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5 Compression Socks to Buy This Year

Believe it or not, compression socks can be fashionable in their own right!  Athletes and runners, for example, make a point of buying and wearing vivid socks and stockings to help show off their personality while on the go.  What’s more, there are always going to be new socks with new technology.  While we’re proud…

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5 Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Compression socks can help more people than you may think!  While many people believe that these stockings and socks are best reserved for people of a certain age, or for people with specific conditions, they can help provide essential relief at any point of life.  If you’ve already read up on how compression socks work,…

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Compression Socks: How to Choose and Use Them

It’s reasonable to think that all compression socks do the same thing. But you’d be wrong! Compression stockings and socks are designed to be used by all sorts of people for all kinds of reasons. With this in mind, do you know how to choose compression socks?  Which socks and stockings are the best choice…

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Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

If you have never worn compression socks before, it’s likely you may not have needed them! However, the need for compression in your lower legs and feet may arise when you least expect it. Regardless of your activity levels, your medical needs and/or how often you travel by air, compression stockings and socks could help to ease regular aches and pains. In this short…

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How Do Compression Socks Work?

Millions of people regularly wear compression socks. You may need them to help relieve aching legs or to reduce swelling. There are plenty of different ways in which stockings and socks can help us. But how many of us really know how they work? The science behind the socks isn’t as complicated as you might…

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