TXG Compression Socks for Women – Comfort Style

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TXG’s Comfort Compression socks for Women (sometimes called Ladies Compression Socks) are so comfortable you won’t believe that they’re compression stockings. We get this effect by using Tencel fiber, an engineered material that is made from wood pulp sourced from environmentally sustainable and certified Eucalyptus tree farms. As a result, you get a sock that’s exceptionally silky to the touch, completely hypoallergenic, and 100% anti-static.

Being more absorbent than cotton, all sweat is quickly absorbed by the fiber, leaving your feet dry and odour-free. It’s also safe to machine wash, dries quickly and is wrinkle-resistant making it a convenient choice and an investment that will likely last you for years.

No one will ever be able to tell you’re wearing a compression stocking and we guarantee that the TXG Women’s Compression Stocking will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

The TXG Comfort Women’s Style of Compression Socks are the perfect socks for those who want a little extra comfort. Made with a subtle ribbed texture that is like fine business socks, the natural fibers of Tencel mean these socks are soft and gentle on the skin while being moisture-wicking that is sure to give your feet and legs the feeling of luxury and comfort while keeping them cool and dry all day long. They are perfect for those who want the benefits of compression without sacrificing style.

TXG Women’s Compression Stockings are available in MODERATE (15-20mmHg) and FIRM (20-30mmHg). Please read our Compression Guide for advice on choosing the best compression for your needs. You can choose between BLACK and NUDE. It’s available in the following sizes:

  • S (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • M (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • L (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • XL (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)

Benefits of Graduated Compression Socks for Women

  • Enhances blood circulation which promotes vitality
  • Lessens swelling, fatigue, and tenderness in feet and legs
  • Aids prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and swelling in feet and legs when flying or sitting for long periods
  • Supports prevention and treatment of mild oedema and mild venous ailments

If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, we recommend that you check with your Doctor as to whether Compression Socks are suitable for you, further information can be found by clicking here.

Compression socks should NOT be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these conditions: Congestive heart failure, Advanced arterial disease, Severe deep venous thrombosis, or Inflammation due to bacterial infection. We recommend you consult with your doctor for their recommendations.

Please consult with your doctor about whether compression stockings are suitable for you if the following conditions apply: Sensitive skin, Skin infections, Atopic dermatitis, Neuropathy or Insensitivity, and Physical Immobility.

Product Specifications

Features of Comfort Women’s Compression Socks:

  • The toe is skillfully sewn by hand linking. This creates a seamless, smooth comfortable toe cage
  • Brand label is located on the sole of the sock, this ensures that the gradient compression remains unaffected by embroidery
  • Wide, generous comfortable cuff to prevent skin irritation or pressure tension
  • 3D heel and toe construction gives a relaxed, comfortable fit and provides extra strength for durability

Fabric Content:

  • 48.5% Tencel (R), 40.2% Micro Nylon, 11.3% Lycra®

Available Graduated Compression Levels:

  • Moderate (15-20mmHg)
  • Firm (20-30mmHg)

Check out the Compression Guide Tab (under the Add to Cart Button) for helpful information on how to choose which compression level is right for you.

Colour choices:

  • Black, Nude

Sizes available:

  • S (ankle 16-18cm & calf 26-34cm)
  • M (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)
  • L (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)
  • XL (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)

If you’re looking for an XXL size, check out our Antibacterial Compression Socks.

Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Comfort Women’s Compression Socks, for yourself?

These Women’s Compression Socks are perfect for you if you’re looking for a stylish, luxurious and comfortable graduated compression sock which looks great, feels fantastic and gives you all the benefits of graduated compression.

Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your compression stockings (socks) delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand.

Feeling Confused?

Check out our FAQ page or give us a call or send us an email, we’re here to help, contact us.

Size Selection

Measurement Tips

  • If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
  • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Contact Us if you need assistance.
Measurement/Size S M L XL
Ankle 16 – 18 cm 19 – 21 cm 22 – 25 cm 26 – 29 cm
Calf 26 – 34 cm 28 – 38 cm 30 – 42 cm 32 – 46 cm


Approximate Shoe Size S M L XL
Women’s USA 4 – 6 5 – 8 6 – 9 7 – 10
Europe 33 – 36 35 – 41 39 – 44 41 – 46

Compression Guide

We offer 2 levels of compression for you to choose

1. Moderate Compression Level

Moderate Compression Level Women’s Compression Socks – 15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

  • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • People who are travelling for long periods by air
  • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
  • Pregnant women

This compression level can:

  • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
  • Alleviate early onset of lower-limb conditions
  • Encourage circulatory wellness
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

2. Firm Compression Level

Firm Compression Level Women’s Compression Socks – 20-30mmHg is a firm pressure and is the perfect compression level for:

  • People with swollen varicose veins
  • People recovering from varicose vein surgery

This compression level can:

  • Help control moderate to severe edema and varicosities as well as superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Help prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations
  • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

344 reviews for TXG Compression Socks for Women – Comfort Style

  1. Gail Russell (verified owner)

    I got the socks to help with poor venous in my feet and legs. I hated them at first but have perservered and now they are providing great relief from my varicose veins. They provide great support and compression in the right areas. I really appreciated the hand written note and individualized service – so rare these days. WELL DONE. I would recommend to others, not just because of the product, but because of your excellent and personalized customer relations.

  2. Nicola (verified owner)

    Hi Heather, Thank you for all your help.  The new socks arrived today and are great. 

  3. Lynn (verified owner)

    Heather you are a credit to TXG a big thank you for implementing changes to website so quickly & efficiently, my last delivery was delivered correctly. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. This company is A+ for service and quality of its products. A big thank you to all the staff for the personal notes etc. Wishing you all the best for the festive season. Best wishes Lynn

  4. Maureen (verified owner)

    Further to my email thanking you and your team for my recent purchase. I bought the Women’s Comfort series to wear when I travel by plane to prevent leg swelling and the diabetic cushion socks because I wanted a comfortable sock with no hard seams and most importantly no tightness around the top. I would definitely recommend TXG to a friend. The products and the service are excellent. Thank you

  5. Happy Customer

    They fit well.

  6. Happy Customer

    I’ve only just tried them on and think they will be great. Easy to put on and off and comfy. A little long in the foot but no problem. Easy to put on and off look great.

  7. Sharon (verified owner)

    I don’t fly for another 2 weeks but purchased the socks because my ankles swell up terribly not only when flying but I also suffer now from heat odema and I have varicose veins on my left leg. I’m hoping that these socks will alleviate the swelling 🙂 I would be happy to review again when I return. I have worn them around the house and they feel good. A great personal service. Then when I picked up my socks you guys had just gone the extra mile to make me feel my purchase mattered. A lovely presented pair of socks, note on how you appreciated my purchase, a wee gift and a comprehensive guide on all things about TXG compression socks and wear. However, it was the personalized customer service that was so much appreciated as my Mum had just passes away and I have to fly back to the U.K and you kindess (even though you didn’t know) was lovely. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs compression wear. Thank you 🙂

  8. Yvonne

    Hello Heather, The parcel has been delivered. Thank you so much for your assistance and advice. I am very impressed with the quality and comfort of the socks.

  9. Robyn Edgeworth (verified owner)

    OMG, these compression socks (I’ve already tried them on) are going to be perfect for our upcoming l-o-n-g flights. I’ve been hanging out trying to find socks in a “nude” colour so that they don’t ruin my new shoes by showing black through the eensy teensy cutouts! Problem solved! I liked the nude colour and the fit! I’d definitely recommend TXG – from answering my first enquiry, to suggesting the correct sock for my needs, to the delivery, hand written note, the wee surprise gift, and then the follow up to make sure they’d arrived safely. Top customer service I’ve EVER received. Highly recommend! I am a truly, truly happy customer!

  10. Julie

    Received with thanks. Beautiful and comfortable with them on.

  11. Bernadette (verified owner)

    My legs feel better and are less swollen. I am heading overseas and these will be great for reducing leg swelling on flights. I like the comfort and colour and would absolutely recommend them to others for the easy to use website and the socks are exactly as described and they are great quality.

  12. Karin Curran (verified owner)

    Hi Heather et al, Thanks so much for the assistance in choosing my socks. I’m not sure how well they will work out but I’m trying. I know the issue is me and the weirdness of my particular body – a 20cm (M) ankle and 43cm (XL) calf. I know it’s very out of the ordinary as once upon a time I wore a NZ size 6 in clothing and yet could not find a single knee high boot that would zip or go over my calves. To make matters worse, I’m short. If it weren’t for the tightness, I could pull up the sock well past my knee. The first day I tried to put on the socks as instructed but it was very challenging to get the wrinkles out plus it was a really loose fit in the foot. It wasn’t comfortable. The second day I got a bit clever. After getting my foot in, I pulled the folded edge enough to achieve a comfortable foot fit, then gently pulled up the rest of the sock from the top band. That left a folded flat band around my ankles. Yes, it’s a triple layer of sock, but it’s 3-4cm wide and sits smoothly and securely and results in a better fit overall. That may work as I’ve been wearing it longer each day. Thank you again.

  13. Janelle (verified owner)

    Hi Heather, I’m all sorted! I got the socks on this morning and wore them for a couple of hours. Once on, they were very easy to wear and very comfortable. I will wear them a few times before I travel to get them a bit “stretched”. Thanks for all your help.

  14. Adrian

    Hi, Our new socks walked in to our life today. Much entertainment getting them on, even had to refer to the instructions at one point. Net result is they seem to fit fine and we are really happy with them and all your help. Best foot forward.

  15. Pter (verified owner)

    Thanks for the enthusiastic packaging of the socks and the umpteen bits of included info. She likes them, very comfy etc.

  16. Hazel White (verified owner)

    I have received my socks and I love them,  thank you. 

  17. Janine (verified owner)

    Socks are wonderful and so was the prompt courteous and reassuring service. Great information sharing too. I did appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  18. Helen Naylor (verified owner)

    They are used to help stop the swelling of my feet. They are easy to put on. Would recommend for the good service and excellent product and friendly staff.

