No more swollen ankles or legs

“I bought 2 pairs of open toe travel socks plus Diabetic Circulation socks and I have been wearing all pairs to work as I am on my feet for hours. I found them all so comfortable, no more swollen ankles or legs they are easy to wear and supports the legs too. I am going…

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Definitely helped with the swelling

“A broken ankle injury from back in January started flaring up again. They did an MRI and all was good. But it was swollen again and a bruised colour. The merino compression socks definitely helped with the swelling. I would recommend them as they are great for swollen ankles. “

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Have made wearing shoes for work much more bearable

“I have unilateral pitting oedema. The classic compression socks have made wearing shoes for work much more bearable. Just wearing regular socks previously I often couldn’t make it through the day without having to take my shoes off for some relief and often it was a struggle to fit my feet into my shoes in…

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The swelling in my ankles has decreased

“Until I found your website I didn’t know much about compression socks or where to purchase them. I found them comfortable to wear – high quality and the swelling in my ankles has decreased. I would recommend TXG the information available on your website is easy to understand and prompt and speedy service. Customer service…

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