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Are you interested in supplying TXG Compression Socks to your customers?

If you are a retailer, or in the medical profession or the travel industry and would like to offer TXG Compression Wear to your customers and have access to our wholesale ordering please contact Heather on 0800 894 769 or by online enquiry.

About TXG Wholesale Compression Socks

Become a TXG Stockist today! You can purchase wholesale compression socks, stockings and sleeves from us to distribute and supply to your clients and customers here in New Zealand.

TXG Compression Wear New Zealand has a vast selection of compression garments for men and women of various sorts of lifestyles. Our high-quality and innovative compression products are uniquely and specifically designed to cater to a wide range of needs for nurses, doctors, athletes, diabetics, the elderly, long-haul travellers, pregnant people, and just about everyone who’s often on their feet or sitting for long periods of time. You can choose among our array of casual everyday socks, travel and flight socks, sports sleeves and socks, and a various selection of health socks — whatever your need for medical-grade compression wear, we have it here at TXG.

About Graduated Compression

Our socks and sleeves apply medical-grade graduated compression, which means they are tightest at the ankles or wrists and less constricted towards the knees or elbows, respectively. We have compression socks available in three different compression levels.

This gradient level of compression provides a host of medical, sporting and health benefits to the wearer, such as energising tired legs, decreasing muscle strain, preventing swelling and DVT, and helping relieve discomfort from varicose veins.