  19. Happy Customer

    Reduced the swelling of my right foot

  20. Amanda Healee (verified owner)

    Yes!!!! No sore legs I’m on my feet all day these socks are amazing. I have worn different brands and will definitely be getting more TXG socks. Definitely recommend for great customer service and great product that is comfortable. Keep up the great work guys.

  21. Hazel (verified owner)

    The pain in my knee and legs was significantly reduced. Kept my leg warm too and looked good. I liked the quality and feel of the product. Its going to last a long time and are extremely comfortable. I will recommend to others as I loved the product so much and the service afterwards too.

  22. Jana Fairbrother (verified owner)

    The flight compression socks were recommended to me. I like the firm not over tight support and they reduced my vein pain. I would recommend them to others as the service was prompt friendly informative and efficient without being intrusive. Great shopping experience, reassuring and helpful.

  23. Linda Macky (verified owner)

    They’re a perfect fit! I would recommend them. Your service was great and the information that came in the parcel was most welcome & unexpected.

  24. Alex (verified owner)

    Hi there, our order arrived today, just wanted to say thank you for the quick service, and the personal message! Was quite a surprise, and very welcome. The socks are also very comfy! Appreciate it! Thank you! 

  25. Sue Cronin (a happy customer) (verified owner)

    Hi there Heather, I just want you to commend you on your customer service, and in my opinion going that extra mile. When the product I wanted was out of stock you emailed to let me know it was available again so bouquets ?? ?? to you. Cheers. I’m more than happy for you to use my feedback, it’s easy to moan or complain, but positive feedback is far more important. I know from experience that customer service can be difficult at times so I always try to give praise where it’s due
    Keep up the good work and take care.

  26. Inha (verified owner)

    Hi Heather, Sorry it took long for my response. I just didn’t want to miss important details. I love my job (barista), I finally can afford doing what I like. The only downside for me is too much standing, so varicose veins and pain. Surgery is inevitable but I’m trying to postpone it as long as doctors agree with me. Before I used regular pharmacy compression bandages to avoid pain, but they’re ugly and just reduce it, not remove. Your socks prevent it completely, but they have to be worn the first thing in the morning before the pain starts. If worn later they decrease it significantly but it still may disturb sometimes. The doctor totally approved my choice. Definitely experience benefits. Puttiing the thigh high stockings on in the morning definitely helps to wake up! On a more serious note – they look nice, and look even fancy. No pain and pitying looks, besides there was one more unexpected benefit- they help with restless legs syndrome. For that though one would need a size down socks (I buy S, but one of your products had XS so I tried it despite the measurements were definitely small for me. And it was AMAZING feeling! Though it was visible that socks are too tight on top). Absolutely recommend. I’m thinking about checking my theory with restless legs (if it’s me or they really help) and gifting a pair to my friend who also struggles with this issue. Your comfort series socks are different quality! I mean each style is different from another. First time I’ve bought 2 pairs I thought that you accidentally sent one comfort and one classic-unisex-compression-socks, the material was different on touch. But since then I’ve bought some more styles and understood my mistake. The sturdy material socks, though less pleasant on touch, last longer. Nice and soft – already managed to make holes in a couple. So whatever material I’ll get – I’ll be happy anyway.

  27. Tracey

    Hello Heather, Thank you so much for all this detailed information, the extra information has been very helpful. I have spent the last 12 months working in day theatre and part of my job is to admit patients for surgery and I have been blow away by the amount of people that have had DVTs from flying, both short and long haul flights, young and not so young like myself ??. I just assumed it was older age or people being overweight, but it’s interesting to know that you don’t have to be 60 to 70+, a diabetic or overweight, that the risk is still there. I would never have even thought about wearing flight socks (flying to Fiji) before I starting hearing 30 to 40 somethings have had DVTs from flights, even people with no family/health history that have developed blood clots with an unknown cause.  Many of our theatre nurses wear compression socks every day as they are on their feet for long hours. I know I will be wearing these when I get back, they will be great for long days on my feet as I think these will be great for daily use to prevent fatigue too.

  28. Happy Customer

    They did an amazing job at keeping my legs from swelling during a long haul flight.

  29. Tania Young (verified owner)

    Excellent speedy service. Nice touches with the prompt delivery. Lots of information and a free gift. I wanted them for long haul flights but haven’t worn them yet.

  30. Happy Customer

    Would recommend as the quality was great, great customer service, blown away by the customer care received!! Keep doing exactly what you are doing!! I haven’t experienced any benefits yet … but I will

  31. Penny

    Once again I am pleased with my purchase.

  32. Happy Customer

    Comfortable and helped with circulation

  33. Theresa (verified owner)

    I had a feeling of tiredness/ heaviness in my ankles, after wearing the socks my legs are not sore and heavy at the end of the day. I found them thick and comfy enough to wear for a long walk. Awesome service and quick delivery. Would recommend as I’m very happy about my shopping experience. Heather is amazing!

  34. Theresa

    I had a feeling of tiredness/ heaviness in my ankles. After wearing the socks my legs are not sore and heavy at the end of the day. They are thick and comfy enough to wear for a long walk. Awesome service and quick delivery, I’m very happy about my shopping experience. Heather is amazing!

  35. Margaret

    Dear Heather, Yes the socks have arrived and they are perfect. I’ll probably order more soon. Many thanks for your service. I’ll certainly recommend you to family and friends. 

  36. Happy customer

    Great quality product, they didn’t crease at my ankles.

  37. Debbie (verified owner)

    Feels like heaven! I experienced huge relief from wearing the socks and I found them easy to put on. No Brainer to recommend them … I now feel like living again… The care and compassion you have shown is second to none x

  38. Alison Ritchie (verified owner)

    The socks have helped with my ankle swelling and low blood pressure. I would recommend and have recommended them to others as they are comfortable, effective socks.

  39. Chris

    Awesome service and product once again.

  40. Sandra Riepen

    I bought the socks for flying and in summer, fluid retention. Tried them for a day and they were very effective. They stayed up. I should have inquired more as possibly the moderate compression level would have been enough instead of the firm compression level.

  41. Sandra Riepen

    I bought the socks for flying and in summer, fluid retention. Tried them for a day and tehy were very effective. They stayed up. I should have inquired more as possibly the moderate compression level would have been enough instead of the firm compression level.

  42. Teresa

    Hi there!! My socks did arrive, and are currently in Auckland Airport awaiting a flight to the United Kingdom!! The packaging was excellent, and the delivery time was super fast. I will be doing a full review after my flight. And, as its 35 hours, I will be in a good position to do so!! Thanks so much! Your customer service is excellent!

  43. Janet

    When we measured my ankle and calf it was at the upper measurement of the sizes but they were very swollen at the time so thought it was the best time to measure. However since using the compression socks after work the swelling has been a lot better and I even have an ankle bone again sometimes. ?? And extra bonus, because the swelling hasn’t been as bad, the socks have been less painful to put on. However I have bought a stocking aid and it arrived today so hopefully it will make things even easier. So thank you again for your help. When I need more compression socks I know where to come. Please use my feedback if you think it might help others to give the compression socks a try. I have certainly appreciated the reduction of swelling and associated tenderness.

    So thank you again.

  44. Gail (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for socks and all the extras that arrived today!

  45. Ann

    To all staff..Love my socks and cheerful messages ! Thanks to all

  46. Diana (verified owner)

    Once again my new socks have arrived safe and sound within a minimum of time – even allowing for the long weekend!  This is the more commendable when all the major retailers seem to be bleating that with an “increased concentration of on-line ordering” big delays may occur and that the Covid situation is causing post and courier hold-ups!  (Blame it all on Covid!). As you are evidently well aware, Diana and I have purchased quite a few pairs of TXG compression socks by now.  Enthralled by the packaging?  Entertained by the personalized messages?  Entranced by the product quality? Ecstatic with the pricing?

  47. Connie

    My kneehighs arrived the following Monday. I just loved the packaging and the wee saying.(and had to send pictures to my girls!!!! )I am still trying them out, but so far so good. My apologies for not letting you know how quickly they came, but I was going to “test”them before I contacted you. I will be in touch. I really want to thank you for such great service,and all the information you gave me. ??

  48. Tricia White (verified owner)

    Picked up my flight socks this morning. Thankyou, great service and communication. Loved your packaging and messages. Would totally recommend TXG. My two daughters are joining me overseas in a couple of months and I have told them they should order some too.

  49. Tat

    Immaculate service, careful packaging and amazingly feeling product which comfortable to wear and really works. Thank you team at TXG! I will be buying more A++++

  50. Lorraine

    Thanking you Heather and team for the quick delivery of my pair of compression socks . They fit perfect. Having short legs they are not overly too long.

  51. Virantha

    Good product, good fit, comfortable, good customer service

  52. Connie Lockett

    They feel real good, and are comfortable and kept the swelling down on my lower legs. The help and information given freely was wonderful.

  53. Keith

    All ok, good fit and easy to order.

  54. Cherilyn Buckler

    They were for my Mum who has always had problems with varicose veins and fluid build up. The stockings have helped reduce the swelling which has made her feel more comfortable. Mum says they are a good colour 🙂 I would recommend. Fast delivery, excellent product, fantastic follow up service, the lovely notes that came with the stockings, all the extra touches were appreciated. I would buy from you any time. You have done well and I would not look elsewhere to purchase these items.

  55. Fiona Van Weerden (verified owner)

    I have Lipodermatosclerosis. My specialist advised it would be good to wear compression socks to help in the future. They felt warm and firm. Been too hot to wear but also dont look great with summer skirts but hope to wear everyday when I wear trousers. Your service was impeccable and loved the little gift and the personalised note on the envelope.

  56. Bina Mehta

    Legs are less tired, hopefully will help with varicose vein pain with regular use. They have adequate compression, perfect sizing and good material. Looking forward to buying couple of other items when stock available. Lovely shopping experience, a good feel of personal touch, very impressed with packing and related documents and messages

  57. Ruby (verified owner)

    Holds good grip on legs n feet

  58. Katie

    Thank you so much I received them yesterday and love them. Also love the personal touch with the letter and the shopping list gift pad that will always come in handy. I’m not even worried that I needed the nude ones and got the black ones because they are just lovely.

  59. Jennifer

    I received the socks today. They look and feel great so I look forward to having a great comfortable flight wearing them!

