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TXG Toeless Compression Socks are for you if you want to enjoy wearing open-toe shoes and need to protect your feet from unnecessary friction. It’s what we recommend to customers who don’t require a high level of compression.

Because they’re made from Tencel fibre, those stockings eliminate most of the problems people experience when wearing stockings. For starters, they are hypoallergenic, and anti-static, so won’t cling or bunch in odd places. They will also help keep your feet feeling cool and fresh in warm months as this fabric is highly absorbent. This prevents moisture building up on the skin, which usually leads to odours.

TXG Toeless Compression Socks are available in Moderate (15-20mmHg) and come in NUDE and BLACK. If you want a firmer level of compression, we recommend you opt for our open toe compression stockings instead. They are also a better choice if you’re looking for something sheer. The TXG Toeless Compression Socks are available in the following sizes:

  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)

Benefits of Toeless Graduated Compression Stockings

  • Assists vitality by improving blood circulation
  • Relieves swelling, fatigue and discomfort in feet and legs
  • Alleviates swelling and discomfort in feet and legs and helps avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when flying or sitting for long periods
  • Reduces the pain and appearance of varicose and spider veins
  • Supports prevention and treatment of mild oedema and mild venous symptoms

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Compression socks should NOT be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions: Congestive heart failure, Advanced arterial disease, Severe deep venous thrombosis, Inflammation due to bacterial infection. We recommend you consult with your doctor for their recommendations.

Please consult with your doctor whether compression stockings are suitable for you if the following conditions apply: Sensitive skin, Skin infections, Atopic dermatitis, Neuropathy or Insensitivity, Physical Immobility.

Product Specifications

Features of Toeless Compression Stockings

  • Significantly cooler to wear in hot weather
  • Ideal for wearing with open toe footwear such as sandals or jandals
  • Generous comfortable cuff to alleviate pressure points or skin irritation
  • 3D heel design provides more room for comfort and extra strength for durability

Fabric Content

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Moderate (15-20mmHg)
  • Check out the Compression Guide Tab (under the Add to Cart Button) for helpful information on how to choose which compression level is right for you.
  • If you prefer a firm compression level of 20-30mmHg, check out our Opaque Open Toe Compression Stockings.

Colour choices

  • Black, Nude

Sizes available

  • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)
  • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)

If you’re looking for an XXL size, check out our Antibacterial Compression Socks

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Toeless Compression Socks, for yourself?

These toeless compression socks are perfect for both men and women if you’re looking for stylish, luxurious and comfortable open toe compression knee highs which look great, feel fantastic, gives you all the benefits of graduated compression and keeps your feet cool.

Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your toeless compression socks delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Feeling Confused?

Check out our FAQ page or give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help, contact us.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.
Ankle16 – 18cm19 – 21cm22 – 25cm26 – 29cm30 – 34cm
Calf26 – 34cm28 – 38cm30 – 42cm32 – 46cm34 – 50cm


Approximate Shoe SizeXSSMLXL
Men’s USA5 – 97 – 108 – 1211 +
Women’s USA4 – 65 – 86 – 97 – 1010 +
Europe33 – 3635 – 4139 – 4441 – 4644 +


Compression Guide

We have one level of compression available in the Open Toe Sock

Moderate Compression Level

Moderate Compression Level TXG Toeless Compression Socks – 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

  • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • People who are traveling for long periods by air
  • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
  • Pregnant women

This compression level can:

  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles, and feet
  • Alleviate the early onset of lower-limb conditions
  • Encourage circulatory wellness
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

120 reviews for TXG Toeless Compression Socks

  1. Milagros Webb (verified owner)

    The compression socks and stockings were for my husband and I am planning to get some for myself. They helped very well and are good quality. I will recommend to others for the good quality. Very good service, I received the goods within 3 working days.

  2. Debra Torpey (verified owner)

    Have aching varicose veins and these compression socks have been brilliant. No more pain 🙂 No more pain when I am on my feet all day. Easy to wear, and easy to wash and dry. I would definitely recommend you guys. Your website was easy to navigate, and your service was fast and efficient 🙂

  3. Sarah-Jane Frederickson (verified owner)

    The toeless compression socks are incredibly comfortable and help my restless leg pain like nothing else. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with RLS.

