WOW can only describe them

Sorry I have not got back to you sooner, but life seems to get busier when you retire rather than less. I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you very much for the two pairs of wonderful socks you sent me. I am travelling to Lapland in December for Christmas so was planning to get some new compression socks as it is many years since I have travelled and all the different sorts of compression stockings/socks I have are terrible uncomfortable wrinkly things I can’t wait to get out of once off the plane. So I was saving your socks till then. As the weather got cooler I thought I would give them a try just wearing them daily as I moved around, as I do have a number of leg, foot, problems which I have to cope with just with every day living. WOW can only describe them. I had barely got one sock on the foot when my skin felt relaxed, cool and by the time I had them both on my legs felt like I was walking on air. I have since worn them every day with one trying the old ones on again just to make sure. I have thrown all my old nylon stockings and compression stockings away I just want to wear these. Even in bed at night without stockings the heat in my legs is pretty normal after wearing your stockings all day, they seem to prepare my legs for normal warmth at night. FANTASTIC. What more can I say. Your service is AMAZING, your follow-up service UNBEATABLE. I am so looking forward to my first trip away by myself , never having done it before. My husband died last year after a long hard battle with cancer, so these are my new challenges. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Please could I order another 3 pairs so that I can live in them. I could show them to Father Christmas in Lapland, he might be interested hee hee!!!!! Thank you for making my dreams come true. 

About Heather Gatland

Chief Sock Checker at TXG Socks

After finding that compression socks sped up the healing of an injury, Heather wanted to help others do the same, so founded TXG Compression Socks in Australasia in 2013. With her 6 years of ‘hands-on’ experience working with medical professionals, extensive business experience and Chartered Accountant qualification, Heather knows all the ins and outs of the compression socks market. Heather’s goal of helping baby boomers, like herself, has finally come true. Heather loves researching and sharing her findings on the TXG blog as well as enjoys supporting her customers to get back to feeling happy, energised and active.

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