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I find them marvelous, my legs felt great at the end of the day at work

"I have just recently bought a pair of your socks and I have to say I find them marvelous. I bought them for wearing to work as I am on my feet all day but I have also tried wearing them to my exercise class and just around the house. My legs felt great at the end of the day and really, they were so comfortable they were almost invisible. Thank you for a great product. I do of course need to buy more !! Can I have another pair? I shall be recommending them to everyone at work." Janis


No more swollen or tired legs no matter how many hours in the garden or at the desk

"I am 72 and still tramping with a heavy pack on my back, but thought it time to give up as my legs swell and get painful after a day on the track. Also they swell when sitting all day at a computer. So I was extremely pleased when I tried your socks and found how great they are. No more swollen or tired legs no matter how many hours in the garden or at the desk." Susanne


Gives instant relief to my legs after standing for long hours working in a busy cafe

"Many thanks for the follow up letter regarding my purchase of the TXG socks. It was unexpected and renewed my faith that many companies out there really do still care about their customers I have found the socks to have given instant relief to my legs having already had two operations for the removal of varicose veins. Working in a busy cafe and standing for long hours requires a bit of extra support. Thank you very much." Sharon


I now have no swelling and no tired legs even after standing at work for 8 hours

"Thank you very much. Due to history of varicose veins and my job of standing 8 hours, I now experience no swelling around the ankles or tired legs at evenings as I used to get. The sock itself is very comfortable to wear. I thought it would be very warm to wear in the summer like I experienced with other compression socks in the past, but I was very surprised, not at all. They even sit in position the whole day, not sliding down at all. I will definitely recommend these socks to anybody " Maria


After a long shift walking around the concrete factory floor my legs were relaxed and not swollen

 "In 2 years I have never had this feeling of peace where my calves and feet are concerned. My foot is not swollen . . . my veins have not throbbed. My veins haven't hurt me all day since putting on the TXG compression open toe socks. Thank you so much I don't know why I waited 2 years to try these. I hope that someone else sees what I wrote and tries them for themselves. My mood has changed as well because I have no pain and I walked freely all day. I was happier when I got home from a long shift walking around the concrete factory floor and my legs were so relaxed that I didn't need to elevate them like I normally need to do, they weren't swollen, I have my legs back, if that makes sense. I have just finished my waka ama training this morning and my legs are fantastic!! ... Thank you. You can use any of these comments because it's all so true. I will be ordering a new pair in the next few weeks.Matty


They are probably one of the best things I have bought, thank you so much !!

"Just giving you some feedback on the open toe compression socks I bought from you. They are wonderful. I wanted to wait a while to see how they went before I gave you any feedback and I can say they are fantastic. At first they felt a bit tight and uncomfortable especially on my foot where the sock ends as there is no toe covering, but after a few days that went away and now they feel great. I put them on as soon as I get up in the morning and I keep them on all day until bed time. They are a bit hot being summer, but I think that's a small price to pay. Before I started wearing them I would notice I had a varicose vein that would stand out on my lower leg after only being awake and walking around for about an hour or so. But now, I wear them all day and at the end of the day when I take them off there is no vein standing out on my leg. The spider veins are still there but even those are less prominent too. I am able to stand longer during the day and I am less tired at the end of the day as well. On Waitangi day I had a day at home and didn't plan on doing much so I gave the stockings a break and wanted to see how I went without wearing them. My varicose vein didn't stand out at all that day! I am continuing to wear them every day but if I know I am having an easy day I'll give myself a break and not wear them. I only wish that I had come across them years ago as my mum had bad varicose veins and they would have given her some relief. Sadly she passed away last year but I know she would have loved them. They are probably one of the best things I have bought, thank you so much !! " Paula


Back at work wearing your socks, beats the swelling, love them

"Thanks guys these things are great, major ankle operation, back at work wearing your socks, on feet all day, beats the swelling, love them." Sue


I no longer have tired legs after standing for 6 hours

"I am really happy with my new txg socks...some days I have to stand on my feet for more than 6 hours at work and my legs felt so tired. TXG socks help me solve that issue and they now become my favourite socks for a long day like that. Thank you TXG." Nancy


My legs didn't swell or even feel sore after working a 12 hour shift

"After me being on my feet for 24 hours and wearing the TXG compression socks for that length of time; my legs didn't swell or even feel sore. I wasn't as physically tired either as I usually would be after being up all day then working a 12 hour shift at hospital... such a long time 24 hours ... The socks are wonderful and far exceeded my expectations. I'm only sorry that I initially wasted my money on "so called" compression socks bought elsewhere before I found your brand. Normally my legs would be swollen and quite sore. Your socks have been such a comfort. I am just so pleased with the results." Reena


I am a dairy farmer and wear the calf sleeve all the time

"I am very happy with the calf sleeves thanks. I wear one all the time as I had a DVT in my lower leg which still swells up, but by wearing the calf sleeves it appears to be better and certainly more comfortable. Hopefully mine will last me quite a while, but I will certainly recommend them. I am a dairy farmer and active hunter so they get a really good workout " Murray


My legs are not as achy anymore after standing all day at work

"My legs are not as achy anymore after standing all day at work, I really like the roomy toe space and I am sleeping better " Fay