  4. Mary Seymour-East (verified owner)

    I got the classic daily wear and toeless socks to help in reducing oedema in lower limbs. I got less discomfort. Increased mobility. SoB more manageable. self management of symptoms good for personal wellbeing. I like how functional they are. I would recommend. as part of a self-management plan. Non-invasive and is with in your control. TXG was prompt and informative, with email contact from enquiry to delivery. I found it an easy web site to navigate. important to take your leg measurements more than once and on varying times of the day. They reduced my lower leg oedema, I had increased capacity with mobilisation and they kept me warm on cooler days!! I would recommend these if it is clinically appropriate to do so.

  5. Yashika Arora (verified owner)

    I received my order today and just want to mention, this was the best shopping experience I ever had. Thank you so much for the personalise note and gift, Appreciated.

  6. Kirsty Cullen (verified owner)

    Thank you for my awesome socks! They’re every bit the real deal as you say, I’ve had mine for a week and they’ve already had a good life. I only need one – (large hematoma above my ankle from being hit by a trailer). But it’s great to have two in this last week as I change it straight away after doing stuff like the following …. Rowing in a surfboat; Rowing on the river; Rescue board training in the sea; Lifeguarding in the water with junior surf at the surf club. YES! Your socks are awesome, my physio was super impressed. Thanks for offering such a great product at such a great price.

  7. Renu (verified owner)

    Just letting you know, I have received my pack of compression socks and I have tried them on.. I absolutely love it . I will get my husband to try his this afternoon and will let you know if there are any issues. Thank you again for the wonderful service and absolutely loved the list pad and the note that came with the package. Thank you heaps.

  8. Anne Stanaway

    I have swelling in my feet, ankles and lower legs which has progressively got worse this is due to my lymphatic system not working well. Since receiving your socks I have adjusted to them well and they are enabling the fluid to be removed. It is such a joy to have my legs slimmer and feeling so much better. Thank you so much I am so pleased to have found your product. They stay up, are not too tight, and have the heel area which makes them easier to put on. I would recommend them as they are so comfortable to wear and do the job. You are quite unique in this world today as you make the experience personal, interesting and a bit of fun. Thank you for the little gift also.

  9. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my socks

  10. Janice Clearwater (verified owner)

    I have worn elastic stocking for years after an operation for varicose veins. If I don’t wear these my ankles swell and feel tight. I have better circulation. They are a sturdy material. Unfortunately the stocking are way too short for a tall person such as myself
    I am used to bring able to pull them up to just under my knee.

  11. Billy (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing my socks for 4hrs already I feel less pain.

  12. Jodie Waite (verified owner)

    Hi Team at TXG Socks!, I’ve just received my compression socks this morning and I’m so happy with them. I also want to thank you for your speedy service and all of the information included. I will definitely be recommending your company to others! Thank you so much

  13. John

    This company has the most exceptional service, I was made to feel important and they were helpful. Great product, prompt delivery, well packaged. Recommended, Thanks Heaps

  14. Donna

    I have less pain from my varicose veins and the appearance is better. The Socks are easy to get on and comfortable to wear. I’d recommend them; fast delivery and a great product for a good price. The thank you notes were a nice surprise when I received my package

  15. JT

    I like the sheer stockings and they helped with my swollen ankles

  16. Karen Barrett (verified owner)

    Thank you. I have received the socks and very happy with them

  17. Tony Priest

    My TXG socks helps with swollen veins in feet. They have good compression. I found that the socks rode up my feet to much as as a result didn’t compress the top of my foot which is what I needed.

  18. Wendy Bruce (verified owner)

    Sox were amazing. Easy to put on, comfy while on and definitely helped with swollen ankles. A great product, thankyou

  19. Ian (verified owner)

    Good tight fit, and they work! Good trader, recommend A+

  20. Vivienne Henderson (verified owner)

    Eased my restless legs

  21. Julia and David (verified owner)

    The socks have just been delivered and I am currently wearing them – great for warming legs on a cold winter’s day!! Thank you so much for all the instructions and advice, the lovely personal touches we will definitely shop here again.

