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Travel Compression Socks: What You Need to Know

passengers walking through an airport

You may have seen people pulling on their travel compression socks when boarding a flight, but didn’t really understand what they were used for and whether you should be getting some too.

To clear up any questions you may have, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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How to Choose and Use Compression Socks for Flying

passenger at airport waiting to board a plane

If you’ve been reading up on compression socks and decided that you need to get a pair for your next long-haul flight, you may be tempted to buy the first pair you see and whack them on when you get on the plane.

But, to get the most benefits out of your socks, you need to choose the right pair to suit you and your current level of health as well as learn about when is the right time to put them on. 

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How Diabetic Socks are Different

Girl wearing TXG Diabetic Circulation Socks

For many people, compression socks are likely to all seem the same, and one would be forgiven for thinking that they have the same purpose too.  But each type of sock has its own benefits and usually will have a slightly different design. This is especially true for diabetic socks, which are made and used in a different way than other compression socks designed for travel and pregnancy. So, what makes them different? Let’s find out.  

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How Compression Socks Work for Diabetics

nurse examining a patient's foot
There are so many different types and brands of compression socks out there aimed at people with diabetes.  What is it about stockings and hosiery, which can help to relieve specific symptoms?  Many people who have diabetes may find that they struggle with oedema or swelling.  That can occur in the lower extremities, such as in the legs or feet.

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Flight Socks: Do They Really Work?

man wearing flight socks with his business suit

If you’ve never had a pair of flight socks before or don’t know too much about them, you may be a bit sceptical over if they actually really work. Pulling on and off these tight socks may just seem like a hassle, but they actually have a few different purposes to keep you comfortable and healthy while you are in the air. 

Let’s take a look at what they can do.

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Finding the Best Compression Socks for Pregnancy Travel

Pregant woman at an airport
Two of the main reasons why people wear compression socks is for air travel and relief during pregnancy. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you should want to wear stockings if you are travelling while pregnant! While there are plenty of different socks available that are tailored to everyday wear, there are also some which are best suited for flying while pregnant. But how should you know what to look for?

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