They are amazing, great strong quality and comfortable

“I would absolutely recommend TXG socks. Excellent marketing, true to what they really are like! Excellent packaging, amazing price in comparison to other brands. I had results within a day, they are comfortable to wear, my previous brand was hot, uncomfortable and itchy and didn’t give me the results I got within a day of…

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They are a great product and high quality

“I was looking for a sports style low cut sock which didn’t cut off circulation. I got the result I was after and enjoyed the added underfoot padding and so I have ordered another four pair. I would recommend these socks as they are a great product and high quality. Your customer service is amazing…

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Look good and are not as expensive as some other brands

“I needed compression socks that had good support – fitted well and looked good for a reasonable price. My swollen ankles ( the result of varicose veins due to having 7 large boys!!!) are kept at bay as a result of wearing these socks. Plus my legs don’t feel sore and tired as they did…

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The socks are very high quality

“I would recommend your TXG socks because they are comfortable although a bit of a struggle to put on, I find they help with the varicose vein I have on one leg. The socks are very high quality and I cannot fault the excellent customer service. “

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Very high quality product

“I wanted to prevent as much as possible the chance of getting DVT. I read about TXG and liked the idea of graduated compression. I found initially it took a few hours to get used to the tightness, then they became like a second skin. My legs felt refreshed instead of lethargic and tired after…

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Great quality

I would definitely recommend these stockings. Great quality and top service and communication. I was looking for over the knee stockings suitable for pregnancy and I now have no more achy legs YAY!! From my purchase, you guys have gone beyond my expectations. Well done! “

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High quality

“I found my socks easy to put on and comfortable once on. They are doing their job very well. I would recommend the sensitive foot socks as they are high quality and excellent customer service and follow up – love the personal touch ”  

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