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  • TXG's Diabetic Circulation Socks (sometimes called Diabetic Support Socks) are ideal for alleviating discomfort in the legs if you are recovering from injury, surgery or are diabetic.

  • These diabetic knee high socks have a high acrylic content and also contain bamboo charcoal. This creates a very soft compression sock which has great moisture absorption, antiseptic properties and a soft cushioned sole. They are perfect to wear every day as diabetic work socks, flight socks or diabetic sports socks.

    The acrylic fiber in these diabetic support socks creates a lightweight compression sock which is comfortable to wear without being bulky. It has antibacterial properties which help to prevent foot odour.

    The TXG Diabetic Circulation socks are perfect for you if you are looking for comfortable, lightweight graduated compression socks to promote lower body circulation and alleviate discomfort and swelling in your feet, ankles and legs.

  • What our customer's say about TXG Diabetic Circulation Socks:

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  • Benefits of Diabetic Circulation Socks:

    • Improves blood circulation which increases energy levels

    • Helps reduce aching, swelling and tiredness in your feet and legs

    • Helps protect your feet from injury and infection

    • Reduces the risk of foot complications from Diabetes

    Features of TXG Diabetic Support Socks:

    • Wide comfortable cuff to prevent skin abrasion or pressure points

    • The logo is located on the sole keeping the leg area free of embroidery

    • Acrylic and bamboo charcoal fibers add antibacterial and deodorising properties

    • Unique 3D toe pocket keeps toes free from rubbing and blistering

    • Soft padded sole provides cushioning and minimises pressure points

    • Hand-linked seamless toe pocket prevents chafing and irritation

    Fabric Content:

    • 74.9% Acrylic, 15.4% Nylon, 2.4% Lycra®, 7.3% Polyester

    Available Graduated Compression Levels:

    • Moderate (15-20mmHg)

    Colour choices:

    • This Diabetic Circulation Sock is only available in White. This means that if you develop any wounds on your feet it becomes noticeable immediately so that you can seek medical assistance

    Sizes available:

    • S (ankle 19-21cm & calf 28-38cm)

    • M (ankle 22-25cm & calf 30-42cm)

    • L (ankle 26-29cm & calf 32-46cm)

    • XL (ankle 30-34cm & calf 34-50cm)

    • XXL (ankle 34cm+ & calf 50cm+)

    For tips on measuring see the Size Selection Tab (under the Add to Cart Button)

    Ready to experience the benefits of TXG Diabetic Circulation Socks for yourself?

    These Diabetic Circulation Socks (Diabetic Support Socks) are perfect for you if you're looking for comfortable diabetic knee high socks which will give you all the benefits of graduated compression and also help protect your feet from infection and injury

    Simply choose your size, compression level, colour and add to cart at the top of the page to have your Diabetic Support socks delivered to you anywhere in New Zealand with our free 7-day standard delivery, or you can upgrade to Express 2 to 3-day delivery for just $5.99. Rural deliveries take an additional 2 to 3 working days.

    Feeling Confused?

    Check out our FAQ page and our Which is Right for Me page, or give us a call or send us an email, we're here to help, contact us.

  • Measurement Tips

    • If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
    • The best time to measure is right after you get out of bed in the morning.
    • Contact Us if you need assistance.
    Measurement/Size S M L XL
    Ankle 19 - 21cm 22 - 25cm 26 - 29cm 30 - 34cm
    Calf 28 - 38cm 30 - 42cm 32 - 46cm 34 - 50cm
    Approximate Shoe Size S M L XL
    Men's USA 5 - 9 7 - 10 8 - 12 11 +
    Women's USA 5 - 8 6 - 9 7 - 10 10 +
    Europe 35 - 41 39 - 44 41 - 46 44 +
  • We have one level available for you to choose

    Moderate Compression Level

    Moderate Compression TXG Diabetic Circulation Socks

    15-20mmHg is an ideal compression for the balance of compression effectiveness. This compression range is recommended for:

    • People who are sitting or standing for long periods of time
    • People who are travelling for long periods by air
    • People who have non-swollen varicose veins (spider veins)
    • Pregnant women

    This compression level can:

    • Prevent swelling in legs, ankles and feet
    • Alleviate early onset of lower-limb conditions
    • Encourage circulatory wellness
    • Help prevent blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
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