I would absolutely recommend TXG socks

“I would absolutely recommend TXG socks. Excellent marketing, true to what they really are like! Excellent packaging, amazing price in comparison to other brands. I had results within a day, they are comfortable to wear, my previous brand were hot, uncomfortable and itchy and didn’t give me the results I got within a day of…

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I would emphatically recommend TXG socks

“I was searching for where to purchase compression socks to get value for money, rather than being seen off at a pharmacy 🙂 Psychologically on my flight to Hawaii I felt I was being proactive. Loved the toeless socks as I could wear them with jandles – just perfect 🙂 I would emphatically recommend TXG…

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I would certainly recommend TXG compression socks

“My legs were very swollen and my doctor recommended that I try compression socks. The benefit to me was that my legs went back to normal size after a very short while. I did find the socks a struggle to get on having arthritis in my hands. But the struggle was worth it for the…

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I would recommend TXG socks

“I was trying to source a distributor for compression socks as over-the-counter socks did not fit me correctly. I would recommend TXG socks, the ordering process was simple to follow and I have noticed a huge improvement since wearing the socks when standing or sitting for extended periods. Your friendly emails and follow-up advice that…

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