  60. Inha (verified owner)

    Your socks are amazing, I’m happy I don’t need those ugly bandages (and pity looks from people) anymore. I already have like 7 or 8 pairs and wanted to increase this number. Thank you for your products and support.

  61. F

    The compression socks reduced the swelling of my ankle. They feel firm and comfortable. 100% would recommend – customer service was fantastic.

  62. Gail

    Thanks for the excellent product

  63. Happy Sock Wearer

    5 stars

  64. Gaye

    Arrived very promptly thanks u.. really good fit and fabric. Am 80 and circulation in my legs not good and so painful..so am trying these…

  65. Rachael

    I was suffering from tired legs and got the compression socks. I find I have more energy. These are great quality and If someone I knew had the same problems i definitely would recommend, so they could have more energy.

  66. Susan Broadhurst (verified owner)

    The socks fit a treat. They feel a bit tight but that is how they are supposed to fit I would think. Thank you so much for all your help. If I can make recommendations anywhere just let me know. The service I have received had been 5 star plus, plus, plus,

  67. Julia Thomson (verified owner)

    Happy with the fit, feel and compression level. Personally I would buy another pair of these over the sheer version as they are much more comfortable.

  68. Dana

    The socks are good

  69. Rose

    I am two days in on wearing them. At the moment I am impressed with the two days of wearing.

  70. Happy customer

    I have had varicose vein surgery in one leg. The stocking helps with circulation when sitting for long periods.They improved circulation and comfort when sitting for long periods. Though I don’t wear them when exercising or doing physical work. Highly recommend as the socks are a sound and useful product.

  71. Happy Sock Wearer

    Have only had them on today but they have stopped the aching in my legs.

  72. Happy Sock Wearer

    The socks relieved the pain from my varicose veins, will recommend them to my friends.

  73. Jennifer

    Excellent friendly service, very communicative and loved the extra little effort in the packaging.

  74. Happy Customer

    The socks are a great fit and help with my postural hypotension. Prompt service, would definitely recommend

  75. Mary

    They are comfy and fit well. Helped with the swelling in my legs and feet.

  76. Marj (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with them and they are comfy and do a good job controlling the swelling.

  77. Fleur Matthews

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the socks 🙂 I ordered the women’s comfort ones and they are helping keep the swelling down on my ankle.

  78. Maureen

    I find that I have better circulation and less discomfort in my legs and my feet are less sore after a long shift. I like the feel of the fabric.

  79. Happy Sock Wearer

    I found the socks comfortable and was pleased with the quick delivery

  80. Diane (verified owner)

    Socks now on, perfect fit

  81. Happy Sock Wearer

    I noticed that I have less pain in my varicose veins!

  82. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The sock compression is excellent however the band at the top needs to be wider & heavier because it cuts into my leg after a few hours.

  83. Joy (verified owner)

    I wore them for the first time on my walk this morning. My legs felt good. 

  84. Hmo

    These compression knee hi’s are excellent! Very comfortable to wear, soft as well as firm. Just perfect! Thanks for a great trade.

  85. Heather

    My legs felt supported and water retention was reduced

  86. Patsy Wakefield

    The socks are improving the odema in my legs due to using a wheelchair all day. They are comfortable once on. I would recommend due to the friendly and quick support your staff give. Quick at following up when delivery was delayed at couriers

  87. Anne

    This company is a class act, takes obvious pride in product and presentation making purchasing an absolute pleasure coupled with great after sale support, top marks take a bow, very impressed thank you very much 🙂 there needs to be a gold star in customer feedback!

  88. Rachel

    The socks are very good and beneficial

  89. Lynne

    Fantastic. Majorly impressed with service and thankyou for my gift that was enclosed. Blessings to all of you at TXG socks.

  90. Laani McFarland

    They have arrived!! And I love them!!

  91. David (verified owner)

    The second lot of Comfort socks arrived this morning – the same 24 hour service – fantastic!  Yes, Diana quite likes this type of sock for the winter, though I find it a little harder to get her into them.  Never mind! And thank you for the lovely personal note enclosed. I envy you your very neat and artistic handwriting too.

  92. Happy Customer

    Great to deal with. Highly Recommended 🙂

  93. Wendy Mason (verified owner)

    First off I’d like to say what a joy it was reading all the awesome things you put in with the socks I ordered. I’ve never dealt with a company that seems to have as much heart and sense of fun as yours, it was great to see.

  94. Mary Seward

    I had very tired legs as a cook we are on our feet all day. Very easy to put on, a dream to wear,I now have happy legs. I will be ordering more no problem there. Would recommend as the benefits of these are to great not to pass on to one and all. Loved the extra care with packaging thank you all.

  95. Sandra Zukerman

    Stopped the pain in my legs waking me up every night. Pain free nights! Women’s Comfort socks are lovely and warm. Would recommend you for your advise, your service and communication cannot be faulted. And that’s not even mentioning your excellent products.

  96. Julie

    I like the colour and feel of the socks and the wonderful service. Would 100% recommend amazing personal touches, well done

  97. Happy Sock Wearer

    The socks have helped with the swelling of my legs and feet. I like the material they are made of and have already recommended them to my mum. Excellent company to deal with, very friendly, and product information was very informative.

  98. Paula Miller

    I just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday and my huaband and I are very happy with the compression socks. We have tried them on and they are perfect fit. We were also extremely pleased with the peronalised correspondence you included with my order and the quirky little saying. The information you provided on how these socks are produced was awesome. My husband and I are travelling overseas in a couple of weeks and we searched high and low for compression socks. Eventually I found your Company via google search on the internet. I will be certainly recommending your company to all my friends who travel overseas who are looking for these compression socks. Once Again thankyou very much

  99. Happy Sock Wearer

    I wear the compression socks to keep a varicose vein under control. They are a neat, unobtrusive way to keep the varicose vein under control. I like that they are skin colour and a perfect fit. I will be recommending your service to friends. The product is excellent and arrived incredibly promptly which I appreciated.

  100. Happy Sock Wearer

    I love them – made my legs feel much more comfortable. Excellent service and I like how you take the measurements and recommend what size etc. Good compression.

  101. Tracy Armitage

    Stop been so damn efficient!!!!

  102. Lukas Visagie

    I would like to tell you again that I am very happy with the socks purchased from you. They stretch well and are easy to put on. They are obvoiusly good quality and should last a while. I have had positive comments about them from the hospice staff and a number of the district nurses who assists me with caring for my wife

  103. Katie Peacocke

    These socks were for my daughter post-operation. She had pins inserted into her foot and spent 8 weeks in a cast. I bought the socks to reduce the swelling and bruising. The socks reduced swelling within the day and helped with circulation back to the foot after 9 weeks of no movement. They are easy to use and a strong compression. Friendly and enthusiastic response in our purchase.

  104. Cheryl

    Huge thanks for my socks. They travel better than I do. Can’t wait for my trip to use them. Thanks also for all the notes and gift

  105. Dana

    I got the socks today, they are very comfortable, thank you

  106. Hayley (verified owner)

    Many thanks for the superb service

  107. Pat Reedy (verified owner)

    Thanks for my compression socks that arrived today (great quick service!!)

  108. Olga Rossiter

    I have got socks thankyou they are good socks – thankyou again

  109. HC

    The socks have good toe space. Excellent service and follow-up

  110. Kirsty

    Very pleased, thank you

  111. Diane Forbes-Ryrie (verified owner)

    I”m super impressed with the service and the socks! My only constructive feedback is about the amount of paper included. I really appreciate the efforts to exceed on customer service expectations but all the paper that was included irked me from a sustainability perspective. Be Green!!!

  112. Andrea Travers-Jones (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for your email. We love our socks!! I also wanted to thankyou for the most amazing customer service you have provided. It is such a refreshing change and all of the little touches and love in your product are very appreciated.

  113. Bernadette Magee (verified owner)

    Thanks! They are a perfect fit!! Thanks so much!

  114. Rose Sutherland (verified owner)

    Socks have arrived. Very fast delivery. Thank you.

  115. Sue Ussher

    I purchased socks for both my husband and I to travel to the UK in September. We were to spend three weeks touring around. We only got 10 days in and I had three heart attacks. I wasn’t allowed to travel home till 27 th October. So I was most grateful on return flight this past Sat that I had your compression stockings for peace of mind. I also sustained nerve damage to my left leg through being bound up tight for a helicopter rescue ride so had to get a doc to check that out as well so the compression stockings were on for two days on trip home. Thank you so much for having such an incredible products. I also purchased a pair of your diabetic socks and found them great on our travels. Thoroughly recommend these products

  116. Chris & Jane Walkley

    We received the socks and they have been amazing, after a 11 1/2 hour flight I had no swelling in my feet and they were extremely comfortable. I will recommend your product to anyone that is travelling

  117. Hinemoa Delaney

    I purchased the Comfort Womens Compression socks for my Spider/Varicose Veins they are suprisingly comfortable. They make me feel secure and, so far, they seem to be effective. It may be too early to be able to give a thorough account but I would definitely say that, so far, I’m very glad that I decided to give them a try and that others should seriously consider them to.

  118. Chris Hall

    Thank you for the speedy delivery. Also great touch with the personalised note as well as the instructions to, the gift was a great touch. Thank you for the amazing experience.

  119. Paula Scarfe

    Awesome trade thankyou. At last I have found compression socks that are comfortable to wear ****most highly recommended****

  120. Christine Low

    I already have a couple of pairs of your socks and they are great.Having read the story on the puffer fish feet I reckon I have a better one.I’m known amongst my travelling friends for previously getting huge ankles after travelling. Then taking every advantage when landed to put my feet up and wear long trousers to cover them up. However your socks were a game changer as after a flight Christchurch-Auckland-San Francisco I was shopping for dress shoes three hours after landing (and I had travelled economy so no foot rest!) Now a pair on and a spare in my carry-on are my standard for travelling. Pity I didn’t have them when I went to Italy – I could only window shop for shoes there!

  121. Kristina Trood

    I had a shipping issue which they fixed ASAP. The socks have helped my aching legs also. Great.

  122. Jacqui Crilly

    Thankyou – they feel great. Hopefully they will help stop my “kankles” developing when I fly end of the week!