  22. Julie Langham (verified owner)

    I received the flight socks on Wednesday, much sooner then expected as I only ordered them on Monday. Terrific service. They have been tried on and feel very comfortable and will be used in earnest when we fly to singapore for 2 nights and then onto Manchester. The socks were recommended by my Podiatrist based on your leaflet, even though she had not got any in. I will be showing her them as I know she will be very interested.

  23. Seren (verified owner)

    High quality socks that do the job. Many thanks

  24. Janet Miller (verified owner)

    My socks arrived and with a bit of difficulty I have tried them on. They will be great. Thankyou for excellent service, presentation and a good product lovingly sent.

  25. Janet Miller (verified owner)

    What a thrill to open my packet. It felt so personal. Congratulations on extra effort.

  26. Chris (verified owner)

    Very impressed with packaging will let you know how they go

  27. Ann Marie (verified owner)

    Thanks Heather. The socks arrived and are great so we ordered some more.

  28. Jean and Darryl (verified owner)

    Thanks for the service you have given me. The personal hand written note, the email you sent as soon as you had posted the product and the ability I could trace the package in delivery. Sorry I had not replied earlier but away for the Easter break. I have tried the socks on which fit perfectly. I would have no problem in recommending or dealing with your company again as you have given me fantastic service.

  29. Michael (verified owner)

    I’m impressed with your service and all the physical exercises involved. My request would be a little video from your little good bye song and your little farewell jig – thankyou. Comparing these socks with my socks from a company in Switzerland, yours sit and hold better.

  30. Nyla Ramsay

    The Toeless socks fixed my swollen ankles and aching legs. I am extremely satisfied.

  31. Robyn

    They are strongly made. Your customer service was good with the notes etc.

  32. Allanah White

    My socks controlled the swelling I had due to bilateral high replacement, allowing me to be more comfortable and to wear my shoes! Quality products, variety of choice and prompt service. I’m satisfied.

  33. Marion-Louise

    I had swelling and aching legs. Helped with the aching and helped reduce swelling. I recommend checking out your range, The parcel presentation was lovely.

  34. Karen

    My socks have arrived, and I just want to say that I am absolutely impressed with your service, packaging etc. I am an ex nurse, so am very fussy with what I wanted in a compression stocking. I half expected to be sending them back, but I love them so much I will probably order an extra pair. So thanks and keep up the good work, feel free to use my feedback

  35. Hazel Scott-Marshall

    I wanted compression socks without the toes so my feet wouldnt get so hot. They worked really well. I had a 9 hour flight and my legs still felt good. They are good quality and are good and firm, which is required to do the proper job of leg support. Your customer services is excellent. My socks arrived about 3 days later, I am very impressed. The little notes in with the socks made it feel really personal.

  36. Christina

    Fantastic love them, so fast to get them and great service

  37. Judy Brown

    I felt so special when I opened the package! It was presented really well and very personally ( which doesnt happen very often with goods that I purchase). All the little touches are amazing!! I will be recommending you guys to all my contacts.

  38. Maree

    My socks have reduced leg fatique. I’d recommend them because they do the job and are high quality. Prompt delivery. Thanks.

  39. Robyn Gage

    I have varicose veins and the socks help relieve my aching calves. I would recommned them, they are good quality and fit well, Customer service is very good. I can’t think of any improvements

  40. Jean

    Once you get them on they are comfortable and not at all a bother – I thought they might be quite constricting but they are just great – abit of a struggle for me to begin with as I’m an old girl and not as strong in the hands and fingers as I would like to be but,, with practice I am getting better at putting them on. So, all is good – thanks very much

  41. Michelle Y Lin

    I had been having swollen and sore legs everyday in the afternoon. I felt pain of my legs after a long walk. I also felt itchy and numb around my ankles. I realized that I have poor blood circulation. Doing moderate exercise did not ease that much. I observed a significant difference after wearing TXG compression socks for only 8 hours. No more swollen and sore legs. Itchiness around my ankles – was alleviated. I put on my compression socks soon after I got up in the morning and took them off around dinner time. I am more energetic and lighter. I have lost some weight, apparantly that was water as I used to have water retention problem. I would recommend TXG socks. They work as what they are advertised for. It is easy to put them on and very comfortable.

