Amazing!!! I made my order and 24 hours later I received the product. They were perfect. The packaging and accompanying paperwork was excellent. 100% recommend

  325. Jason

    I have unilateral pitting oedema. The classic compression socks have made wearing shoes for work much more bearable. Just wearing regular socks previously I often couldn’t make it through the day without having to take my shoes off for some relief and oftern it was a struggle to fit my feet into my shoes in the morning. I would recommend the socks – they do what it says they do on the box. I want to order another 6 pairs.

  326. Hope

    I was looking for something that was effective and economical. I had a DVT and the compression socks keeps my leg from swelling and feeling tired. I would recommend TXG socks – the service was prompt – presented beautifully and did everything it promised. I have no complaints. Very high quality customer service.

  327. Tanya

    I have only worn them once around the house after receiving them although a bit of a challenge to put them on – once on i found them quite comfortable. Did find at the top they were tight around the calf and knee because of the size of my legs and i have to fold them over for a bit of relief. I will do the same while flying. this is no reflection on your socks it is just the way it is with my legs. I would recommend TXG socks – reason: the excellent service i have received from yourselves the website was very easy to navigate -delivery was prompt and your after sales contact was excellent. I cant think of any improvements you could make – i was very impressed with customer service. Well done.

  328. Maureen

    I needed compression socks that had good support – fitted well and looked good for a reasonable price. My swollen ankles ( the result of varicose veins due to having 7 large boys!!!) are kept at bay as a result of wearing these socks. Plus my legs don’t feel sore and tired as they did before. My husband also wears TXG socks. I would recommend them as they are very comfortable look good and are not as expensive as some other brands. Your customer service is great and I cannot think of anything else you could do.

  329. Kathryn

    Came home to find my flight socks waiting for me for my trip coming up this weekend. They feel very comfortable . Thanks for the prompt delivery

  330. Cushla

    I usually have my compression socks fitted because of a hip replacement and then my ankles swell also as I am in a very sedatory job so compression socks helps circulation. I found the socks comfortable and would recommend them – excellent communication – I’m happy with it all

  331. Shirley

    Having not worn them previously I was unsure if I had the correct size. Even though your size chart was specific I crossed over in ankle size and calf size. That was just a small issue and are very happy with the size I finally chose. Have not worn them on a long flight as yet. I would recommend them. Calculating the right size is better than grabbing a pair that only has a shoe size at a pharmacy or similar outlet. Comparing them to the ones my husband grabbed at airport prior to a previous flight I would have to say your ones seem of much higher quality. Your customer service is outstanding. It was like getting a gift from a friend.

  332. Judith

    Great socks – really comfortable to wear AA++

  333. Caroline

    Thank you for your email checking on the arrival of our TXG Socks. They arrived yesterday – thank you and we have had a practice wear today! Thank you for the excellent service – from the very user friendly website to the prompt despatch and much appreciated follow up – couldn’t have been better for us

  334. Lee

    Wow didn’t you all do well? My socks arrived yesterday beautifully packaged. We took your tip and took them out admired them and decided to give them a try for a few hours. I have to say that within minutes I felt the benefit that I had hadn’t realised I needed. So impressed I decided to wear them again today and intend on going for a long walk very shortly to really put them to the text. THanks for the friendly and exceptionally great service.

  335. Gary

    I haven’t travelled yet but a trial wearing at home the socks have been comfortable. I would recommend TXG – prompt service and excellent response to a query. Service is great not a lot to improve

  336. Dave

    At this stage my socks are tight and hopefully will stay that way. I would recommend them because they are comfortable and cool to wear and high quality. I would like to see a higher compression in the toeless socks if possible.

  337. Marian

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  338. Roger

    I cannot tell you how pleased I was when my recent sock order arrived and I put them on – exactly what I wanted! This was cemented with a noisy street parade and a procession with vehicles tooting horns – such was the intensity of the celebrations. I would like to order two more pairs of exactly what I have received.

  339. Lance

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  340. Ian

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  341. Kim

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  342. Lance Searle

    I have tried a few compression socks over the last 10 years – so far these are the best I have bought and cheaper than some of the inferior brands of compression socks I have tested. I would recommend them. Just went back to buy 2 more pairs and horror of horrors (OUT OF STOCK). The compression socks ease the problems with my Achilles tendons. You guys are providing exceptional customer service and relations – its over the top but great.

  343. Barbara

    I would recommend the stockings as they were as advertised and are high quality

  344. Dana

    My feet did not swell on a 30 hour plane flight. I would recommend these compression socks they’re comfortable and high quality. Customer service seems ok

  345. Maureen

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  346. Colin

    I was looking for compression socks that were comfortable but still does the job. The socks give me better circulation as well as providing support. I would recommend them as they do the job and is comfortable to wear. The customer service is great. Delivery was very prompt. Information on the different products were good.

  347. Rhona

    I got my 2nd pair of socks overnight. I’m so amazed how quick the delivery is. I’m loving the product as my legs don’t really feel tired at all after long hours of standing at work. Thanks TXG

  348. Mary

    I have just finished my overseas trip and the socks I purchased from your company were excellent. I will defo put the word out as I was very confident wearing them. So well done to you and your team and excellent product.

  349. Dave

    My compression socks are good and tight but they’re a bit short. I would recommend TXG socks they are pretty good quality.

  350. Yoli

    I want to give you some feedback on the flight socks my husband and I ordered a while ago for our upcoming flight to Edinburgh. I decided to wear them a couple of times to get used to them. I love them – especially since I noticed that my knees are a lot less painful ( I have osteoarthritis) when I wear them. Not sure why this would be – but I am certainly not going to complain.

  351. Hope

    Excellent – fast- courteous – packaged well with a little extra effort made with a bonus and a little humour inlcuded to brighten the day. Highly recommended.