  123. Justine Small

    Other brands of flight socks were uncomfortable and that meant I tended not to wear them. My TXG socks are comfortable.

  124. Maralyn Stevens

    The fit was comfortable, they were easy to put on and I had no jet lag. Your Amazing Customer Service when your customer receives their socks is very personal and awesome. I am extremely satisfied and will recommend TXG. I appreciate your follow up and treating me like I matter.

  125. Shirley Wong

    Just a note to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my Comfort series compression socks and I’m delighted to receive some personal service.

  126. Sue Ussher

    There wasnt a challenge in finding compression socks. Your ad came up on Facebook so went with them. I’m extremely satisfied.

  127. Fiona

    Have just used them flying to the UK and they stopped my normal problem of my ankles and feet blowing up like a puffer fish!! They solved an ongoing problem for me. Absolutely would recommend. I have previously used store bought compression socks with no success.. .. Great product. Love that I could measure my leg and get the “right” size

  128. Allanah White

    My socks controlled the swelling I had due to bilateral high replacements allowing me to be more comfortable and to wear my shoes!! Quality products, variety of choice and prompt service. I’m Satisfied.

  129. Libby Lundin

    Finding socks that fitted comfortably in the foot was difficult but in my TXG socks my feet very comfortable. Good value for money.

  130. Jane Muggendge

    Thankyou for such great Customer Service – often promised and just as often not delivered – so – Thank you

  131. Chrissy McDonald

    Yes I am in Deutschland and the TXG Compression Socks have been amazing my legs are not puffy nor are they heavy or fatigued – you have indeed guaranteed a quality product. Many thanks.

  132. Heather McDonald

    They are very comfortable to wear and I had no problems with swelling

  133. Christine Leicester

    I had no leg swelling and puffiness at all after 17 hour flight. Fantastic. Very comfortable and supportive. Extremely satisfied.

  134. Ana Collins

    Thanks so much we are really impressed by the quality of the compression socks. Very nicely packaged too giving it a 5 out of 5 for product and service and will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thanks heaps

  135. Naomi Campbell

    I wear them when I am travelling but also wear them at other times. These are replacing a previous pair. The socks improve venous return reducing swelling. The socks are good but as important is the impeccable service.

  136. Bernadette Clark

    I would like to say – I am really pleased with the service I have received and the packaging it felt so personal unlike the usual things I have bought online.

  137. Julie Khrapko

    I was looking for compression socks as we are flying to Europe shortly. Also as a bank consultant, I sit all day long and my legs were sometimes swollen by the end of the day. We are flying next week, so I didnt have a chance to wear them on a flight, but I did wear them to work and found that my legs were not swollen at the end of the day. I would and have already recommended them, I have also bought a pair for my husband.

  138. Karen Evens

    We bought the socks for long haul flights. We haven’t travelled yet, leave next week. I’m extremely satisfied with my shopping experience with TXG

  139. Deborah

    I have not worn them for travel yet but will use them for flights and driving down to Wellington. I dont want swollen ankles after travel and I’d like to reduce the risk of a DVT. The socks are very comfortable. I found it very easy to order my socks and there was no problem or delay. They were delivered promptly and had no faults and were very high quality

  140. Suzanne Thornton

    Found them great and great service

  141. Lindsey Knight

    Thankyou – Beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. Cheers!!

  142. Stephanie and James

    You have the best customer service ever :

  143. Trish

    I needed socks for a long haul flight. I have not tried them yet but I hope they reduce any swelling or clots. Service was great socks look and feel good and are very high quality.

  144. Carole Telmpleman

    I can highly recommend shopping with TXG their Customer Service is a real credit to them, and stockings arrived very well presented, a lovely personal touch. Thankyou I am impressed with your service.

  145. Caryl Sellers

    No DVT!! Great service and high quality. ‘Id recommend TXG

  146. Rosalind Powell

    I bought them to wear when travelling on long haul flight overseas. I haven’t worn for any length of time yet. Customer service was excellent. Received socks day after ordering. Very impressed with packaging etc and they are very high quality

  147. Carole & Colin

    The stockings arrived the next day safe and sound many thanks to your team for your EXCELLENT SERVICE!!

  148. David Smith

    I used them on the flight to Vietnam for my ankle that I broke a few months ago to help keep the swelling down. I’d recommend TXG it was simple to order and the socks arrived fast. They are very high quality.

  149. Bev Hughes

    I was concerned about ensuring to get the right fit for the right purpose. I haven’t worn them as yet, but I have tried them on. I’d recommend them as the ordering process and delivery was excellent, and a lot of information on the website to ensure you get the right type of sock and fit. Easy ordering system, reasonably quick delivery, excellent information comes with your socks when they arrive, and nicely personalised notes from the person who sent them.

  150. Margaret Coufmann

    The purpose of my buying them was with the hope that my veins won’t get any worse. You are doing everything right and Id recommend TXG. Very high quality socks.

  151. Judith

    You people are hilarious!! Yes they arrived promptly thankyou and I read everything you send with my socks. Never thought buying socks could be such fun!! I have had a trial run and they are great. Big plane trip comig up so hopefully no swollen feet

  152. Cate Turner

    Just writing a quick note to let you know that I received my compression socks today and they are fantastic! I really appreciate your servcie and I look forward to using them on our very first international flight. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking at travelling in the future. Please feel free to use my feedback … its very hard these days to find customer service like yours and also a great product … so thank you again

  153. Maree

    My socks have reduced my leg fatique. I’d recommend them because they do the job and are high quality. Prompt delivery, Thanks!

  154. Jackie

    Many Thanks. Socks arrived and fitted well

  155. Murray and Christine

    Socks arrived, all good. Thank you so much for the socks and for the excellent service you have providced, a pity a few other businesses dont take a leaf out of your book

  156. Marion Campbell

    I have swollen knees from osteoarthritis and my TXG socks keeps the leg in shape. Eases walking. I would recommend you – Excellent service and products, your information, variety of stock and follow up. Always well packaged. Very high quality – Customer service and Product.

  157. Sara McGarvey

    My socks have travelled even further and are now in England. I come annually but this year was delighted to find that my ankles and feet were not at all swollen on arrival at Heathrow. I have been using over the counter compression socks previously and usually experiance some mild swelling. Also they were extremely comfortable. So I’m delighted with your socks and will be recommending them to my friends.

  158. Hilary Craies

    Arrived 6 Nov many thanks they sure are beautiful to wear. Once again many thanks for the comfort ones.

  159. Jo

    Customer Services was excellent. Good information available. Easy to get information and order. I’d recommend TXG

  160. Denise Abel

    I was tired of flying longhaul and arriving with swollen feet. Wearing the socks was so comfortable and I was thrilled not to have swollen feet and ankles after a 12 hour flight. I would absolutely recommend them because they worked for me. I was surprised by the very high quality of the construction of the socks and was expecting more of a thinner sock more like a knee high hose. I am glad I went for the nude colour I felt it was less noticable.

  161. Ross and Bronwyn

    Arrived safely and fit perfectly.. I promise I will take good care of them and very shortly they will be off on another adventure to Europe

  162. Margaret Hendra

    I purchased my TXG socks to stop leg swelling on long flights. I haven’t had flight yet but been wearing sox on and off to get used to them each evening. Great service very friendly crew love the personal touches. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  163. Sheila

    Socks arrived safe and sound 3 days ago and are comfortable and great to wear thank you for your amusing letter

  164. Margaret H

    Thanks very much my socks arrived safely on Monday: I have a big trip planned so looking forward to using them on the flight. Thanks heaps for your caring service.

  165. Glenda Barnett

    My socks have just stayed home/work and lots of adventures with outings locally. Grandkids etc. I have worn them most days in spite of the warm weather and find them very comfortable. The other day I called into Wild Herbs in Tauranga. I have some oils recommended to me along with advise and varicose veins massage suggestions. I was able to recommend your wonderful socks. The sales Personnel I spoke with had not heard of your Company and was very interested as they like to advise their clients for socks.

  166. Judith Pimm

    I am delighted to received the socks Thank you. I was talking to the Omokoroa Physio the other day and telling her all about the socks. I am going to give Sally all the info you sent as she said she has a lot of Patients that could benefit from them so am hoping more business comes your way. Many Thanks for your prompt and efficient service!!

  167. Happy Customer

    They are comfy! They do give compression and I’d recommend them. I dont think I would describe the socks I got as stockings. Excellent quality though, thanks

  168. Kathy

    My Socks and my Husbands Socks winged their way on a long haul flight to Italy, road tripped through Croatia and hiked through Switzerland to finally winged its way back home with no issues with swelling at all!! I Now plan to use them in winter to help my legs when I go for long runs: Brilliant!!

  169. Tricia Bowley

    My TXG Socks went from Auckland to China, from China to Hong Kong and then back to Auckland. Had no swollen legs or puffy ankles. Well worth the purchase!!

  170. Delwyn Evans

    My TXG socks went everywhere!! Texas, South Africa, Singapore and as I’m typing this from New Orleans just been on a cruise aroudn the Caribbean and Miami. I can vouch for TXG I have never arrived with swollen feet ever!!

  171. Ann-Marie

    My socks flew to Sydney then to Hong Kong for 3 days and to Manchester and Yorkshire for 5 days. Then London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Tuscany, Rome and back home via Hong Kong and Sydney. They have been a great investment already!!

  172. Patty Matafeo

    I wore my TXG socks travelling between NZ and Ethiopia – Transits through Thailand on my way there and Hong Kong on the return journey. My TXG socks are awesome – no swollen ankles or feet – first time ever. I will be recommending them to family and friends for their future travels. Thankyou 🙂

  173. Kirsty Barclay

    My socks have arrived safely thank you very much. They are washed and all ready to wear on 11th January. Thank you for all your amazing service – my compression sock purchase has been lots of fun!

  174. Amanda

    Great customer service – fun and friendly. My socks are very high quality and look awesome

  175. Lisa

    Thank you for the delivery of our flight socks. How nice it was to have them presented so lovely too, thanks for that effort

  176. Kristine

    Superb service and awesome team. Kudos to you and your team for your excellent customer service.

  177. Terry Beckett

    TXG Socks were recommended to me by a Cardiologist as a reputable brand. I would recommend them for the fantastic customer service.

