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Who Shouldn't Wear Compression Socks / Stockings?

There are certain physiological conditions which can be unsuitable for the wearing of compression socks / stockings

Doctor in a consultation with a patient

If you have been diagnosed with any of the conditions listed below, you should only wear compression wear on the advice of your doctor:

  • Swollen and painful legs caused by sickness or injuries
  • Skin-sensitive or allergic feet
  • Skin with open wounds in a large area
  • Cardiovascular disease except for varicose veins or venous disease
  • Severe heart disease or high blood pressure patients
  • Arterial insufficiency, edema when caused by heart disease or congestive heart failure
  • Serious diabetics should wear compression wear only under doctors’ direction
  • Blood capillary or peripheral nerve vascular lesions diseases
  • Purulent and ulcer legs or eczematous skin diseases
  • Chronic renal insufficiency

If you have concerns of your suitability to wear compression wear, we recommend that you consult with your doctor.

TXG Sensitive Foot socks have light-moderate compression (15~20 mmHg) and have special antibacterial, antiseptic properties of bamboo charcoal. They are ideal for those with various foot sensitivities but will still benefit from wearing compression wear

TXG Diabetic Cushion socks are compression-free, antibacterial, and have been designed to be lightweight, soft, and warm to protect sensitive feet and are suitable for everyone.



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