Diabetics Socks

Foot problems are a common side effect of diabetes stemming from neuropathy and vascular disease. What’s an insignificant problem for non-diabetics, can develop into something very serious for those with the condition. Seeing that only around 50% of diabetics are diagnosed, many aren't aware of the potential complications they could be facing. We recommend that you consult a medical professional so that they can inform you as to whether our diabetic socks could improve your symptoms or condition, starting today.


A common side effect of diabetes is nerve damage or neuropathy due to poor circulation. This can be painful or result in loss of feeling. Numbness is dangerous as it enables other serious complications to develop, reducing your feet’s ability to recover from minor injuries or to fight off infections. If left unattended this can lead to gangrene and amputation.

To prevent this from occurring you need to stimulate blood flow in the legs and feet. Wearing diabetic socks while going about your daily business (and during exercise) can assist with this.


Our diabetic socks keep feet clean and dry, with as little friction or irritation as possible. We’ve infused them with anti-bacterial fibres to enhance circulation, prevent infections from developing and speed up the recovery of existing wounds. Our socks will not stimulate the skin and cause inflammation or ulceration. We only use soft fabrics and seamless joins to avoid irritations or wounds caused by friction. These socks, therefore, have zero compression and excellent breathability.

Not all diabetics are suited to wearing compression socks. We recommend that if you are diabetic you seek advice from your doctor before wearing compression socks or stockings.

If you’re interested in trying out our products for yourself, get in touch with us to find the perfect graduated compression or cushioned socks for you.

"No more swollen ankles or legs"


“I bought 2 pairs of open toe travel socks plus Diabetic Circulation socks and I have been wearing all pairs to work as I am on my feet for hours.

I found them all so comfortable, no more swollen ankles or legs they are easy to wear and supports the legs too. I am going to use them when I go back overseas on long haul flights. In the past, I have ended up with very heavy legs all swollen and found it hard walking through customs and waiting around in Airports.

Thank you, Heather, for your great service and helping me find the perfect pair. Socks arrived beautifully packaged with a ribbon and wee gift. Glad I found your website through searching on Google.

I have sent the socks information to Diabetic NZ so hopefully, they will spread the good word. I have also spoken to patients I come across in hospital about your socks too. ”

Lorraine Simmonds

"What a difference the diabetic cushion socks have made to my father"


“Thought I would let you know what a difference the diabetic cushion socks have made to my father. He is in Rest Home care he is 84 years old and has dementia. He is very frail. I purchased these Diabetic socks because of the stretch and comfort factor.

These socks have made a big difference to him. They are the most comfortable his feet have been in a long time. I am so pleased I found you.

I would recommend these socks, they are the most comfortable socks my father has had. They are soft, but also wash well and keep their shape.

I have found the service and product both excellent and high quality.”


"I am noticing a difference in less swelling above the ankle"


“My main challenge when looking for the right socks is there doesn’t appear to by any “soft top” socks available in stores and although they say they are “comfort” socks they ain’t!!

Then I found TXG Diabetic Cushion Socks. After just a couple of days of wearing my new socks, I am noticing a difference in less swelling above the ankle although on the ankle there is not much change.

I have already recommended your socks to a couple of people so it will be interesting to see if they go ahead with them.

I could not believe your customer service which I consider top class in this day of second class service from a lot of companies. I was so impressed with the service and the socks I have reordered 2 more pairs.

I am 78 years old and to have a bit of foot comfort is great, thanks very much. They will become my “go to” socks to wear from now on.

Well done for providing them with such efficiency and giving this 78-year-old some relief. “

Tony Bouzaid

"I found pain relief, no tiredness, no aches, no pain and reduced swelling"


"My problem was aches and pains (standing while working), varicose veins and I also suffer from diabetes.

After wearing my socks I found pain relief, no tiredness, no aches, no pain and reduced swelling, my legs feel much better and also look better.

I would recommend TXG socks because of the excellent quality, good support and they assist blood flow.

Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job, excellent service!! love your friendliness and helpfulness and good service.


"The socks pretty well eliminate ankle swelling"


“Just to let you know the TXG socks arrived yesterday, thanks. I chose the white diabetic circulation socks this time as I wanted white socks I could wear with shorts.

The socks pretty well eliminate ankle swelling ( I am a type 2 diabetic).

I would definitely recommend these socks, I find them even more comfortable than the travel socks I used previously.

I can’t fault your service to date. Kind regards “


"The swelling in my legs is right down and my leg ulcers have disappeared"


"My Sensitive Foot Diabetic Circulation socks are genuinely perfect and the best compression socks I have ever worn.

I put them through extreme tests by wearing them for long hours every day. They have been great and have helped a huge amount. The swelling in my legs is right down and my leg ulcers have disappeared.

I want to order 4 more pair 


"Toastie warm and GORGEOUS"


“Am I writing to the Chief Sock Checker? I ordered 2 pair of Diabetic Cushion socks for mum. She is not diabetic but is nearly 92 and has SO MUCH TROUBLE finding socks that are comfortable, not too tight and don’t cost the earth.

You have ticked all these boxes and in addition, she said they are toastie warm and GORGEOUS. This is very heartwarming and the reason I am sending feedback  I would like to order more.

I LOVE your fun attitude to life"


"He doesn't complain about his socks being tight"


“Just to let you know that the diabetic cushion socks I bought for my husband appear to be doing a fine job.

I haven’t had any complaints about the socks since he started to wear them. He is wearing them mostly for golf and comes home and doesn’t complain about his socks being tight.

Thank you for your socks.“


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