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Non Compression Socks

Also known as non-restricting or non-binding socks, non-compression socks stimulate blood circulation by avoiding pressure on the leg. Unlike standard stockings and compression socks, they are designed without an elastic band at the top to minimise restriction and maximise comfort.

For feet that are sore, vulnerable, or sensitive, our range of TXG compression-free socks are here to give them the much-needed medical-grade support and comfort.

TXG Cushioned Socks for Diabetics TXG Cushioned Socks for Diabetics
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TXG Crew Socks TXG Crew Socks
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Who Needs Non Compression Socks?

Our compression-free socks are specially designed for people whose lower legs and feet need extra care and comfort. While anyone can wear them to maintain leg and foot health, these utilitarian stockings are recommended for people with diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory issues, oedema, or sensitivity problems. They can also be used by frequent air travellers and individuals with swollen feet.

Socks as A Vital Tool in Diabetic Foot Care

Because the standard elastic band in socks can feel tight around the calves and compromise blood flow, diabetics may be at risk as they are vulnerable to foot problems like neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. The reduced constriction from non-compression stockings allows easier blood flow to prevent blood from collecting in your ankles and feet, hence helping prevent such diabetes-related foot problems from occurring. If they do occur, diabetic socks can promote better healing and recovery.

Your Comfort & Health Are Our Priority

AT TXG, we prioritise your comfort and health. Our medical-grade compression and non-restrictive socks are the products of dedicated years of research and design, backed by medical professionals to ensure that they provide appropriate support to the feet, ankles, calves, and legs.


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