Out and About with TXG

This is our page where we want to show the amazing places which our TXG compression wear products have been spotted. If you would like to add a photo to our collection please email it to us and let us know the names and location.

TXG NZ's Sock Monkeys Tixi and Toxi

Here are our two little TXG sock monkey mascots (Tixi in pink & Toxi in blue), just hanging out at our local park.

Karangaheke Gorge (Luke, Rachel, Nicky, Dani, Joe, Zoe, Oliver, Ari & Grant)

Tongariro Day Crossing (Ari, Dani, Rachel, Ryan & Ryan)

Walkie Talkies at the Rimutaka Rail Trail wearing TXG compression calf sleeves

The Walkie Talkies training walk for the Oxfam Trail walk.