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TXG NZ Sports Compression Socks (sometimes called Sports Support Socks) are ideal for both casual exercise participants and professional athletes. They improve endurance and efficiency during movement while also reducing the risk of injury and post-exercise recovery time.

Wearing these socks during vigorous exercise improves circulation while reducing the microdamage that occurs in the muscles during repetitive, jarring movement. While they do this, they also help to increase oxygen intake in the same area, as well as improve lymphatic function.

We’ve integrated Coolmax high-performance fibres into these socks to ensure that they’re breathable and stay dry during vigorous exercise. We’ve also added extra padding on the soles for added shock absorption and a patented X Pattern to provide support to the ankles.

Research has established that this level of compression provides the perfect balance between comfort and swelling prevention in the feet, ankles, and legs during exercise.  TXG NZ Sports Compression Socks are available in Moderate compression  (15-20 mmHg) and come in WHITE and BLACK. These socks are available in the following sizes:

  • XS (ankle 15-17cm & calf 25-32cm)
  • S (ankle 18-20cm & calf 26-36cm)
  • M (ankle 21-24cm & calf 28-40cm)
  • L (ankle 25-28cm & calf 30-44cm)
  • XL (ankle 29-33cm & calf 32-48cm)

Benefits of Sports Compression Socks

  • Increases blood circulation which increases energy levels, reduces muscle fatigue, and enables enhanced performance
  • Snug support of the leg muscles, greatly reducing jarring stresses and microtissue damage that can occur during vigorous exercise.
  • Graduated compression over the legs is beneficial for increasing oxygen intake and transfer to muscle cells.
  • Reduces recovery time between sporting sessions
  • Aids the body’s lymphatic pumping action
  • Relieves aches, swelling, and tension in the legs.
  • Protects against Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) developing

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Compression socks should NOT be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions: Congestive heart failure, Advanced arterial disease, Severe deep venous thrombosis, Inflammation due to bacterial infection. We recommend you consult with your doctor for their recommendations.

Please consult with your doctor whether compression stockings are suitable for you if the following conditions apply: Sensitive skin, Skin infections, Atopic dermatitis, Neuropathy or Insensitivity, Physical Immobility.

Product Specifications

Features of TXG Sports Support Socks

  • Designed for those who require extensive ankle joint movement and protection of the lower limbs. The powerful elastic fibers are designed to bundle the joints with X-patterned design as extra natural protection to reduce the incidence of injury.
  • Distinctive toe alignment lines help users put their socks on in the correct position and ensures the graduated compression is being effective
  • Extra wide comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion or pressure points
  • The toe, skilfully sewn by hand linking, provides the socks with seamless comfort, smoothness and longevity.
  • 3D toe and heel design provides more room for comfort and extra strength for durability
  • Twill weave designed to provide shock support to muscle tissue with an enhanced level of breathability
  • Unique patented X-pattern structure offers strong yet comfortable protection for the ankle area – simulating the benefits of pre-strapping the ankle without the use of tape
  • Extra thick padding in the soles for shock absorption and increased comfort

Fabric Content

  • 43.5%Coolmax®Polyester, 40.2% Nylon, 14.5% Spandex (Lycra®)

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Moderate (15-20mmHg) – Medical research indicates this compression level is an ideal combination of comfort and prevention of swelling in feet, ankles and legs during sporting activities.

Available Colours:

  • Black, White

Available Sizes:

  • XS (ankle 15-17cm & calf 25-32cm)
  • S (ankle 18-20cm & calf 26-36cm)
  • M (ankle 21-24cm & calf 28-40cm)
  • L (ankle 25-28cm & calf 30-44cm)
  • XL (ankle 29-33cm & calf 32-48cm)

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Sports Compression Socks for yourself?

These are the best sports socks for you if you’re looking for socks that will give you all the benefits of graduated compression; prevent injury, boost performance and aid recovery.

Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your TXG Sports Compression Socks delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Got any Questions?

