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Compression stockings are extremely useful for healing an array of ailments including the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), varicose veins, Oedema and even general swelling of the extremities. That being said, the healing powers of compression wear are only felt if your stockings are properly sized and worn correctly. If you’ve been wondering how to put on compression stockings the right way, then this guide is for you.

When to Put On Compression Stockings

The optimal time for putting on your compression stockings is immediately or shortly after getting up in the morning. At this time, the blood vessels in your legs have not been greatly affected by gravity and will be at their smallest size. Putting on your socks at this time will prevent the process of your blood vessels swelling from even starting. If you’re looking for relief later in the day, or are unable to put them on first thing in the morning, try elevating your legs for 5-10 minutes before putting them on. This ensures that blood will be flowing away from your extremities, allowing your compression socks to do their job.  

The Importance of Correct Wear

The fit and wear of your socks are not only important for the functionality of your compression wear, but for your comfort as well. Socks that are improperly fitted can lead to wrinkles and overlapping of the fabric on your legs, which can result in chaffing, irritation and loss of circulation. In addition to comfort, the graduated compression technology of our socks is only effective if they are worn correctly, so be sure to reference our guide when putting on your socks.

Understanding How to Put On Compression Stockings

Putting on compression gear is relatively easy, as long as you follow the right steps. The TXG method of putting on compression socks ensures that your socks will be properly fitted to your legs and that you’ll experience the maximum benefits of our gear. Use the following chart and accompanying image guide to ensure you’re wearing your stockings correctly.




1 ~ 2

Start with your compression socks the ‘right way round’ Reach with your hand inside and grab a hold of the heel fabric

3 ~ 4

Pull the rest of the sock over the ‘foot’ Check the sock is not twisted and is reasonably free of wrinkles

5 ~ 7

Hold the sides of the heel and pull the sock over the foot so that the heel of the sock aligns with your heel

8 ~ 11

Roll the remaining sock over the foot and up the calf. Try to avoid over stretching the ‘leg’ of the sock. The top of the sock should finish 1~2 finger widths below the knee


Smooth out any remaining wrinkles around the toe and rest of the sock. After wearing your compression wear for just a few days, this will all become second nature!


TXG Technique to put on compression socks

Tips for Putting on Compression Stockings

Explore the following tips to help you put on your compression socks with ease:

  • Be sure your toes and legs are dry before putting on (any) socks.
  • Some people find using talcum powder can make the process of putting on compression wear a little easier.
  • Some people also find using latex or rubber gloves helpful to prevent the fabric of the socks from slipping through their fingers, or to prevent damage from (or to) long fingernails.
  • If necessary, remove rings or jewellery that may damage the fabric of the compression wear.
  • Avoid leaving wrinkles or folds on the surface of the stockings when they are on.
  • Avoid wearing your compression stockings with footwear that have protrusions or features which may damage the fabric.
  • If fibres do get pulled loose from the main knit of fabric, refrain from pulling on them or cutting them off.

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