  42. Tonka Watson

    I was looking for support for long haul travel. I love the open toe option and I’d recommend TXG for your great customer service with a sprinkling of humour and very high quality product.

  43. Graham Lyttle

    Having 5 blood clots I had bad swelling in both legs. Without stockings I had uncomfortable swelling down to my toes in both legs. My first day with my TXG stockings I had no swelling in either leg, they are comfortable to wear and are very high quality. 100 percent yes I would recommend TXG socks I have passed it onto GP and a number of friends. My GP was so amazed at the improvement. You are doing everyting to the highest standard already. The staff are lovely and most helpful. I could not suggest any improvements.

  44. Jan Lawson

    Thank you for sending the compression socks with such fun comments, you made my day. I’m actually waiting for surgery on a stress fracture in one ankle, so in the meantime the socks are keeping the swelling down and making it easier to walk, I love them.

  45. Margaret Baird

    Thankyou!! Just returned from a trip Up the Wanganui River and walking to the Bridge to Nowhere etc. Very pleased with them.

  46. Diana Browning

    I just got my socks today and they are great, a little tight, but they should be. I loved the little personal touches, little card and shopping list. I will be ordering more in the future and for sure recommending you.

  47. Judith Pimm

    I am delighted to received the socks Thank you. I was talking to the Omokoroa Physio the other day and telling her all about the socks. I am going to give Sally all the info you sent as she said she has a lot of Patients that could benefit from them so am hoping more business comes your way. Many Thanks for your prompt and efficient service!!

  48. Annette

    Very comfortable I must say, so much better then the old flight stockings we used to have to wear. I will probably use them for tramping in Whakaremoana during February!

  49. Rhonda Duff (verified owner)

    Thanks so much chief sock checker. They have pride of place sitting by the suitcase ready for their second plane trip next weekend. They are perfect. Thanks again.

  50. Christine (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Love them. So fast to get them and great service!!

  51. Heather Bradley

    I bought the toeless socks for travel and they control ankle swelling. I would recommend them as they’re comfortable and they’re effective and very high quality. I’m a returning customer. Excellent customer service.

  52. Amanda

    Great customer service – fun and friendly. My socks are very high quality and look awesome and I love the option of toeless

  53. Edith

    Socks have just arrived They are terrific Many thanks for such prompt service and lovely words.

  54. Jacqueline Turner

    Hi there, just wanted to say that my socks arrived today. So thank you. They are really great and make a huge difference to my poor leg/feet circulation. God bless you and your team.

  55. Annette

    I received the socks all in tip top condition and nice little touches with the notes,

  56. Cheryl Hodder

    My husband had a growth removed from his leg below the knee. The compression socks have helped him to be able to walk normally and take part in his normal activities. I would recommend the open toe socks as they stopped his leg from swelling while he had stitches in his leg. Very high quality excellent product and the care you took to get it to us was great.

  57. Alison

    I was searching for where to purchase compression socks to get value for money, rather than being seen off at a pharmacy 🙂 Psyhchologically on my flight to Hawaii I felt I was being proactive. Loved the toeless socks as I could wear them with jandles – just perfect 🙂 I would emphatically recommend TXG socks , awesome customer service, beautifully packaged adn sent with love. Keep up the personal touch, it is awesome.

  58. Jan Christensen

    My compression socks have arrived and I am very pleased with them.

  59. Kirsty

    Socks have arrived thanks. I’m flying to Canada on Friday so looking forward to using them. I was very impressed with everything you added – the personal touch and all the info. I have suggested my daughter get some as well as she is travelling with me.

  60. Pete

    Product matches description so no surprises. Very high quality product and customer service

  61. Chris

    I bought my first pair of toelss socks from you a couple of weeks ago. Would like to thank you for excellent service and a great product. I was unsure what size to order as I was on the cusp of sizes – ended up ordering a medium to try – today I have just ordered two more pairs but opted for the next size in the hope that they are a little longer. Once again thanks for the great service.