  178. Wendi Richardson

    I had problems with varicose veins, aching, painful legs and disturbed sleep from being on my feet for long 12 hour shifts and literally running for most of that time while wearing heavy safety boots. It took a few days to get used to wearing the socks, sore soles of my feet because as you mentioned the TXG socks are not as thick as my other socks, I just had to get used to them. I would recommend the socks and I have recommended them to my mother, she is 88 next month and I hope she will order some soon, she is wearing another brand at the moment. You are doing everything just fine. I hope that they are tough enough to go the distance in my job. I work in a factory where timber products are made, it is very hot and splinters can be a real problem at pulling clothing causing damage. So far so good.

  179. Denise

    Socks arrived very promptly, most impressed

  180. Denise Falloon

    Our socks arrived late yesterday afternoon – it was so nice to receive my socks with the ribbion around them and all the extra information. It was such a pleasure to receive an online purchase that felt like it had been packed with care. So often these days an online purchase arrives with no documentation/receipt or even a thanks for your order. I guess most companies just don’t care. You are as amazing as the socks and I’ve already been telling friends and family how wonderful my experience was shopping on your website. The socks are put aside for our upcoming trip and I simply can’t thank you enough for everything. Your care and attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed – keep on smiling it makes people wonder what you have been up to 😉

  181. Lynette

    I had no swollen ankles on the plane and my legs were not sore. I already have recommended you to friends best customer services ever!! I never ring companys to give feedback but I was so happy with the letter – gift – ribbon – product I had to. 5 out of 5

  182. Rachel

    After the first day the swelling had gone down and my legs didn’t feel so sore. I would definitely recommend these women’s compression socks. Customer service is amazing never have I seen packaging and quality like you offer. Price could be cheaper – however in saying that the product is high quality.

  183. Rachel

    I needed compression socks as I have a history of clotting and I was about to do two overseas trips. I have just had one flight but found the socks comfortable and … no swelling. I would recommend the comfort womens socks they seem like good quality and the service was really quick.

  184. Glenda Barnett

    I’m absolutely delighted with the socks you have sent me. I’m onto my third day of wearing them and they are certainly are making a difference. After the first day I awoke with a leg that was no longer inflamed wonderful – happier feet/legs and happier me. Wow I have just had a thorough read of your website which has given me a much better understanding of what you have and what I need. Certainly for now I’m very happy. My leg (one in particular) needed the firmer product which you have sent me as the lighter ones just were not working very effectively for me. I like the information found on your website as it has helped me understand how I can look after my health better. Thank for your care. It is appreciated. I had spoken with the physio and doctor asking their advice and interestingly it was up to me to find a product. So I googgled compression socks and your website came to my attention. I love the comment to look after your second heart. Your delivery was excellent. The product arrived very soon after ordering. I work as a Diversional therapist/Activity Assistant in a local Rest Home so I find this all very interesting as I do see legs in the aged that can be very swollen. I will certainly recommend your product out there in the nursing world and so on. Love the ribbon and keep up the great work.

  185. Thalia

    I am so impressed by this company and its products. I am heading to Europe next week and needed compression socks for an 18 flight. TXG made it so easy researching the best option from its website to purchase. I made the purchase and I swear it was like 2 days and the socks arrived. Beautifully packaged with heaps of info on the product, including care instructions and how to put them on. They feel amazing and really supportive. A few days later I got a follow up email to make sure the socks had arrived. I have to say, this is the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you TXG for helping to make this a stress free purchase 🙂

  186. Glenda

    We brought them for our daughter. Unfortunately she never tried them on before she left. Got to the airport and said she couldn’t get them on . Her flight was an evening flight. Measured them as per instructions. Was disappointed ( with her not you guy’s as could have sorted this before she left). I can’ give a recommendation as they weren’t worn. I think you are doing all the right things with customer service.

  187. Steff Kehoe

    I cannot recommend these socks highly enough! I am an expat Brit living in NZ and type 1 diabetic and I have always experienced foot and ankle swelling on my long haul flights back home despite getting up every hour to move my legs and ankles on the plane. I tried TXG compression stockings for the first time from NZ to Italy and was absolutely blown away – zero swelling and 100% satisfaction@ I have been raving the whole trip about these socks! They really made a huge difference to my travel comfort and when I got to Italy I was ready to go and went straight on a walking tour without any issues – whereas normally I would need a few days to get over the stiff swollen ankles! Thanks so much TXG!! Love your socks!! Xx

  188. Sue

    The socks arrived – all well – thank you

  189. Morgan Ryan

    Hiya! Received my socks and I love them – very soft! I was expecting them to be kind of difficult to put them on but I actually got them on very easy ( and this was at the end of the day). I’m just wondering if I should be worried it was so easy?? Going by the measurements they should be correct but they’re my first compression socks so I want to check! Thanks very much you obviously put a lot of love into the work and I appreciated it when unwrapping. I’m totally happy for you to share this on the website! I’d also like to add that your note made you very approachable and I didn’t worry if my question was stupid because the tone was so nice!

  190. Joanna

    Yes the socks have arrived and love them!

  191. Wendy

    Ring the bell! Spark up the flashing lights! Bring out the balloons confetti and streamers! One super happy customer here 🙂 Loved the thoughtful little touches too. Thank you

  192. Lantana

    I needed compression socks to help with pregnancy swelling! The socks really helped and felt good on. I would recommend them – quick easy delivery and quality product. Customer service and product were both great!

  193. Judy

    Our socks have arrived and we are very happy with them. They will very shortly be going on a trip to Vietnam 🙂

  194. Rachel Williams

    Our socks have arrived. Thank you so much for your wonderful service 🙂 Please pass on how lovely you have all been to deal with – particularly how prompt the socks arrived and how friendly you guys are.

  195. Lynn

    I wanted a good pair of compression socks at a good price. I got them for my trip to Belgium so have not yet tried them on to make sure they fit and they are a great fit. I would recommend them because of the great service and the socks seem to be well made.

  196. Susan

    I was looking for a good quality compression sock. I haven’t worn them yet but will be shortly. I have already recommended TXG – great friendly helpful service

  197. Helen Cornelius

    The socks have arrived – a pair for me and a pair for hubby. I am wearing mine right now to test them before our 17 hour flight in a couple of weeks. They’re very comfy. Thank you for a superior product. Excellent service

  198. Lee

    Wow didn’t you all do well? My socks arrived yesterday beautifully packaged. We took your tip and took them out admired them and decided to give them a try for a few hours. I have to say that within minutes I felt the benefit that I had hadn’t realised I needed. So impressed I decided to wear them again today and intend on going on a long walk very shortly to really put them to the test. Thanks for your friendkly and exceptionally great service.

  199. Chrissy

    I wanted to find a compression sock that wouldn’t dig into my leg at the top thereby making my leg swell like a tourniquet was around it. Sadly I didn’t find any benefit but that is because I feel my leg is perhaps too large. I would recommend them because for a person with regular sized legs I think they would be excellent. They are extremely well made. I don’t think there is anything you could do to improve – excellent service and a great product.

  200. Dana

    I get swollen feet on long flights and I am hoping that my compression socks will help once I put them to the test. You have the best customer service I have got – very friendly and helpful I couldn’t ask for more.

  201. Cicillia

    Fast shipping – good communication – excellent product – highly recommended

  202. Josephine

    I haven’t worn my compression socks yet I will be going on a flight soon and that is what I purchased them for. I would recommend them as they are high quality. Can’t think of anything you could do to improve your customer service

  203. Garnett

    The socks have arrived and my partner is very happy. Thank you for the fast service.

  204. Chrissy

    Thanks so much – dealing with your company has been a pleasure. The socks were a gift for my elderly parents but I have had feedback that they worked a treat – no swollen ankles after a longhaul flight to London. I would recommend TXG – fabulous service and followup even to check they’d arrived. Once I had ordered online then later I was on Facebook and your page popped up then I was able to read how engaged you are with your customers

  205. Janine

    I needed socks in a short delivery time frame. I would absolutely recommend TXG socks they were really easy to put on and really comfortable and I had no feet swelling when flying. Very high quality customer service.

  206. Glyn

    Thanks so much I am very happy with the fit.

  207. Adrienne

    I purchased my women’s compression socks for a 17 hour non-stop flight to Dubai. I haven’t done the trip yet but I wore the socks this weekend for a drive to Auckland and return ( a trial run!!) Will let you know about my long haul flight. I found the socks very comfortable and will certainly recommend – in fact my travelling companion has just ordered some. Customer service seems excellent and socks very high quality.

  208. Miranda

    I had a procedure on my varicose vein and needed compression socks to wear once my hospital compression stockings came off. I find when wearing the compression socks I have less aching and pain. I would recommend them as they are really good quality. Wonderful customer service – personal touches made my order when it arrived a lovely surprise. Can’t fault your service. 5 our of 5

  209. Denise

    I certainly would recommend TXG socks – my legs always feel ready to go the moment we arrive in a country even after such a long flight. They are also wonderful for everyday use. Customer service is marvellous

  210. Marie

    I would totally recommend TXG socks the service was great. I made one phone call and Heather was so informative and helpful. Everything is great there is nothing to change. I am still to go on my trip but have started to wear them to get used to them.

  211. Christina

    From the research I did I knew graduated compression was best. When looking for socks not many brands state whether or not they are graduated compression – as yours stated they were very clearly I went for them. To be honest I didn’t really know if there were any benefits. I’ve never tavelled on long haul flights apart from the flights I recently did which I wore the socks on so I can’t really comment. I would and in fact I already have recommended you because I know they are graduated compression. Also you offer different colours and some different fabrics as well as tights. You are doing everything right 🙂 Thanks again for the super easy and quick transaction and arrival of socks a good product.

  212. Jude

    They look and feel good. Customer service and packaging was exceptional 🙂

  213. Tina

    My socks have arrived thank you. I have tried on the comfort womens socks and they fit well.

  214. Jill Williamson

    I’m thrilled with my TXG compression stockings they make such a difference at work – wish I’d been wearing them for the last 30 years of my nursing career.

  215. Sue

    My compression socks were very comfortable and worked well on long haul flights. I would recommend TXG. The service is fantastic as is the product. I can’t think of a single thing you could improve I think you have everything covered very well.

