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Running Compression Socks

Whether you’ve been running for years or you’re just starting out, leg aches, swelling, muscle soreness, and lactic-acid build-up are part and parcel of life as a runner—however, there is something you can do about it.

Running compression socks could be the solution that will provide some welcome relief from your symptoms so you can hit the track again sooner.

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Why use running compression socks?

Wearing compression socks during or after a long run helps your vascular system to function more efficiently.

By applying a gentle amount of pressure to the lower legs, compression socks help to improve natural vein function, increasing blood circulation and preventing fluid from accumulating in the lower part of your body. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered to where they’re most needed, and waste matter is removed as quickly as possible.

You’ll recover faster, you’ll be less likely to experience soft tissue damage, and you’ll be able to perform at your absolute best.

Give your leg veins the boost they need

Compression socks can provide that extra edge you’ve been looking for. While plenty of runners swear by their performance-enhancing benefits, it’s during the recovery phase that you’ll really see the benefits of wearing compression socks.

Particularly effective for long-distance, marathon and ultra-marathon runners, numerous studies have demonstrated that wearing compression socks can help to increase blood flow and deliver more oxygen to tissues, leading to a reduction in inflammation and muscle soreness.

They can minimise muscle strain, help to flush out lactic acid, and they’ll even keep your legs warm and comfortable when running on cooler days.

A bit about TXG compression running socks

The TXG range of compression socks for running has been specially designed to provide the optimal amount of compression and support.

The gradient design of our compression socks ensures a consistent amount of pressure is applied along the entire length of the sock, while our patented X-pattern provides additional support to the ankle that is similar to pre-strapping, only without the tape.

Constructed from highly breathable moisture-wicking materials that last wear after wear, our range of compression running socks is available in a moderate level of compression (15-20mmHg). According to medical research, this is the ideal level of compression to experience both comfort and the benefits of compression wear such as the prevention of swelling in the  feet, ankles and legs.

Take a look at the TXG range to find your ideal compression sock or feel free to contact us with any questions.