Check out our FAQ page or give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help, contact us.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.
Measurement/Size XS S M L XL
Ankle 15 – 17cm 18 – 20cm 21 – 24cm 25 – 28cm 29 – 33cm
Calf 25 – 32cm 26 – 36cm 28 – 40cm 30 – 44cm 32 – 48cm


Approximate Shoe Size XS S M L XL
Men’s USA 5 – 9 7 – 10 8 – 12 11 +
Women’s USA 4 – 6 5 – 8 6 – 9 7 – 10 10 +
Europe 33 – 36 35 – 41 39 – 44 41 – 46 44 +

Compression Guide

We have one level of compression for you to choose

Moderate Compression Level TXG Sports Compression Socks – 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

  • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • People who are traveling for long periods by air
  • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
  • Pregnant women

This compression level can:

  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
  • Alleviate the early onset of lower-limb conditions
  • Encourage circulatory wellness
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

64 reviews for TXG Sports Compression Socks

  1. happy customer

    Absolutely felt the benefits, my injured site felt supported and protected. They helped supporting an injured shin and ankle. They look amazing and feel very comfortable. I have already have recommended them to others, these are a much more attractive socks compared to other brands. Lovely shopping experience again, I have bought stockings twice from you.

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Thanks Heather and the team, fantastic socks and great service!, bye from Mike.

  3. David (verified owner)

    All good very good service

  4. Dianne Murphy (verified owner)

    The support and comfort that I have received for my walks is wonderful, they have made a real difference. I was a little apprehensive about them becoming too tight after a while, but I have worn them for quite a few hours at a time and all I felt was comfort and support. I would recommend the socks and the service both are outstanding. I absolutely loved the personal touch that came through from the very beginning, placing the order and then receiving delivery in a way that made you feel you mattered, not just another order.

  5. Jill

    Great product highly recommend

  6. Harry


  7. Mike King (verified owner)

    Hi just received my socks and sleeves wow what a parcel to open a ton of information and great presentation and love the little clips that hold socks together. Great fit too have been using a different brand but will be stocking woops sticking with TXG from now on. Thank you.

  8. Myke Wilson

    Helped me with some issues I’ve been having with tight calves. Early days but seem to be aiding me with running longer distances without calves tightening. I like the colour and logo style. Have already recommended them to my family. Great product and very happy to support a local company.

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    Amazing, best service I’ve had in years and offers of help if any probs, hands down just amazing. ??????????

  10. Viliami (verified owner)

    It has served its purpose well by improving circulation to my feet during exercise and also during a normal day. Reduced/prevents the swelling and improves the circulation when I am on my feet for long periods of time. Features I like are the colour and feel of the material. Definitely recommend because the product is great and its shopped here locally in NZ. Excellent service and prompt delivery even during a time when delays are inevitable.

  11. Liz (verified owner)

    Thanks for the socks. They arrived yesterday. Speedy delivery. Also thanks for the gift, a kind gesture. It’s good to have a point of difference when dealing in an online way. Well done.

  12. Errol McKenzie (verified owner)

    Your socks rock and so do you ?? Cheers

  13. Phillip

    I like the soft soles and of course the benefits of the compression while playing golf.

  14. Gareth Beaumont

    Replacement for calf sleeves that had finally given up the ghost. The sports socks have worked perfectly as a replacement for when I play field hockey giving my old legs (mainly achilles and calf support) whilst twisting and turning on a water turf. They give support during my matches and a noticeable improvement in fatigue recovery afterwards. Early days but they appear to be really well made and likely to go the distance of abuse my socks typically receive. It’s also worth mentioning the above and beyond efforts by Heather and the team from day one of the parcel being received though, lots of lovely touches upon opening the bag… including a little free gift (that my kids claimed unfortunately) 🙂 Totally recommend! Previously I had been buying from the States, never knowing we had a local equivalent or dare I say it superior company and brand!! Top marks on the retail experience and follow up for commentary. I only delayed my happy response back until I’d had a couple of games wearing them under my belt… just as happy as when I opened the package with my new socks in!

  15. Happy Sock Wearer

    The socks stopped my legs from aching. I like the look of the sports socks, they do not look medical. Very likely to recommend. Questions I had about my purchase were immediately addressed.

  16. Linda Cregten (verified owner)

    I loved the sport socks and will be ordering 3 more pairs!