  216. Sally

    I wanted high quality socks where I struggled to understand what was most important when deciding on sizing. Most outdoor stores had travel compression socks that were a ‘one size fits all’ mentality – but I knew my legs were significantly different to others. When I came across your website I fell into the ‘small’ range for feet size ‘medium’ size for ankle and ‘large’ for calves. I struggled to know what size to get and what measurement was the most important. My legs did not swell at all on long haul flights! (They always swell!) I found them to be very warm and comfortable.I would absolutely recommend TXG socks!! I loved all of the personal touches. I contacted your team regarding sizing advice and you were quick to respond and very friendly! Upon receiving my package I smiled from ear to ear as I received all of the personal hand-written notes. I love supporting local businesses – and I would have to say I am SO impressed by the service I received. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know – good thing I am in a team of travelers 🙂 Thank you for all of the personal touches – made the experience so worth it! You are doing a fantastic job! I am hugely satisfied by your service. Thank you so much for my lovely new socks! 🙂

  217. Joe

    Your website provides great information and guidance on how to select the right socks. We will be wearing our compression socks on a long haul flight to Europe soon. I would recommend TXG socks because of the great advice provided on choosing the right type of socks for the individual. High quality socks and great customer service.

  218. Lynne Stewart

    My socks have arrived. I am very impressed with your customer service by way of communication and also the parcel arriving with extra goodies. Thank you from a very impressed customer.

  219. Robbie

    From one of the happiest sock receivers to the happiest chief sock checker in the world. I giggled at your emails and love the packaging that my gorgeous socks arrived in. I’m sure they are the happiest socks in the world and I’m looking forward to testing them on my flight later thei week. I’d love it if more people were as cheery and thoughtful as you. I love your cheery messages.

  220. Lynette

    We are travelling overseas and wanted compression socks to wear on the flight. We both tried them on and they seem really comfortable – you don’t realise you have them on – I would recommend them. Your customer service is excellent – no problems at all

  221. Kath

    I would recommend the comfort womens compression stockings they are a good quality stocking and felt like a great support without being too tight.

  222. Jude

    Soooooooo cute 🙂 I absolutely love your marketing – my socks have just arrived. Beautifully gift wrapped and lovely words on your cards. Thanks heaps – I’m so impressed with your service. Will definitely be shopping with you again.

  223. Jenny

    I would recommend the socks I got. Very comfortable at the top. Good customer service

  224. Antoinette

    I was looking for compression socks that would fit and were excellent quality. Although I took them off part way into the flight due to them digging in ( I had had them on for hours) I wore them on other occasions on my trip when I had strained my calf and it really helped with the healing and stability. I would recommend them the socks were mostly comfortable to wear although I had to remove them due to swelling under my knee due to my arthritis making the socks dig in. They were comfortable to wear on shorter trips. I enjoyed the letters/notes that accompanied my purchase which were friendly and amusing. I really like the product and will look at what else you have to offer.

  225. Wilma

    Thank you. They arrived promptly and I was impressed with the messages and gift and the quality of the socks

  226. Patsy

    Thanks so much for super fast delivery of my compression socks. Very happy with purchase.

  227. Sue

    The socks have arrived – thank you so much for all your helpful advice and the quick delivery. Have recommended you to others that we know of that have long haul travel plans shortly.

  228. Sindy

    I was very happy to receive the socks so nicely packaged and all the little notes and bits and pieces – what a difference a few additional touches make to the whole experience. Thank you so much. I will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know and look forward to wearing my new socks on our flight from Auckland to London and return in September/October this year.

  229. Lois

    I always wear compression socks when travelling and decided to try yours when I saw the feedback. Half way through my journey (4 hours into an 8 hour flight) I had to remove the socks as they were so uncomfortable and seemed far too tight my feet were considerably more swollen when we arrived and one foot remained fairly swollen for 3 days. Sorry because of my experience I wouldn’t recommend them. Maybe more attention to sizing? Customer service was fantastic.

  230. Patsy

    I needed compression socks which were good quality with a trustworthy brandname. Benefits are less tiredness of the legs and peace of mind on long haul flights. I would recommend TXG socks because they are excellent quality & a trusted brand. I have used them before. 5 out of 5

  231. Lynette

    I stand all day at work and have varicose veins and I was searching for a suitable quality product. The compression socks have made my legs feel a lot better at the end of the day. I would recommend them as they are a good quality product and customer service is great.

  232. Sandra

    I tried Katmandu socks which were hopeless – not tight and they fell down – so wasted money on them. But after wearing my comfort womens compression socks I had no swelling on long flights. I would recommend them as they are an excellent product. Great Service – Fast delivery – good communications – nothing to improve

  233. Joan

    Until I found your website I didn’t know much about compression socks or where to purchase them. I found them comfortable to wear – high quality and the swelling in my ankles has decreased. I would recommend TXG the information available on your website is easy to understand and prompt and speedy service. Customer service is very high quality keep up the good work

  234. Jane Lewsley

    I have just actually opened my parcel as I was busy but I just wish to state that the packing – the personalised notes and the ribbon are amazing ! Seriously the customer service is unbelievable – I felt like I was opening a christmas present! The humour in the package about where the socks come from etc is great … I have showed everyone in the office – magic! – this is what really sets company’s apart – I wish you and your team all the best with your products – will be testing them soon. Absolutely use my feedback – happy to shower your praises far and wide!

  235. Joanna

    They have arrived and are fantastic

  236. Helen

    My socks have arrived and I will be wearing them on the 10th of April to Samoa 🙂 Thanks so much for wonderful service

  237. Nathalie

    I was searching for compression socks because of swollen feet and pain in my legs. After a long flight I had almost no swollen feet. I would recommend them as they are soft and nice to wear. It is all great – quick delivery – good product – good follow up

  238. Amy Chow

    The material is very comfortable. After a whole day standing at work, my legs are felt obviously less tired than usual. Would like to try some other products. The customer service is so good. They even sent me the sample to try on. Very impressed.

  239. Helen

    My socks have arrived thank you. I’m very impressed with the quality, packaging, speed of delivery and they feel great on, wish I’d replaced my old pair sooner now! Thank you

  240. Gaylene

    Amazing service – received in 3 days and your personal touch is just great. Excellent product, soft, comfortable and look good and so much easier to put on than another brand I have had for 15 years which use for all travel. I have recommended these to a work colleague who will be flying to London in a few months. Thank you

  241. Lisarna

    I just wanted to get back in touch and thank you very much. They were fantastic and worked a treat. Your help sorting out the courier delivery problems were much appreciated, thanks

  242. Bev

    Incredibly happy with my flight socks!! Great communication, very fast delivery. And a great product. Thank you for the hassle free purchase, very helpful and a pleasure to deal with AAA++++

  243. Jen

    I recently purchased the flight socks which are great

  244. Kath

    My problem was finding socks that were foot friendly, I’m not big on artificial fibers on my feet. I now have happier feet – I’m wearing them for medical reasons and I think my legs are less tired – early days!. I would recommend TXG socks because your personal service stands out as much as the great product. The website is great – I’m still a learner there and found it very easy to use. I look forward to further orders while I explore your range.

  245. Brent

    Socks were received on time and proved to work as claimed on our long-haul to Vancouver – cant ask for much more, thanks. I did want also to let you know that your online service was superb as you managed to transform a mundane internet task into a personal shopping experience – well done, you deserve to do really well and I will be singing your praises!

  246. Kathleen

    My socks arrived safely yesterday. Impressive service and amazing packaging and attention to detail. The supporting information was helpful and more detailed than any I’ve seen so far. All the best

  247. Sue

    Hi Heather from the Czech Republic! Your socks are amazing! I didn’t realise what a great job they do in reducing swelling, until I used an ordinary pair of socks one day. Now its back to your compression socks which are also great for warmth. It is minus three degrees this morning, so the toes get nippy! Thanks once again

  248. Sarah

    Incredibly happy with my socks!! Great communication, very fast delivery. And a great product. Thank for the hassle free purchase

  249. Tina

    Thank you for your input and assistance! Greatly appreciated!

  250. Donna

    Our compression socks are really comfortable and will be great for our upcoming long haul travel. We liked the size range for a good fit and also the option of fabric suitable for sensitive skin. We would recommend TXG because of the lovely friendy, great service, prompt delivery and good information. The friendly touches that came with delivery surprised us.

  251. Catherine

    The socks are excellent thank you. I bought my socks to help with my varicose veins and varicose eczema, they were an excellent fit, comfortable, to wear and the reduced my fee and ankle swelling. I would recommend them as they are excellent quality and the excellent personalised service and prompt delivery.

  252. Sue

    The challenge I had when looking for compression socks was sorting out the wheat from the chaff. I liked that I could order the socks in different leg circumferences, not just a shoe size. I haven’t worn my socks yet although I have practiced with them on. I am about to fly overseas and they have been bought specifically for that purpose. I would most certainly recommend your socks. they’re comfortable and will do the job beautifully. You are doing EVERYTHING right – your service is fantastic, from sending samples to try, to processing my final order so quickly. The very best of luck to your company – I won’t hesitate to recommend your socks to anyone who needs them.

  253. Jean

    Im a bit slow answering after your lovely friendly service but I am not wearing them regularly till we go away in 2 weeks then I shall continue over the summer when i have most problems. I thought at 1st sight i had ordered the wrong size and there was no way i would get them on, wrong, it was no problem. They feel firm and comfortable. I would certainly recommend them. I cant think of anything you can do better. I have worn support stockings for some years and they are the best as well as best price, so thank you.

  254. Regan

    I have just returned from my trip overseas with 3 to 16 hour legs to our journey. The TXG socks were amazing and I had no issue with swollen legs or ankles. Amazing and so comfortable! Thank you. I will never travel long plane journeys without them!!!

  255. Vicki

    I wanted to prevent thrombosis and swelling etc on a flight. I never had swelling in my legs and felt fine once landed. My partner had swollen ankles so he didn’t wear his again – he didnt like them. I would recommend the socks as they were very comfortable. The quality and customer service is very high

  256. Gill

    Your customer service is amazing! So good to order from a nice, friendly company!

