Looking for compression socks for flying? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you don’t need to spend your flight worrying about discomfort, swelling or DVT ruining your flight. Instead you should be able to catch up on much-needed rest, or relaxing whilst viewing an in-flight movie, or getting lost in the latest bestselling novel. 

At TXG Socks we understand risk of developing DVT on long haul flights, which can become life-threatening. Especially if you live in a geographically isolated country such as New Zealand where most international flights are long-haul. TXG Socks has helped thousands of travelers just like you to travel without the discomfort of swelling, and with a decreased risk of developing DVT. As a result, you’ll arrive at your destination healthy and rested.

Prevent Problems Before They Occur

Wearing flight socks helps to counteract the negative impact that long-term sitting has on blood circulation, helping to prevent clots. 


A recent New Zealand Air Traveller's Thrombosis Study undertaken by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand revealed that 10% of over 500 patients admitted to local hospitals with a DVT or pulmonary embolism had recently traveled by air.

The reason these conditions develop is because when you spend many hours in a cramped, seated position, blood flow is negatively affected and can result in the formation of clots. Should a clot break free and reach your lungs, it could have catastrophic consequences as during a flight medical resources are extremely limited in capacity. 

"We will recommend your company on our website for all clients travelling with us"


"I have to say the socks are perfect and I’m thinking we will recommend your company on our website for all clients travelling with us.

The socks fitted me perfectly and Ali as well. After many long hours flying our legs were not tried and not swollen and felt fine. I actually forgot to put my socks in my cabin bag on a flight to Kenya … had to buy socks in the Nice airport – YUK what a horrible experience – I’m thinking I need a second pair to be able to change after and on long flights.

A big thank you for a product that is awesome!!! 


"Your products should be what every airline offers travellers for both health benefits and travel comfort"


I returned yesterday from a short trip to Sydney. Your wonderful socks made the actual travelling a breeze.

In my opinion, your products should be what every airline flying in/out of NZ offers travellers, for both health benefits and travel comfort.

Thank you also for the other pleasant surprises during my purchasing experience and follow-up. Your title could also be “Chief Sock Checker and surprise gift giver?”

I’m definitely now one of the many satisfied purchasers recommending your product and your excellent personal service and follow-up. Many thanks – keep up the good work. 


"They really made a huge difference to my travel comfort"


“I cannot recommend these socks highly enough! I am an expat Brit living in NZ and type 1 diabetic and I have always experienced foot and ankle swelling on my long haul flights back home despite getting up every hour to move my legs and ankles on the plane.

I tried TXG compression stockings for the first time from NZ to Italy and was absolutely blown away – zero swelling and 100% satisfaction. I have been raving the whole trip about these socks! They really made a huge difference to my travel comfort and when I got to Italy I was ready to go and went straight on a walking tour without any issues, whereas normally I would need a few days to get over the stiff swollen ankles!

Thanks so much, TXG!! Love your socks!! Xx“ 

Steff Kehoe

"TXG made it so easy researching the best option from its website to purchase"


“I am so impressed by this company and its products. I am heading to Europe next week and needed compression socks for an 18-hour flight.

TXG made it so easy researching the best option from its website to purchase. I made the purchase and I swear it was like 2 days and the socks arrived. Beautifully packaged with heaps of info on the product including care instructions and how to put them on. They feel amazing and really supportive.

A few days later I got a follow-up email to make sure the socks had arrived. I have to say this is the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you TXG for helping to make this a stress free purchase  Please tell your staff that this is by FAR the best service I have ever experienced from product information to packaging and delivery. The customer service is top notch. I wish all service companies could be like TXG! I wish your company every success. “


"We should have put them on from Anchorage to Banff but didn’t and our legs and ankles blew up like puffer fish!"


“Just writing to say that the socks we bought were great. We put them on here in Porirua and did not take them off until we reached Vancouver some 20 hours later. Our legs and ankles were just fine.

We should have put them on from Anchorage to Banff but didn’t and our legs and ankles blew up like puffer fish !! We foolishly thought that as it was two flights and not that long we wouldn’t. Forgot about the sitting around waiting etc. Coming back we put them on in Vancouver and took them off when we reached home in Porirua, our legs were fine.

A good investment and would recommend them to anyone. “


"My legs felt refreshed instead of lethargic and tired after the long flight"


“I wanted to prevent as much as possible the chance of getting DVT. I read about TXG and liked the idea of graduated compression. I found initially it took a few hours to get used to the tightness, then they became like a second skin. My legs felt refreshed instead of lethargic and tired after the long flight.

I would recommend TXG socks, the fine seams are almost non-existent. So you don’t feel them against your shoes. They are soft against the skin, are relatively easy to put on and take off and wash really well – including being quick to dry.

I think your service is on point! I really appreciated the personalised feel of the delivery and the follow-up emails from the initial time I visited the website.

The information provided is very factual and definitely helped me to make an informed decision. Very high-quality product and customer service. “



"They were really comfortable a lot more so than other brands"


“I received my compression sox and have used them on a 12-hour overseas flight and back home again. They were really comfortable a lot more so than other brands.

I would really recommend them and so glad I got them. Much appreciated “


"My husband had comfortable legs and no swelling at the end of his 24 hours of flight time"


My husband had comfortable legs and no swelling at the end of his 24 hours of flight time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these comfort men's compression socks.

Far better quality than the only brand available locally for the same price.

Excellent to get a breathable travel sock for better comfort.

Fantastic service. Socks – packaging and service all top notch. 


Liz Whitton

"We love them and wouldn't fly without them"


"My husband and I bought some TXG compression socks years ago for travel/flights and we love them. We wouldn't fly without them. Our ankles never look like swollen cankles after a long haul flight"

Kerry Fitz-William

"Absolutely amazing, no swollen feet or ankles"


"I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I was with the service I received when I purchased a pair of your travel socks. The information I received with my order was details and informative. I have just returned from our overseas trip and the compression socks were absolutely amazing, no swollen feet or ankles. Thank you so much."

Kirsty Thomas

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