  352. Colin

    Have received the Classic compression socks today. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the friendly personal service! The information sheets you sent were great! I have just put the socks on and they feel good. I intend to wear them for a couple of hours everyday to get used to the feel of them. Thank you again.

  353. Fiona Stewart

    Many thanks for an incredible internet shopping experience. It was easy – your website is very informative and the beautifully presented package and hand written note really touched me. When you don’t get to meet the person you are buying from and vice versa the experience can be cold and functional. You have made the experience really enjoyable and I feel that I have made a great purchase and am a special customer. Many thanks. I’m happy for you to use my feedback on your website 🙂

  354. Amy Slevin

    Your product is amazing!!! What a difference the compression socks and compression arm sleeve have made to my life. When I take them off my muscles and bones start hurting. They are great.

  355. Diane

    After surgery I needed to wear compression stockings to prevent blood clots. I use them in conjunction with hospital stockings. I would recommend them – Great customer service and high quality socks

  356. Christine

    Dear Heather at TXG. I have just bought my second pair of compression osx, and I am delighted once again. These sox are ideal for me with the hint of varicose veins appearing. I wore them on the plane to Australia at Christmas, and arrived with comfortable legs for a change. I was putting them on at the airport, and a young guy sitting opposite me commented on what a good idea it was to wear them, and asked me where I got mine. Of course, I told him. They are comfortable. Now I have black ones I wear them with skirts. They are reasonably priced and I just love the packaging. I told my friend about the first pair I bought and she was impressed, so when the second pair arrived, less than 48 hours after I had ordered them, I waited till I was at her place to open them, so she could see the amazing packaging. Like getting a birthday present. Anyway, I could rave on for hours, but be sure that I will sing the praises of TXG sox wherever I go. Kind regards

  357. David

    Very good product and this Team really takes Customer Services Seriously

  358. Carol

    Thank you very much my compression socks have arrived and I am delighted with them.

  359. Kat

    I have an elevated risk of DVT due to my birth control. My travel doctor recommended that I get travel socks, but having bought cheap ones from a department store before, I wanted something that would give me confidence while travelling. I’ve also got some pretty chunky calves so I wanted to make sure I got a good fit. The benefits I found from wearing my TXG socks was no swelling of my feet, no soreness at all and no DVT. I would recommend TXG socks, the buying process was easy and I was confident I was buying the right size. The socks arrived queickly and fit like a very tight glove. Price -wise, it wasn’t much more than the other socks I’ve seen in stores but the extra touches were nice.

  360. Mary

    Thanks for my new stockings, these days can’t do without them & TXG stockings are the best I have found. Firm and very comfortable to wear. I will recommend to anyone I know who needs compression socks. Many thanks Heather for your help.

  361. Bev

    Thank you – I don’t think I’ve ever had better or more friendly service. Well done to you all.

  362. Hope

    I’ve been meaning to email for a while to thank you for sending through the compression socks I ordered from you a wee while ago. The socks were great – exactly what I was looking for. I loved the extra care you took with the packaging and messages. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to be recommending you to friends.

  363. Carol

    I bought my compression socks because I was pregnant and wanted to reduce the risk of DVT. I looked at them in the pharmacy but there wasn’t enough information provided on the box. The pricing of the TXG socks was much more desirable than the ones sold in pharmacies and the website contained good information on materials used, compression information etc. I would absolutely recommend TXG socks due to the good product details provided online and pricing, also the quality was good. However, black dye does run out after the first use so for travellers to be aware to wash TXG socks with dark colours or alone. I found the website informative and product and delivery experience for me was great. I felt like a valued custoemr when i received my personalised and friendly message. Thanks, you made my day.

  364. Derek

    I have found my TXG Classic socks to be very comfortable indeed. Good value and well worth the money

  365. Helen

    The features I like about the socks are the good quality and how comfortable they are to wear. They kept any swelling down in my legs when flying. I would definitely recommend TXG socks to others. You are based in NZ, your service was excellent, the quality of the socks is great and I loved the very friendly contact.

  366. Ken

    The reason I have brought your socks is that after a number of what seemed like minor ankle injuries in my youth, I have developed arthritis in my right ankle to the point where I believe Im heading to either an ankle fusion or an ankle replacement within the next six months. I think twice before even walking 100 metres. Your socks are the only thing that I have found that controls the swelling in my ankle and leg. I wear them constantly when Im awake, although they are getting a bit hot now that we are moving into the warmer seasons. Im not sure how I will get on in them during the full heat of a Central Otago summer.

  367. Sarah Crombie

    I purchased a pair of your classic unisex compression socks a couple of weeks ago to help relieve pain from varicose veins. They are comfortable and easy to get on. Since wearing them I’m not as tired and achy at the end of a long day on my feet. I’d highly recommend them and think that you guys have the best customer service! Very helpful and easy to deal with. I loved that you sent me samples so I could find the right socks for me. Keep up the good work!

  368. John

    I am very pleased with the socks you sent me this week and they are doing the job. Thank you

  369. Judy

    Sox have arrived, very impressed with the product, delivery presentation, thank you

  370. Deidre

    Locally we can only buy compression socks from the chemist, they are expensive and do not have a very strong structure or support i.e. laddering of the socks and only 15-20mmHg. The features I like of the TXG socks is being able to get a higher mmHg of 20-30, as well as the structure of the socks (comfy fit). I drive all day and the benefits I get from the socks are reduced swelling and pain in my legs. I will definitely be recommending TXG socks to whom ever I come across who needs them for all the reasons mentioned as well as the price. I am very happy with the product and fast delivery. They are better quality than what I was epecting since I have ordered products online before and received cheaply made products at high prices. Thank you once again. I will be contacting TXG with future sock orders.