  257. Carolyn Mangan

    I have found my compression stockings to be good value for money compared to what I have been using. They are also way more comfortable – I hardly know I’ve got them on. The way the toes are done means they will also last longer than my previous ones. Thank you. Will try the merino ones next winter.

  258. Sharleen

    Im finally getting around to giving you some feedback on my socks. I have had my socks for over 18 months and have worn them at least once a week – even though they are becoming very thin on the heels they still give me the same amount of compression around my ankles and lower legs. I will purchase more in the next few months so I can wear them most days as I won’t need to wait for them to come out of the washing.

  259. Alison

    Sorry I have not got back to you sooner, but life seems to get busier when you retire rather than less. I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you very much for the two pairs of wonderful socks you sent me. I am travelling to Lapland in December for Christmas so was planning to get some new compression socks as it is many years since I have travelled and all the different sorts of compression stockings/socks I have are terrible uncomfortable wrinkly things I can’t wait to get out of once off the plane. So I was saving your socks till then. As the weather got cooler I thought I would give them a try just wearing them daily as I moved around, as I do have a number of leg, foot, problems which I have to cope with just with every day living. WOW can only describe them. I had barely got one sock on the foot when my skin felt relaxed, cool and by the time I had them both on my legs felt like I was walking on air. I have since worn them every day with one trying the old ones on again just to make sure. I have thrown all my old nylon stockings and compression stockings away I just want to wear these. Even in bed at night without stockings the heat in my legs is pretty normal after wearing your stockings all day, they seem to prepare my legs for normal warmth at night. FANTASTIC. What more can I say. Your service is AMAZING, your follow-up service UNBEATABLE. I am so looking forward to my first trip away by myself , never having done it before. My husband died last year after a long hard battle with cancer, so these are my new challenges. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Please could I order another 3 pairs so that I can live in them. I could show them to Father Christmas in Lapland, he might be interested he he!!!!! Thank you for making my dreams come true.

  260. Paul

    My wife and I have just got back from Hawaii and we both think that they helped 100%. My wife usually gets swollen feet just going to aussie, but she didn’t have any problems either way on this trip (17.5 hours total). Thank you very much. We will be telling all our friends about your socks

  261. Bridgette

    Those socks are amazing. My feet didn’t swell and my right leg which has varicose veins didn’t ache. Yay!

  262. Jennie

    The socks I bought last year for my overseas travel were invaluable as I have had DVT problems in the past. Can highly recommend them

  263. Sarah

    I would love to give you some feedback on the TXG Socks I purchased from you about a week ago. The features I love the most about my socks are that they are black and easy to wear underneath pretty much everything. I am currently wearing them under sports leggings and you can even tell I have them on. I like that they are plain without any big branding on them. Most of all I like that they actually do what they are sold to do – help with the fatigue and ache in my legs caused by my varicose veins during pregnancy. I have found since wearing the socks that my legs are a lot less sore and that my veins are not as prominent at the end of the day. I would 100% recommend these socks to anyone with achy, tired legs. I think the customer service is outstanding! I ordered socks and then the next morning they arrived (thank goodness!) and they were beautifully packaged.

  264. Toni

    Just a note of thanks for the fabulous service we experienced when buying our travel socks for Europe holiday. Heather (and the team) ae a well oiled machine with a fantastic personal and helpful attitude. We have loved our socks and made our long journey safe and comfortable. Thanks people 🙂

  265. Jan

    I ordered and received some women’s TXG compression socks last week and you have asked for some feedback. I love my socks they are so comfortable and I don’t even know I have them on. Since I have been wearing my socks I have found that my ankles don’t swell as much as they used to, which is great. I would recommend them to others because of the health benefits they provide and the benefits I have experienced. I will be buying more socks myself. The service and information you provided was excellent. I ordered the socks on Sunday night and they were here in Dunedin on Tuesday morning. Thank you

  266. Cherie

    I have received my compression socks and would like to provide feedback. I found them to be of a great feeling fabric and smooth to put on. I wore them for a day and my legs flet quite light and airy all day, so am looking forward to wearing them on a long flight coming up. Lots of info provided with the product and very personable based company!

  267. Ali

    Absolutely fabulous service. We own a boutique travel company and will recommend you to our clients. Thank you so much.

  268. Hettie

    I am flying next Thursday to Baltimore and looking to wearing my socks for the whole journey – know it is not easy but rather that than swollen ankles. Thank you very much for your very good customer service – I received my second pair of socks yesterday afternoon. Great. Thanks.

  269. Anne

    Thank you very much for a marvelous service. The personal touch is very thoughtful and reflects the way the company is operated. May you go from strength to strength. I have would have no hesitation in recommending TXG

  270. Caroline

    Thanks so much for the comfortable socks suited to our needs. Thanks again for providing this wonderful service

  271. Olatz

    I bought these compression socks last month for my trip from New Zealand to Spain. I have done this trip many times and I can say that the socks made a huge difference!! my legs and feet didn’t swallow at all!! 🙂 awesome!!! On top of the product being great, the customer experience is just amazing.

  272. Sylvia

    Excellent trade. Lovingly packaged with care

  273. Mary

    Thank you for sending my socks so promptly. Your website is very easy to use and your customer service people very friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and will be buying my next socks from you. I have one pair on and they are very comfortable. Thanks again

  274. Kath

    Have never had such wonderful product service in my whole 73 years. Every package I opened was a wonderful surprise. Your PR couldnt be improved upon. The letter that arrived with the socks has been read many times to family and friends. Thank you for your wonderful service

  275. Lorraine

    My socks feel nice on and are easy to put on. My legs feel nice, varicose vein becomes less prominent. Real benefit will be for travelling, which I will be doing next month. A great product and amazing customer service with humour! What a treat.

  276. Anna

    Thanks for amazing socks! Went to Japan from NZ and they made the trip a breeze. Very good quality too! Will be recommending to friends. Also I should note the exceptional customer service!

  277. Amy

    Thank you so much for your quick response and providing advice to guide us to choose the kind of compression socks to meet our needs. The surprise will be continuous for the improvement in wearing the socks for the rese of our lifes. Now, we are happy, thankful, less stressed and confident in everyday life. Thank you very much for choosing TXG for Kiwis. Your high quality and standard of products and excellent after sales service are the great contribution to the people who are living in NZ. We need TXG all the time.

  278. Santina

    I travel extensively around the world teaching yoga and spend many hours in airports and on planes. The TXG flight compression socks have significantly reduced the impact of swelling and decreased the effects of jet lag. Proper recovery to assist in the removal of lactic acid is so important to me during flight times. The graduated compression socks are knitted to apply maximum pressure at the ankles and gradually reducing compression up to the length of the sock. This allows my toes to feel free while the veins and muscles in the lower legs are constricted which prevents soreness and swelling. For maximum benefits I put the socks on before the flight in the airport and notice a significant increase in the mobility of my ankle joints when I arrive at my next destination.

  279. Paula

    Awesome Trade thankyou.

  280. Gail

    I’m always appreciative of great customer service like yours

  281. Felicity

    I am still very pleased with my Women’s Comfort socks, especially the ease around my toes, all the oedema has gone most of the time. I would like to reorder

  282. Brenda

    Just purchased some compression sox for my overseas travels. Great product, great service, great company. Thank you TXG

  283. Carol

    Many thanks again for the wonderful service

  284. Carol

    Thank you TXG for your amazing service and great socks. I especially appreciated the opportunity to sample several socks before deciding which would suit me best. I also enjoyed your quirky humour!

  285. Jan

    The things I like the most about TXG socks are the way the heel & toe seams are knitted together creating an almost completely seamless join which is essential for comfort in compression socks which are worn for up to 16 hours per day, 7 days per week. I also like the range of socks which provide for choices in black & nude colours and with open & closed toes. In my forties and early fifties I had 6 operations on my deep veins in my legs due to venous insufficiency. This condition I inherited from my mother who also had ongoing vein problems and died quite young from an embolism in her leg. Since wearing pressure stocks/stockings every day I have had no further leg problems which is a huge relief, saving me from pain and considerable expense. I would definitely recommend TXG socks to any friends and family with similar venous issues for the benefits they can provide and because the service you give is so great. I love receiving the funny little notes which always cause me to smile and the lovely little surprise gifts which come with my orders. In my opinion it would be very hard for you to improve your products or services as they are both fabulous so just keep on doing what you do so well. I hope TXG continues to appreciate and value the contributions good staff make to the company. It has certainly made me a repeat customer.

  286. Felicity

    I recently bought a pair of socks and I think you have an excellent product. I have situational lymphoedema due to being in a wheelchair. The socks I was given by the hospital have no toes and are very thick so they roll back and hurt like hell!! They were however effective so I was very pleased to find that your fabulously comfortable socks do as good a job. When I put them on, my toes go “oh, glory days!” Warm, free, slim and happy feet and legs all day, so I’m impressed. I also have some good stockings from Australia, however I know they were more expensive. When I need to replace them I will buy your product instead.

  287. Maryalyce

    Thank you for the quick delivery of my compression footwear order. Of course I like your product I have come back for another round. I am very pleased that you send the info on how to best put the socks on. It is always good to be reminded.

  288. Jo

    Your customer service is second to none and I would most certainly recommend you to anyone.

  289. Janet

    I received my compression socks this morning and would like to thank you for such speedy service. I will most certainly recommend your company

  290. Patricia

    My comfort compression socks reduced the swelling in my ankles and feet after long air trips. I recommend them as they have no seams, they stay up, are comfortable and reduce aching legs and feet. Keep up the good work.

  291. Paula

    Received my socks Friday, thanks for the prompt service. Have tried them on and they are a good fit.

  292. Diane

    I will definitely be ordering more they feel great, thank you

  293. Patricia

    The socks are great

  294. Junee

    From the first contact I genuinely complement your customer service and products

  295. Marjory

    I purchased your compression socks on the advice of my Doctor and since wearing them my swelling and bruising has disappeared.

  296. Brian

    Excellent product, very pleased with purchase

  297. Thelma

    I received my parcel within 24 hours. I find the leg support a great relief on my leg having had massage for Lymphoedemo keeps the swelling under control. Great delivery service. Keep up with your splendid service.