  62. Victoria

    My socks arrived this morning and I just wanted to say thanks again for the great service. I also love all the extra little touches included. Would it be at all possible to send me a few busienss cards? I would like to give some to my midwife so she can give them out to other clients having issues with their legs. Thanks again

  63. Kathy

    I saw your socks advertised and particularly liked the toeless sort as I am planning to use them travelling and I like to wear jandals! Spotted these toeless ones online and I couldn’t find them in a store so got yours! I haven’t used them yet – my feet always swell badly so I’m going to use these and hopefully keep everything under control. It wasn’t pretty after my last 15 hour flight hence me deciding to try compression socks. Your customer service was great. Communications excellent – let me know order was received – socks dispatched & follow up to ensure they were received. Plus beautifully packaged and a wee gift!

  64. Annette

    I have previously had Lymphoedema and I want to avoid it again. After trying on my toeless socks and finding them very comfortable and very high quality I would recommend them. Your customer service is amazing – so helpful and accomodating as I had to change my original order

  65. Wendy

    Unbelievable! 24 hours ago I ordered my socks – they arrived at 7.21am! Wonderful service and tracking system! Loved your happy messages and thank you so much for my gift. These are my first ever compression socks – a bit of a struggle to get them on but got there. They will take me to India in November for my 70th birthday. Will recommend TXG to friends – thank you all again!

  66. Rachel

    Our socks have arrived! Thank you so much for your wonderful service 🙂 Please pass on how lovely you have all been to deal with – particularly how promptly the socks arrived and how friendly you guys are.

  67. Margaret

    Many thanks to you all for the prompt delivery of my stockings and on your presentation. You obviously go to a lot of trouble and I very much appreciate that. My first pair (nude) are comfortable and I am sure the black pair will be just as good.

  68. Wendy

    I will definitely recommend TXG – customer service is amazing. Your customer service is the best I have ever had! Within 24 hours of ordering the socks were in my mailbox along with a gift and happy letters.

  69. James Frans

    I can safely say what a great pair of socks “just what the doctor ordered”. They’re soft – comfortable and easy to put on and they look good too. Great company to deal with and you make the transaction so personable as well which is not an easy thing to do – Keep up the good work and thanks for the gift too. Five stars from me. More than happy for you to use my feedback on your website.

  70. Lorraine Simmonds

    I bought 2 pairs of open toe travel socks plus Diabetic Circulation socks and I have been wearing all pairs to work as I am on my feet for hours. I found them all so comfortable – no more swollen ankles or legs they are easy to wear and supports the legs too. I am going to use them when I go back overseas on long haul flights. In the past I have ended up with very heavy legs all swollen and found it hard walking through customs and waiting around in Airports. Thank you Heather for your great service and helping me find the perfect pair. Socks arrived beautifully packaed with a ribbon and wee gift. Glad I found your website through searching on Google. I have sent the socks information to Diabetic NZ so hopefully they will spread the good word. I have also spoken to patients I come across in hospital about yoru socks too.

  71. Helen

    I would recommend the open toe socks – high quality and fast excellent service

  72. Tina

    My socks have arrived. I have tried them on and they fit well.

  73. Duncan

    They work. I would recommend TXG – such lovely service and high quality socks

  74. Lisa

    I wanted open toe socks so I could wear my Birkenstocks on the plane. I always wear compression socks when flying – my feet and legs thank me for it. I would recommend the open toe socks as they are comfortable (as much as they can be) -high quality – they are relatively easy to put on and the toeless version allowed me to wear open toe footwear. I loved your packaging and the humour of the communications.

