I had results within a day

I would absolutely recommend TXG socks. Excellent marketing, true to what they really are like! Excellent packaging, amazing price in comparison to other brands. I had results within a day, they are comfortable to wear, my previous brand were hot, uncomfortable and itchy and didn’t give me the results I got within a day of wearing my TXG Classic socks. They are amazing, great strong quality and comfortable. I will not shop anywhere else from here forward! I am extremely happy and will be ordering more. Your correspondence and set up is brilliant, very professional and so diligent! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company! Absolutely no improvements you could make, Exceptional! Stay just the way you are! 

Wayne Mulznieks

They certainly help with my circulation

Thank you very much, the socks arrived and they fit me very well. They certainly help with my circulation. I was very impressed with the nice presentation. It felt as is I was receiving a present. Thanks again. 

Ana Christian
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