  17. Lenore Fraser

    I have bad veins in my legs, so I wear compression socks everyday to support and protect my veins in my legs. In the past I have able to purchase them from the hospital but they do not do this anymore … I needed to get find a way to purchase some more that gave me the same support. These one are nice and tight … I have purchased others but they did not give me the same support. This pair took me a while to get on … but once I got them on I could feel the support (reading through the book they were meant to take a while). I like the comfort around the ankle … the way it seems to strap over. I would recommend them especially for those who love to exercise and have bad veins … the black pair I purchased … you would think that I just had long socks on. I love the personal note with the socks … that was really kind and it told me that everyone has a story about purchasing the socks … and that you care about this story and the sock that were purchased.

  18. Chris Mckinlay

    Definitely recommend them. They are a good fit, look good and I have less pain. Prompt delivery

  19. Allan Sutton

    This is only the second day I have worn them , Iam 88yrs old and have always had prominent varicose veins which even now do not bother me but during lockdown I started to develop an ulcer so my GP suggested the stockings. Very likely I’d recommend them when I see what the pharmacists want to charge and now I have received yours and find them excellent.

  20. Happy Sock Wearer

    The socks have stopped swelling in my lower legs and ankles, very comfortable & I don’t feel tired at the end of the day. They fit my feet & legs very well. Would recommend if a friend was having the same issues that I have. I will probably purchase more socks at a later date.

  21. Amy

    These are the best fitting and most comfortable sports recovery socks that I’ve ever tried!

  22. Heather Daniels (verified owner)

    Thankyou very much for my 2nd pair of sports compression socks. After having melanoma surgery late last year they have been an essential part of my recovery, and back to fitness on my road bike

  23. John McElhinney

    I have been wearing them now for 2 or 3 years and they are just so refreshing and invigorating. My legs used to swell everyday after pulmonary surgery but it’s a whole new ball game now

  24. Happy Customer

    This was the perfect purchase, from the quick communication to the quick delivery. I have not had an experience with any other trader to date, this company has managed to go above and beyond making me feel like I was their number one customer. I ran 30km from Papakura to one tree hill this weekend and found great performance and recovery rate. I highly recommend this product and this company. I look forward to future trades with you, Thankyou for all the effort you put into your service. Keep it up.

  25. Paul

    My foot is quite arthritic now (rheumatoid) so before walking every day I needed to rub deep heat in, and after the walk had an uncomfortable foot for the rest of the day. I used the socks the day they arrived, walked comfortably and every day since also. I don’t need any deep heat and I generally keep the sock on for the entire day. Very pleased with the difference. Once it is on it is comfortable. The socks arrived the following morning, very impressed with your service.

  26. Victoria Twigden

    The compression socks didn’t seem to do much, didn’t notice much difference, maybe they are not tight enough. Nice material.

  27. Maggie Cropper (verified owner)

    Love the socks… feeling very supported whilst walking especially with my dogs.

  28. Maggie

    I had an injury to my foot and although fully healed (hopefully) I just wanted to have some support whilst walking – I do about 7-10 km most days with our dogs!! Placebo or not I feel more secure with them on! Not only do they fit and give me a feeling of support, they look quite good !! I will certainly recommend them if anyone asks. Great service and thanks for the gift.

  29. Jason Innes

    I’ve had other brands, wanted something with a bit more cushioning for longer runs. Great level of compression and comfortable. I’ve worn them twice already , today on a 15km trial run. The features I like are the support, compression and that they are available in white. Would recommend. Will order some more for myself and wife, doing the Queenstown Marathon next month. Great Product.

  30. Wayne

    I just had an achilles operation and the compression socks are providing support where needed. I have already recommended them to others

  31. Barry Clarke

    My socks have arrived and I have been wearing them as coming off a broken right ankle, came out of cast two weeks ago. TXG socks are amazing, thanks so much, will be wearing on a plane to Dubai and to Europe. Awesome product, thanks again

  32. Bruce Taylor

    I Suffer from swelling with my right ankle – as a result of having an ankle replacement. I wear my socks when doing exercise eg: golf as I find that they give better compression than the standard compression stockings I use. Also as they are white they are more sporty looking so I wear on both legs – and they are less obvious. I would absolutely recommend the TXG Sports Socks as they are very high quality and your people are very helpful!!

