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Well what can be said. suffering swelling and painful feet a trip to the doctor resulted in a packet of Panadol. I noticed that by putting pressure on the top of my foot relieved the pain, interesting I thought. After some research I found out about compression socks and was surprised to learn that one of the best was available right here in NZ. OK so I thought let’s give them a try so I purchased a pair and eagerly awaited their arrival. At this point the discomfort was quite intense the swelling had gone down and the pain had increased I could not sit in a normal posture but had to keep my legs and feet elevated. The socks arrived and I rapidly ripped open the package and put them on the relief was instant and truly amazing, within a few days I ordered another pair and now wear these wonderful creations from morning to night. I am also seeing a slow but definite improvement in the condition of my feet. Thanks to Heather and the crew, I hope when the bells ring and the party starts at TXG u understand what your socks can do and the way you are helping all those in trouble and pain. 


About Heather Gatland

Chief Sock Checker at TXG Socks

After finding that compression socks sped up the healing of an injury, Heather wanted to help others do the same, so founded TXG Compression Socks in Australasia in 2013. With her 6 years of ‘hands-on’ experience working with medical professionals, extensive business experience and Chartered Accountant qualification, Heather knows all the ins and outs of the compression socks market. Heather’s goal of helping baby boomers, like herself, has finally come true. Heather loves researching and sharing her findings on the TXG blog as well as enjoys supporting her customers to get back to feeling happy, energised and active.

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