  75. Pauline Stewart

    The socks arrived safely and I’m very happy with them. I’ll spread the word about your company and great service. Good service should always be acknowledged

  76. Janine

    I purchased my open toe socks for a 12 hour flight. I had no swelling on my legs and although they were tight they were comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to other travellers – High quality – fabulous customer service and quick delivery

  77. Kathy

    My special socks have arrived and fit firm but comfortable which is perfect. It has taken the stress off my long distance family flights ahead. Your personal contact and follow-up have been amazing and is first class

  78. Kim

    Many thanks for another great product and extra quick delivery

  79. Carolyn

    I found that other brands of compression socks were too tight around the upper calf area on my leg. I wear the toeless socks on long haul flights and my ankles do not swell up. I would recommend them as they really do assist with swellling. I find that the heel area is the first to wear out. I love the wicked comments that goes with your customer service. To me TXG looks to have a fun company culture.

  80. Varun

    Heather and the team at TXG are amazing. From the personal touch with packaging, the follow up emails to update status of order and then once the order arrived, checking if the item was to my liking. I ordered the toeless socks. These are an absolute godsend. I have used these for 2 weeks now. I wear these straight after workout to help relief pain and improve circulation. The compression is just right and comfortable enough that you could wear it all day. Thank you Team TXG.

  81. Jacqui

    Thank you so much for your speedy response to the courier delivery problem – great service!

  82. Trish

    Socks arrived today – another big tick for your customer service and prompt service. I am a Type 1 Diabetic but my biggest problem is that I have had my right ankle fused and it swells a lot made worse by flying, heat, or standing for long periods. The samples arrived, thanks so much. Thanks so much for your customer service – I am totally recommending your company to all my friends. I will be placing my next order in the next couple of months for a pair of the Diabetic circulation socks.

  83. Carol

    Thanks for the 2 pairs of socks. One pair was for me for travelling and the other was for my mum who is in a resthome. Mum has previously had to go to the hospital to be measured up for socks but is getting a bit beyond being able to do that now. The feedback from the staff at the resthome was “the stockings are a good fit. They fit snuggly and are easy to put on” then I got another email from the resthome saying “Actually the stockings have worked so well that we have recommended them to another resident’s family. Could you please tell me where to get them from so that we can get some for her” So I have sent them your details and you may get another customer. I’m also thinking of getting another pair for Mum. Thanks

  84. Thelma

    Thanks for being so helpful during my phonecall, very happy with your product.

  85. Deidre

    Locally we can only buy compression socks from the chemist, they are expensive and do not have a very strong structure or support i.e. laddering of the socks. The features I like of the TXG socks is the structure of the socks (comfy fit). I drive all day and the benefits I get from the socks are reduced swelling and pain in my legs. I will definitely be recommending TXG socks to whom ever I come across who needs them for all the reasons mentioned as well as the price. I am very happy with the product and fast delivery. They are better quality than what I was epecting since I have ordered products online before and received cheaply made products at high prices. Thank you once again. I will be contacting TXG with future sock orders.

  86. Gill M

    “TXG socks are like little hugs, just for your feet 🙂 bliss!” Thanks Heather 🙂 I would be honoured to have my feedback on your website/used for an advert 🙂 I have really enjoyed talking to youu, it is such a nice change to have a company that cares about their customers so much. I wanted to give you positive feedback because you deserve it. I am so glad that you work at TXG, you have made this whole shopping trip into a really enjoyable experience. Long live the chief sock checker! Gill

  87. Gill

    Thanks for sending samples, your customer service is amazing! So good to order from a nice, friendly company!

  88. Lisa

    Fantastic product and Fantastic Service. My toeless socks helps to improve my blood circulation and relieve pain.

  89. Toni

    Just a note of thanks for the fabulous service we experienced when buying our travel socks for Europe holiday. Heather (and the team) ae a well oiled machine with a fantastic personal and helpful attitude. We have loved our socks and made our long journey safe and comfortable. Thanks people 🙂

  90. Caroline

    Thanks so much for providing us with some sample socks. This was a brilliant idea. It enabled Mum, Dad, my daughter and myself to get comfortable socks suited to our needs. Thanks again for providing this wonderful service

  91. John

    Last year we purchased two pairs of travel socks for our European trip. This entailed visiting a number of countries by air. The TXG socks were excellent in keeping the circulation flowing and kept any ankle swelling down. As an older couple this was terrific. This year my wife purchased some footless socks. These have proved to be useful in reducing tiredness in her legs from standing all day. So, thank you.