  33. Pauline Laity

    Hi thanks, my socks arrived and they are great. I wear them as support when I am playing competitive Tennis as it holds my cramps off to finish my matches. Much appreciated.

  34. Kevin D

    I ordered the sports socks because of the extra ankle support (as I recently tore the ligaments in my ankle and I was looking for some support when I get back into exercise). Once you get the socks on the support is great, firm, encompassing and feels almost like strapping. The challenge is getting them on, I think a larger size would be a lot easier to get on. Thanks for the personal style messaging and the quality of the product.

  35. Mike Mylonas

    I’m still working on discovering the benefits, at the moment, the number one benefit is the ability to do my job with less leg fatigue and pain. After my short exposure to TXG socks I would recommend them to others, in fact I am contemplating ordering some more for myself. I love the personalised service. Taking the time to place customer names on letters and items, just adds something a little special. Quality and Customer Service were both high quality

  36. Paul

    I purchased the sports socks because I was suffering from lower leg cramps, I have only worn them twice, but my legs felt very secure and comfortable. They are high quality as is customer service.

  37. Bronwyn

    Love them

  38. Mick

    My sports compression socks have been on for a few days and are helping with the gravity induced soreness with my varicose ulcer. Many thanks. And they are a good fit.

  39. Jill

    A broken ankle injury from back in Janurary 17 started flaring up again. They did an MRI and all was good but it was swollen again and a bruised colour. The sports compression socks definitely helped with the swelling. I would recommend them as they are great for swollen ankles.

  40. Barbara

    At this stage when working out in a high impact class and early hours in morning at the gym I am wearing them as a precaution due to a calf muscle issue I have. Feels supportive and seems to get the blood flow moving. This applies also when getting started running in the colder temps. I would definitely recommend these very high quality sports socks they are a full sock not just a slip over the heel. Do want to try them out on a longer run though as I will not want to end up with any blisters on feet. (never really get them with socks I have used over the years, with all the running I have done)

  41. Paul

    My sports compression socks are high quality and a lot firmer than the compression socks issued by the hospital. I found them very hard to get on with a broken hip. I’m not sure how an elderly person would get on as my wife struggled to get them on. Great website and the packaging was a hoot.

  42. Vicki

    Can I please order 2 more pairs of the sports compression socks from you? These have been invaluable for me and has kept me injury free.

  43. Karl

    We have all come back from the latest round of long haul flights to and from the USA. The socks appear to have done their job. So that’s a good thing.

  44. Bill Carson

    Hi Heather – Your compression socks are truly the BEST BEST. I received them before last weekend and I was able to do 25km cycle and 8km run on Sat and Sun and then again last Sat and yesterday – all with no pain in my ankles and calves – miraculous!! Seriously good and very prleased – hope the compression keeps working!! Bill

  45. Bronwyn

    Thank you so much for your brilliant customer service. I really appreciate it. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you. I will most definitely be sharing my experience with friends and family. Thank you kindly

  46. Christopher

    I have rarely seen such customer service in any industry. God bless you and may your business flourish.

  47. Dennis

    I wore TXG sports socks in the Coast to Coast race for the 3km run off the beach, the first 55km cycle, the 30km mountain run, second 15km cycle and 1km run to kayak so that is 8 hours of a nearly 17 hour journey. The only reason I took them off before getting in the kayak was that I wear split to kayak booties otherwise they would have been on until the finish. I experienced no problems with calf cramping during the race or after. As previously mentioned I find them more effective than your competitors product I have used. They have a higher level of compression, stay up when crossing rivers and the support bands in the ankle region means for the first time ever I did the run with no uncomfortable tape strapping of my ankles.

  48. Patrick

    I am pleased with your products. I had compression socks for years wearing them constantly when competing in long distance triathalon and trails. With age, I am slowing down in my sport routine but still keep some action. I am very impressed with your marketing and reactivity to customers and orders, your documents and letters are nice.

