Just went back to buy 2 more pairs

“I have tried a few compression socks over the last 10 years – so far these are the best I have bought and cheaper than some of the inferior brands of compression socks I have tested. I would recommend them. Just went back to buy 2 more pairs and horror of horrors (OUT OF STOCK).…

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I want to order another 6 pairs

“I have unilateral pitting oedema. The classic compression socks have made wearing shoes for work much more bearable. Just wearing regular socks previously I often couldn’t make it through the day without having to take my shoes off for some relief and often it was a struggle to fit my feet into my shoes in…

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Will definitely be shopping with you again

“Soooooooo cute 🙂 I absolutely love your marketing – my socks have just arrived. Beautifully gift wrapped and lovely words on your cards. Thanks heaps, I’m so impressed with your service. Will definitely be shopping with you again. “

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I’m thinking I need a second pair

“I have to say the socks are perfect and I’m thinking we will recommend your company on our website for all clients travelling with us. The socks fitted me perfectly and Ali as well. After many long hours flying our legs were not tried and not swollen and felt fine. I actually forgot to put…

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I’m going to get my mum some socks

“I love the calf sleeves that I got. It was recommended to me by my physio to start running in calf compressions due to multiple calf and Achilles injuries. I use them to be able to run for longer periods as I’m a heavier guy training for Ironman and need all the help I can…

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I will be contacting TXG with future sock orders

Locally we can only buy compression socks from the chemist, they are expensive and do not have a very strong structure or support i.e. laddering of the socks. The features I like about the TXG socks is the structure of the socks (comfy fit). I drive all day and the benefits I get from the…

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I was so impressed … I have re-ordered 2 more pairs

“My main challenge when looking for the right socks is that there doesn’t seem to be any “soft top” socks available in stores and although the stores say they are “comfort” socks, they ain’t. I already, after just a couple of days of wearing my new diabetic cushion socks, am noticing a difference in less…

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