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While compression gear provides various key health benefits, wearing one that best suits your needs and lifestyle can bring you targeted advantages. At TXG Socks, our compression wear products are designed for specific applications.


How to Choose Compression Socks

How to choose compression socks best suited for you? It will depend on your way of living, habits, hobbies, health conditions and needs. Click on the thumbnails to read more.

If you are:

TXG compression socks for long haul flights

Going on a long-haul flight or a frequent air traveller:

You may want to invest in graduated compression socks for the long journey ahead. TXG Compression offers flight socks that help reduce the risk of travel-related blood clotting in the legs or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


TXG compression socks for active sports people

A professional athlete or active person:

You can best reap the benefits of compression gear if they are worn during and after your exercise. We have sports socks and sleeves to help you train better, recover faster, and prevent injuries and soreness.


TXG Compression Socks for Standing or Sitting at Work All Day

Standing or sitting all day at work:

You may suffer from poor blood circulation that may lead to the development of spider or varicose veins, thrombosis formations, edema-type problems and other ailments. TXG offers its comfort range for daily wear.


I'm Pregnant 


Wear compression socks to provide much-needed support and relief to pregnancy-related leg and foot symptoms.


Compression Socks for Health Conditons

Have a health condition:

Compression stockings such as cushioned diabetic socks may be recommended to you as part of your treatment.


Who shouldn't wear compression wear?

Not sure about wearing compression socks:

Best to ask for your doctor's advice. Various physiological conditions discourage the use of compression wear, such as injury-related swelling, skin-sensitive or allergic feet and cardiovascular disease.


TXG Compression Wear — A Step Closer to Better Health

TXG offers a wide selection of medical-grade graduated compression gear for men and women designed to optimise your health, maximise your athletic performance and give you much-needed relief and comfort from the rigours of life. From travellers and athletes to long-hour office workers, clinical patients, the elderly and more. We have just the right compression socks for your needs.