  92. Anne

    My Open toe socks are absolutely marvellous. They are so comfortable I don’t even know I’ve got them on. I would like to order some for my husband

  93. Anne

    Thank you so very much, my Open Toe socks are absolutely marvelous. They are so comfortable I don’t know I’ve got them on. They are a great support and I feel as though I now have a spring in my step. I would like to buy some for my husband.

  94. Nan

    The socks are really comfortable and they do reduce the swelling in our legs. We have already recommended your TXG socks to our friends as some of them have had the same problems as ourselves. As far as we are concerned your products and service has been great.

  95. Amy

    Thank you so much for your quick response and providing advice to guide us to choose the kind of compression socks to meet our needs. The surprise will be continuous for the improvement in wearing the socks for the rese of our lifes. Now, we are happy, thankful, less stressed and confident in everyday life. Thank you very much for choosing TXG for Kiwis. Your high quality and standard of products and excellent after sales service are the great contribution to the people who are living in NZ. We need TXG all the time.

  96. Fiona C

  97. Caroline

    What fantastic service – I have never come across such passion about any product I have bought online. Received my beautifully packaged parcel this morning and I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Tried them on as soon as I got them and can honestly say they were comfortable as soon as I put them on. I have used 3 other brands over the last 4 years for long haul travel and each time dreaded putting them on. I fly out on Friday – 26 hours to my destination and looking forward to wearing my new socks. I don’t usually provide feedback but I was really impressed with the whole process. Thank you so much 🙂

  98. Edna

    I love my socks I bought online in July. I wore them ona 16 1/2 hour flight to Rio and all other flights in South America. I have also worn them to and from Australia. They are still like new.

  99. Chelsea

    Hi, I’m pregnant and have been struggling with low blood pressure so I bought a pair of your compression socks to try. I really love them! I don’t get horrible puffy legs and fat ankles at the end of the day anymore 😉 And they have ben helping me feel less faint from my low blood pressure. I also believe they’ve been helping me experience less RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) – which has been a nightmare for me before I got the socks !! Just wanted to say I’m really happy with the socks and your personal and friendly customer service style. Thanks!

  100. Liz

    Thank you for my socks they are very comfortable. Your notes are friendly, personal and welcoming I certainly will be buying more as I need them and have told other people about your product. Thank you for the personal touch you provide along with a great service and product.

  101. Willie

    I love not only your product, but the description on the cards. I would like to order another 2 pair of socks, many thanks

  102. Lorraine

    A big thank you for my socks received today and also for the bright, cheery notes that came too. They are a perfect fit and look forward to wearing them on our long plane flight. Thanks again for the friendly, prompt service.

  103. Maryalyce

    Thank you for the quick delivery of my compression footwear order. Of course I like your product I have come back for another round. I am very pleased that you send the info on how to best put the socks on. It is always good to be reminded.

  104. Kim

    Amazing products and friendly, helpful service. A phone call to check I had done the order correctly and wow had the product two days later, can’t complain about that. Thank you to the Chief Sock Checker, you deserve a pay rise and promotion 🙂 Ordering another pair for my daughter.

  105. Bonnie

    Compression socks arrived quickly and exactly as described. Really pleased with look and feel. Very friendly communication too. Thanks!

  106. Wilhelm

    I am very pleased with the service provided by TXG

  107. Edna

    These are fantastic, I’m very pleased with them and thank you Heather, sox sorter, you made me feel special, all first rate, highly recommend

  108. Hillegonda

    I have purchased a pair of TXG open toe socks and they are amazing. They are extremely comfortable and they are draining the fluid that had been built up over 3 months after 1 day of wearing them. I wear them during exercise and during my job where I need to stand or sit for periods of time. I really bought them for an upcoming flight overseas, but have found other uses for them as well. Again a very happy customer.