  49. Dennis

    This is my second order of Sports socks. I have been training for Coast to Coast One Day and finding them very good. They are better than Skins or 2XU as they stay up in the river crossings and also have ankle support which the others lack.

  50. Kirsty

    Absolutely wrapped with my TXG Sports Compression Socks! I have been trail running for the past year but was recently suffering from very sore calf muscles post running after returning form a month overseas (my legs/ankles suffered badly with swelling during every flight). I got them for recovery as opposed to performance and I’ve tried wearing them both while running and post run for a few hours or over night and can honestly say I haven’t suffered from sore calf muscles since. They work! Happy 🙂 Also, super fast delivery and super friendly communication. Cheers team X

  51. Tiffany

    Dear Chief Sock Checker, I can confirm the success of your sock checking! I am delighted with the long running socks you checked for me. I especially enjoy the “secure” feeling at my arches. I now plan all my running and laundry to be sure I can run with the magic TXG socks, thanks and regards

  52. Sue

    I like the foot support and the comfort in the sports socks. I heard about your socks from one daughter and have since told another about them, she plays netball and straps her ankles for every game. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for “going the extra mile” in customer service. I have seldom experienced such personal and caring service. I will have no hesitation in recommending your business and products to family and friends.

  53. Reena

    After me being on my feet for 24 hours and wearing the TXG compression socks for that length of time; my legs didn’t swell or even feel sore. I wasn’t as physically tired either as I usually would be after being up all day then working a 12 hour shift at hospital… such a long time 24 hours … The socks are wonderful and far exceeded my expectations. I’m only sorry that I initially wasted my money on “so called” compression socksbought elsewhere before I found your brand. Normally my legs would be swollen and quite sore. Your socks have been such a comfort. I am just so pleased with the results.

  54. Cass

    Your product is fantastic but it’s your marketing that is truly exceptional. I have enjoyed the whole experience of buying the socks from the first email, the notes and personalised cards, right through to the surprise gift. I read the email out to our entire office and the reaction was superb, everyone decided these were the best socks out.

  55. Jane

    I wish to thank the staff especially Heather for the excellent service provided to me when deciding what socks would be best for me. I have been tramping and found the sport socks most beneficial

  56. Chong

    Just to say what great service I got from TXG. Thanks

  57. Rachel

    Just wanted to let you know how the sports socks went on Saturday. They were awesome! My ankles were perfect when I took them off after the half marathon, my legs were lovely and slim with no swelling. I am keen to get another pair that would be suitable for a long haul plane trip

  58. Colin

    The socks are very comfortable thanks, not sure they had the desired effect on my golf but maybe that will improve

  59. Dianne

    I’ve been away since I bought the socks, doing an Alpine tramp over Cascade Saddle in Aspiring National Park and I wore the TXG compression socks that I bought from you. They are great. Stopped my legs from swelling and helped with my bad knee and I endured no lactose build up in my calf muscles despite the very steep ascent and descent. I will always wear them now and have recommended them to my tramping friends. I would also like to comment on your wonderful service. I don’t remember when I have ever had such friendly personal service and I thank you for that (I seriously mean that . . . most suppliers don’t give a damn about their service). The little hand written notes made me feel quite special

  60. Philippa

    The socks arrived safely and I’ve been on two walks with them on; a lot easier to put on (and take off) the second time around and they certainly make a big difference; very much more comfortable walking in the heat. I appreciate your help

  61. Lee

    Great product, excellent service

  62. Jess

    Thanks for the socks and the xmas present! Awesome surprise in the post! The socks are great, thanks again, will spread the word

  63. Nikki

    Great seller, fast delivery, awesome socks, highly recommended A +++

  64. Jeff

    I thought I would touch base with you. The TXG socks are fantastic!! I went for a 10km run/walk on the gym treadmill on Friday and went for a 27km walk on Sunday. There was a significant positive difference wearing the TXG socks as opposed to regular gym socks. My feet, ankles and calves felt much more supported than normal and those areas were much less tired when I finished. You were right – at times my feet and calves felt tingly and bouncy. Overall I was impressed with your product although putting them on was a wee challenge. Keep up the good work. I shall be ordering more in the future

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