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Compression Socks for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are undoubtedly a hardworking group of people, but they are more susceptible to the risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to sitting for extended periods of time. Driving with DVT becomes life-threatening when a blood clot in your leg breaks loose and travels to your heart, lungs or brain, blocking off vital blood flow.

The risk of DVT is amplified by immobility and because it’s very common for truck drivers to be sitting for longer than two hours at a time. Truck drivers can actively take steps such as wearing compression socks to improve circulation and make their driving experience more enjoyable.


What Compression Socks Are Best for Me?

At TXG, we offer several styles of compression gear that can serve a variety of problems and ailments. Our daily range of compression gear is an excellent choice for everyday wear, with a comfortable level of compression for long shifts behind the wheel.

For a sock-free style, our calf compression gear allows for the benefits of compression without suffocating your feet in warmer weather. For maximum compression, our thigh-high compression socks give you complete circulation control making them a great option for those at higher risk for DVT and other circulatory problems.


Benefits of Compression Socks for Truck Drivers

TXG compression socks for truck drivers are made with graduated compression, meaning they work to actively circulate the blood in your lower extremities upwards to reduce swelling and the pooling of blood. For professionals that are sedentary in their jobs such as truck drivers, these socks can help improve circulation when movement isn’t possible. Greater circulation allows for more oxygen to be circulated throughout the bloodstream which can result in more energy, less fatigue, and less body aches while you’re on the road.


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