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TXG Arm Compression Sleeves are comfortable, lightweight and graduated compression sleeves that promote blood circulation and reduce recovery time after activity.

Made from micro-nylon, our sleeves are comfortable without being bulky, with graduated compression tightest around the wrist and looser up the arm to promote blood circulation back to the heart.

Our sleeves have an extra wide, comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion on pressure points and a complete arm wrap-around for additional muscle support. A twill weave provides shock support to muscles, along with enhanced breathability and moisture absorption, so you stay dry.

Wear our compression selves to prevent your arm muscles from tightening, regulate your temperature and prevent fatigue when exercising in cool weather. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just training for fun, you’ll enjoy better circulation, increased energy levels, reduced muscle fatigue and enhanced performance. You’ll also experience less jarring stress and micro tissue damage during exercise.

TXG Arm Compression Sleeves are available in a GENTLE compression level(10-15mmHg), and you can choose between BLACK and HOT PINK. They available in the following sizes:

  • S (biceps 20-24cm & forearm 17-21cm)
  • M (biceps 25-28cm & forearm 22-25cm)
  • L (biceps 28-31cm & forearm 25-28cm)
  • XL (biceps 31-34cm & forearm 28-31cm)

Benefits of Sports Compression Arm Sleeves:

  • Increases blood circulation which increases energy levels, reduces muscle fatigue and enables enhanced performance
  • Supports the arm muscles, reducing jarring stresses and micro tissue damage that can occur during vigorous exercise.
  • Graduated compression is tightest around the wrist and reducing up the arm, this promotes blood circulation back to the heart, accelerating recovery time between sporting sessions.
  • Popular with professional athletes who wear them for both training and competing

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Sleeves are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Product Specifications

Features of TXG Compression Sleeves for Arms:

  • Extra wide comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion or pressure points
  • Complete arm wrap-around supports muscle
  • Twill weave designed to provide shock support to muscle tissue with an enhanced level of breathability and moisture absorption

Fabric Content:

  • 85% Micro Nylon, 15% Spandex (Lycra®)

Available Compression Levels:

  • Gentle (10-15mmHg)

Available Colours:

  • Black, Hot Pink

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.

Available Sizes:

Size S M L XL
Biceps 20 – 24cm 25 – 28cm 28 – 31cm 31 – 34cm
Forearm 17 – 21cm 22 – 25cm 25 – 28cm 28 – 31cm


Compression Guide

We offer 1 level of compression in our TXG Arm Compression Sleeves

Gentle Compression Level

10-15mmHg is the perfect compression level for compression-wear beginners and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

This compression level can:

  • Reduce arm fatigue and aches
  • Prevent swelling in your arms
  • Protect your arms during exercise

18 reviews for TXG Arm Compression Sleeves

  1. Bo

    I’ve bought 3 pairs of these arm sleeves from TXG and I’ve found them incredibly useful. I have issues to do with hand and finger pain related to poor circulation, and these sleeves have been instrumental in returning me to a normal level of functionality (particularly when used alongside gentle dumb bell use). This company has been fantastic to trade with (love the extras!) and I absolutely plan to buy more sleeves from them in the future! A+ would definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you!

  2. Shona


  3. Boi

    Thankyou for an awesome shopping experience … fast response and delivery… your personal note was much appriciated and the gift with it… made me smile!! Will definitely buy again A++++

  4. Lisa Hoole

    I love this compression wear! Thankyou A+++

  5. John Gilbert (verified owner)

    Worn them only the once time playing golf last Sunday and seemed to do the job just fine so very happy with them and the service etc

  6. Chelsea Corney

    Fast Delivery – great service

  7. Prince

    Very satisfied and happy customer.. Hassle free purchase journey with fast delivery. I like the personal touch added to it. It came with a beautiful bow and a motivational quote! It literally brightened up my day! AAAA+++++ to the sleeves’ quality. I love the comfort it brings and it just perfectly hugs my arms. I am confident it will be supporting me during my games! overall, excellent trader and highly recommend the product and the seller!!

  8. Olivia Curtis

    It was hard to find compression for my arms after surgery. My TXG Arm Sleeves are: Breathable, Easy to wash and dry, They are not bulky and Very high quality. I would recommend TXG as it was quick and easy, The presentation was next level and I was made to feel important not just another customer. Service was Amazing!!

  9. Pete

    I was sick of searching for a NZ supplier so I hadn’t looked for a couple of years then I found TXG. I wear arm compression sleeves to ease my RSI symptoms – keeping my elbows warm helps ease the tendonitis pain. I would recommend these high quality arm sleeves. Compared to other businesses TXG staff support is great.

  10. Janet Mai

    Thank you so much they are perfect. Thank you for the gift. Thank you for the fantastic service. I am so pleased with my purchase.

  11. Janet

    Fantastic highly recommend. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the fantastic gift. They fit like a glove. I will be recommending them to all my friends

  12. Lisa

    As a masseuse I find my arms often ache so I was looking to ease some of the tension. Definitely faster recovery time when wearing the arm sleeves. I would recommend them great product and great service! Absolutely loved the noteand gift and detail that went into the packaging including the bow! Thought it was amazing that so much care had been taken to ensure your customer was happy! 5 out of 5

  13. Amy

    Your product is amazing!!! What a difference the compression socks and compression arm sleeve have made to my life. When I take them off my muscles and bones start hurting. They are great.

  14. Kim

    Thank you so much for my order which arrived last week. The sleeves are great, but I particularly wanted to thank you for the wonderful personal touches that accompanied the sleeves. From the fantastic letter which had me truly entertained; to the personalised card; tissue paper and ribbon and the cheerful quote included. All of these wonderful touches made what could have been a rather dull purchase into something so much more!. You certainly brought a smile to my face and I now envisage my sock checker Heather busy with the other sock checkers in a magical place that looks like Santa’s workshop! 🙂 Thank you all. I have definitely recommended you to all and had great enjoyment reading out your letter to my friends and family.

  15. Mary

    Thank you! Never before have I received such personal service in anything I have ordered online. You go above and beyond in your customer service and no doubt this will pay off with the immense success of your business. The arm sleeves which were for my sporty son are fantastic and i will certainly be a return customer at some point. Thank you so much, have a fantastic day and may you be blessed with lots more orders for your great products.

  16. Naomi

    Heather Angel, What a glorious please to do business with you. Every step of the way, joyful. My beautifully presented arm sleeves arrived, precious and exciting. I had a radical mastectomy in May and your fabulous sleeves will prevent my getting the dreaded “fat arm”. As if a gap in the chest department was not enough. Working with you has been a real upside to the process. I will be proud to recommend your service to others like me and to sports people like my daughter and her friends. People really need to know about you and the level of service you offer.

  17. Aroha

    Heh team, I purchased some arm sleeves and calf sleeves and love them. Trialed them out last week during my many games of hockey and at an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament to see if they’ll help me at my next hockey tournament and I can safely say yes I especially love the arm sleeves keeping my forearms from tightening which is so important when dribbling. Plus I love the teal colour of my calvies. This company is so cute with its letters and surprise gifts. I will be investing in more, especially on the recovery side of things. Can’t wait to get into summer hikes in these bad boys. Thanks heaps.

  18. Galvin

    Thank you for an awesome product. Will buy again, highly recommended

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