5 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks for Sports

If you’ve seen other sports people wearing compression socks while they train or compete, you might have been wondering about what the benefits are and what they can do for you. In this post we are going to look the top five reasons why you should wear them so you can make an informed decision.

1. You will have better performance.

The number one reason that people wear compression socks is to improve their performance. Studies have shown that athletes who do high-intensity sports while wearing compression socks have less lactic acid build up, which brings a healthier delivery of oxygen and better blood flow. When your circulation is increased, stress in your muscles is balanced out, and this means that you can train or perform for a lot longer than before since muscle tiredness is significantly decreased.

lady runner wearing compression socks

2. You will feel more comfortable.

Compression socks for sports are not meant to be super tight as this could harm your performance, but socks with the right level of compression keep your lower legs comfortable. They reduce swelling and are flexible enough to be worn while doing a wide variety of sports and activities.

3. You will recover faster.

Further studies that have been done on marathon runners show that runners who wore compression socks were able to get back on their feet quicker after long runs than those who didn’t wear them.  Muscle soreness greatly decreases, and swelling and vein dilation reduces as well. Compression socks are known to assist with recovery time for common athlete ailments such as shin splints, sprains and strains.

4. They protect your legs.

If your chosen sport leads you running or walking through bush, tall grass or even falling down on a field from time to time, your legs are often subject to cuts, scrapes and scratches. You may also find yourself brushing past toxic plants that can cause rashes and irritations. By using compression socks for sports, you can have better protection for your lower legs and avoid these discomforts, so you can keep your mind on doing what you do best. Your legs will also stay cleaner!

5. Your legs will be warmer.

Let’s face it. Wearing shorts during winter training sessions is usually not a great idea, but neither are bulky trackpants either when you need to be able to move freely. As well as giving you many great benefits while you keep active, compression socks look great worn with shorts and will help keep your lower legs warm during frosty mornings. They even come in different colours so you can match to your sports gear.

Convinced yet?

Compression socks are a great choice for athletes and sports people due to their long list of benefits. Learn more about TXG Socks from our website or give us a call on 0800 894 769 and speak to one of our compression wear specialists to find the right pair of socks for your needs.

Please note: The information provided here is for general information only and is not intended to act as medical advice. We advise anyone interested in this subject to seek qualified, professional advice.

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