  109. Gail

    I am very pleased with the open toe compression socks I purchased. I had an ankle fusion and swelling was always going to be part of the healing process for numerous months. The sock has minimised the swelling quite dramatically so I tend to wear this while at work. I was amazed at the spped I received the socks. Ordered one day and arrived the next. Much appreciated. The communication with you has been excellent and I will happily recommend TXG. Many thanks.

  110. Matty

    In 2 years I have never had this feeling of peace where my calves and feet are concerned. My foot is not swollen . . . my veins have not throbbed. My veins haven’t hurt me all day since putting on the TXG compression open toe socks. Thank you so much I don’t know why I waited 2 years to try these. I hope that someone else sees what I wrote and tries them for themselves. My mood has changed as well because I have no pain and I walked freely all day. I was happier when I got home from a long shift walking around the concrete factory floor and my legs were so relaxed that I didn’t need to elevate them like I normally need to do, they weren’t swollen, I have my legs back, if that makes sense. I have just finished my waka ama training this morning and my legs are fantastic!! … Thank you. You can use any of these comments because it’s all so true. I will be ordering a new pair in the next few weeks.

  111. Traveller

    I bought the open toe compression socks to wear on the flights to America and London recently – and I’m impressed. They were comfortable and effective at reducing the ankle swelling that in the past has made those long-haul flights even more of a misery than usual. I’m happy to recommend your product. I’m very pleased with my choice and delighted with the excellent customer service I received-thank you!

  112. Pauline

    Thank you for my open toe socks, I have found them to be just great for my swollen leg, they are very comfortable and because I have he ones with no toes they are also not too hot. Also great customer service. Well done.

  113. Jan

    I have been very happy with my socks. I had a broken bone in my foot and I purchased both the Sensitive Foot & the Comfort socks, I found them very supportive and helpful and I no longer need to wear them (except on long distance flights).

  114. Jan

    Thank you, Very happy with my open toe compression socks, have been wearing them most days, I find them very light but effective … sooo comfortable. Will be placing another order soon.

  115. Eve

    Just to give you an update – I LOVE my socks and now having it working well. I put them on as soon as I get up in the morning and they are doing wonders to my legs and are extremely comfortable to wear.

  116. Graeme

    I have been very impressed with your service and follow up – the socks are also much better than a pair I bought through a chemist a couple of years ago for travel

  117. Kevin

    I bought two products (calf sleeves and open toe socks) from TXG recently. The delivery time is very quick and I found the letter and card associated with the parcel is lovely and neat. The compression wear is awesome, it fits nicely and is very comfortable. I would definitely buy another compression wear from TXG when my ones have worn out and I highly recommend them to people who are looking for good comfortable compression wear

  118. Muriel (aged 90)

    My stockings are very satisfactory and I am able to put them on by myself very easily

  119. Carolyn

    My open toe socks arrived this morning and I am delighted with them. The other brands of socks I had previously were too tight on my legs so being able to use your leg measurement guide was most helpful. Also I feel the heat a lot so having the open toe is a real bonus. Great service

  120. Paula

    Just giving you some feedback on the open toe compression socks I bought from you. They are wonderful. I wanted to wait a while to see how they went before I gave you any feedback and I can say they are fantastic. At first they felt a bit tight and uncomfortable especially on my foot where the sock ends as there is no toe covering, but after a few days that went away and now they feel great. I put them on as soon as I get up in the morning and I keep them on all day until bed time. They are a bit hot being summer, but I think that’s a small price to pay. Before I started wearing them I would notice I had a varicose vein that would stand out on my lower leg after only being awake and walking around for about an hour or so. But now, I wera them all day and at the end of the day when I take them off there is no vein standing out on my leg. The spider veins are still there but even those are less prominant too. I am able to stand longer during the day and I am less tired at the end of the day as well. On Waitangi day I had a day at home and didn’t plan on doing much so I gave the stockings a break and wanted to see how I went without wearing them. My varicose vein didn’t stand out at all that day! I am continuing to wear them everday but if I know I am having an easy day I’ll give myself a break and not wear them. I only wish that I had come across them years ago as my mum had bad varicose veins and they would have given her some relief. Sadly she passed away last year but I know she would have loved them. They are probably one of the best things I have bought, thank you so much !!

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