  298. Margaret

    I am thrilled with my elite brand of support stockings. I wear them all the time and feel so well dressed. I will be in touch to purchase more.

  299. Stephanie

    Thank you for the quick delivery and friendly assistance

  300. Marianne

    Just a note to say my order arrived in double quick time and is perfect. Thank you for that. I am recovering from a stroke and just learning to walk again so my feet and leg comfort is a top priority. Many thanks once again

  301. Jane

    Great socks, excellent service, will definitely buy again. These are the best socks ever on a long haul flight

  302. Erica

    Heather I am really impressed with your service. Your product knowledge gave me so much confidence in TXG and your patience and caring manner are a big plus. Thanks a million!. I will pass on your advertising material to my District Nurse offspring and will tell my Doctor so she can also recommend you. Thank you

  303. Kathleen

    I am delighted with my compression socks- I am sleeping better at night as I have no fluid retention. Other compression sock brands I have tried were uncomfortable and never stayed in place. The TXG compression socks are so comfortable to wear it doesn’t feel as though I am wearing compression socks and they stay in place. I now wear them all the time and would like to order more. I have recommended them to my neighbour.

  304. Margaret

    Is it three weeks that I have had my “exclusive legwear” ? Time flys when you are a satisfied customer. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful after sales service. I love the extra comfort I am getting especially around the ankles and the top of the socks. They are just the right length for me. They are JUST SO comfortable. The texture of the fabric used is “more upmarket” than any of the other brands I have worn. I think they are the ULTIMATE in support legwear and I would like to order another pair.

  305. Lauren

    I recently wore TXG compression socks while travelling and was amazed at how comfortable they were. I have worn other types of compression socks in the past and the TXG socks were far more comfortable than the others. I am currently pregnant so I will start wearing the socks daily in the next couple of months until the end of my pregnancy to prevent varicose veins, thanks again.

  306. Lynne

    Thank you for the friendly correspondence, you sound like a very happy business and I have enjoyed dealing with you. I do a lot of travelling and look forward to wearing these compression socks.

  307. Marlene

    Thank you again for the awesome service in delivering my new socks. Your turn around time is amazing, second to none. Thank you also for the lovely useful gifts. The socks are lovely to wear and especially when we were doing long car trips in the South Island recently it gave me assurance that my varicose vein legs were being cared for. Thanks again.

  308. Andrea

    I would love to give you some feedback. Both my purchase and your delivery was exceptional. The socks themselves are of a high quality and I found them to be comfortable. I have certainly passed your contact details onto other people and I hope that they have the same experience that I have had

  309. Judy

    I am really impressed with your service and shall certainly spread the word about you and TXG.

  310. Lyn

    My TXG socks were great when travelling, I also used them during the day while on holiday and they were really good. I washed them in the hotel room and they drip dried really well overnight

  311. Makao

    Thank you, love the socks so will buy more.

  312. Sharon

    Many thanks for the follow up letter regarding my purchase of the TXG socks. It was unexpected and renewed my faith that many companies out there really do still care about their customers I have found the socks to have given instant relief to my legs having already had two operations for the removal of varicose veins. Working in a busy caf and standingfor long hours requires a bit of extra support. Thank you very much.

  313. Pat

    Your service is excellent, the guidance was good, they arrived very quickly and the follow up was excellent. I find them really comfortable, they stay where they are meant to, theydon’t roll down and I don’t need to use rubber gloves to put them on.

  314. Jane

    I ordered compression socks on Sunday and they were delivered on Monday to my office which was great. Excellent service and the socks are perfect. I look forward to wearing them on upcoming long haul flights and see how they make a difference to my legs that usually swell significantly. Many thanks.

  315. Jo

    The compression socks arrived last Saturday – very speedy service, and were beautifully wrapped and a dream to get on and feel very comfortable. The big test will be the trip to Paris at the end of the week. I first wore another brand of compression socks a couple of years ago for travel, they were quite expensive and getting them on, even using the method you advise in your information pack was not easy. However the doctor had recommended that I needed to do this as my risk of a DVT had increased significantly due to medication, once on they were fine. Your website is very easy to use, it saved me a trip back to the shop to buy another pair of socks. Thank you for the personalised service – that is appreciated. I certainly have already told people about your company and will continue to advise others.

  316. Leonie

    After practical and helpful discussions with Heather I was able to select the appropriate stockings for my need. Heather was always most informative and helpful about all facets of the various stockings. Although a lot of this information was on the website it was good “to speak to a person” about my particular needs. The stockings were of a very good quality, beautifully packaged and received promptly. I would have no hesitation in recommending these stockings to my friends.

  317. Marsha

    I am more than happy with the socks I got from TXG a short while ago and have them on at this very moment! I would like to order 3 more pairs for my husband, my son and myself.

  318. Nancy

    I am really happy with my new txg socks…some days I have to stand on my feet for more than 6 hours at work and my legs felt so tired. TXG socks help me solve that issue and they now become my favourite socks for a long day like that. Thank you TXG.

  319. Louisa

    Thank you for your prompt reply – I’ve sent a couple of product enquiries to different companies recently and yours is certainly the most comprehensive, and I do like your position title! I’ve placed my order and look forward to giving the comfort womens a go

  320. Diane

    Lovely, lovely socks which keep my feet warm while doing the circulation job 🙂 I’ve just recommended your socks to my brother so you should be hearing from him soon

  321. Pauline

    I just wanted to give my feedback on my order with TXG. I honestly don’t think I have ever ordered anything online and received such fantastic service and a great product. I ordered my socks on a Sunday afternoon and they arrived on Monday afternoon which is super fast. I thought the packaging of the socks is first class, lots of info with them and overall a very impressive product. I would not hesitate to order with you again.

  322. Phyl

    I am so pleased with my stockings I bought from you some months ago, I would like another pair. I have also put other people on to you as I very much like the way the hose are made to hold on the feet and narrows again at the right places

  323. Heather

    Thank you the Comfort Women’s socks are much better than those purchased via the district nurse – no uncomfortable seams under foot. I will be sending another order.

  324. Heather

    I have been so busy wearing and enjoying my new socks, I had no time to email you. They are wonderful and I have already recommended them to a friend. I want to order another pair the same

  325. Lynda

    I am very happy with my socks, they work well

  326. Janis

    I have just recently bought a pair of your socks and I have to say I find them marvellous. I bought them for wearing to work as I am on my feet all day but I have also tried wearing them to my exercise class and just around the house. My legs felt great at the end of the day and really, they were so comfortable they were almost invisible. Thank you for a great product. I do of course need to buy more !! Can I have another pair? I shall be recommending them to everyone at work.

  327. Sandra

    I returned from my trip a week ago and wore my socks on each flight which kept all swelling to an absolute minimum, which I was really pleased about. Thanks also for the instructions on an easy way to put them on – it certainly helped, especially with the higher pressure socks I ordered. Your service has been excellent and I would not hesitate to contact you the next time I require another pair. I will also recommend you to people I know who also travel frequently.

  328. Lois

    Thank you for your note and gift. I am very happy with the socks as they are comfortable to wear for long periods and fit really well.

  329. Carolyn

    Some time ago I emailed regarding the length of your travel socks and got a great reply saying that the small size would fit someone just under five foot (I had been having trouble with socks that were toooo long). Have just received my Women’s Comfort travel socks (size small) and am delighted that they come just below my knees as stated, very excited about that THANKS

  330. Elaine

    I am delighted with the product and they have certainly helped with foot wound healing after an operation. Would highly recommend this product (open toe sock) and wonderful people to deal with

  331. Diane

    The socks are absolutely perfect, I am delighted, they are much easier to put on than other brands

  332. Vicki

    I received my socks yesterday. Thank you very much. I am delighted with them. I don’t think I will ever buy another kind of sock again. I will be back in touch sometime shortly to place another order for more socks. I would have to say that you are delivering the best customer service that I think I have ever experienced, thank you again

  333. Marlene

    Thank you for the swift delivery of my compression socks. I am very pleased with them as they are comfortable on my legs. I loved the special follow up note received recently with the little gift. Great customer service! I certainly will be buying more socks from you in the future. Thank you again

  334. Lily

    Excellent prompt service with a very friendly personal touch. Great product, thankyou

  335. Thelma

    Lovely to recieve your follow up letter. I’m ever so pleased with your product, have found the compression knee highs comfortable and mostly much relief for the swelling in my leg and may I add I found you so helpful and easy to talk to, many thanks

  336. Charlotte

    Great and friendly service, thank you – I may well be back, THANK YOU!

  337. Margaret

    Excellent advice & service. I am delighted with the socks, I have a tricky knee but I find the socks easy to put on, I also have a skin condition but find that these socks don’t irritate my skin at all

  338. Phyllis

    I have worn the socks twice and they do help my legs and ease the pain

  339. Bronwyn

    Parcel arrived today, thank youso much for the extra trouble you went to and the little extra in the parcel. Highly recommended to all A+++

  340. Maria

    Thank you very much. Due to history of varicose veins and my job of standing 8 hours, I now experience no swelling around the ankles or tired legs at evenings as I used to get. The sock itself is very comfortable to wear. I thought it would be very warm to wear in the summer like I experienced with other compression socks in the past, but I was very surprised, not at all. They even sit in position the whole day, not sliding down at all. I will definitely recommend these socks to anybody

  341. Ngaire

    Well my 2 pairs of compression sox arrived yesterday, Thank you . . . I’ve tried them on, following the instructions and I’m very happy with them. My legs and feet have improved already, and noticeably so. I have a form of MS, because I am laterally affected, one of my legs experiences poor circulation. My hope is that these compression sox will help to improve the circulation in both feet and legs. Many thanks once again

  342. Gina

    Quite useful and great customer service! Thanks for the gifts!

  343. Wilna

    Fantastic product and very helpful seller, very knowledgeable. Will happily buy again, thank you

  344. Hope A Williams

    For everyday use they are good at giving me back my ankles back at the end of the day! I will let you know about travel. I like the roomy toe box and the toe line that helps me keep the heel in line. I had my veins taken care of, I wanted knee socks, 20/30 compression. You are local and reasonably priced. I appreciate your friendly service, and your educational materials that comes with the stockings. I’m happy.

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