My mum loves them

Hi guys, thank you for the amazing socks. Sorry I couldn’t write back earlier but I had to wait as we were giving these to my Mum for mothers day as she always has very cold and swollen feet, and we were hoping that these would help, which they have and my Mum loves them…

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I had results within a day

“I would absolutely recommend TXG socks. Excellent marketing, true to what they really are like! Excellent packaging, amazing price in comparison to other brands. I had results within a day, they are comfortable to wear, my previous brand were hot, uncomfortable and itchy and didn’t give me the results I got within a day of…

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My veins and aching improved

“I am satisfied with my calf sleeves, my veins and aching improved, but my legs got a bit hot in the warmer weather. I like the safe site for buying, the quick mail-off and ability to track and the good customer service ”  

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No more swollen ankles or legs

“I bought 2 pairs of open toe travel socks plus Diabetic Circulation socks and I have been wearing all pairs to work as I am on my feet for hours. I found them all so comfortable, no more swollen ankles or legs they are easy to wear and supports the legs too. I am going…

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Definitely faster recovery time when wearing the arm sleeves

“As a masseuse I find my arms often ache so I was looking to ease some of the tension. Definitely faster recovery time when wearing the arm sleeves. I would recommend them great product and great service! Absolutely loved the gift and detail that went into the packaging including the bow! Thought it was amazing…

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