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TXG Crew Socks (sometimes called Wide Crew Socks) are the perfect everyday socks for men and women. While they don't provide compression like our stockings, they do offer more cushioning and support than the average sock. Our Crew Socks contains a unique blend of cotton, modal yarn (which can absorb three times its weight in moisture), nylon and lycra.

We've created a sock that has many impressive qualities, including its ability to prevent odour thanks to the fact that Antisep-tex® has been infused into the fibers. This nano-sized quaternary ammonium salt makes each fibre antibacterial and prevents smells from occurring. Another quality of this sock is that it won't slip down during use despite being slim and lightweight enough to be worn every day.

We've integrated a 3-D padded toe tip and 3-D padded deep-heel pocket plus a cushioned sole for impact resistance without you experiencing any chafing and discomfort. With a breathable mesh-like ventilation panel along the top of the sock, your feet will remain fresh and dry all day.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protective properties of Antisep-tex® lasts for the life of the sock, helps keep your feet dry and odour free.
  • Unique 3-D padded toe tip design is comfortable and non-restrictive and keeps your toes from rubbing and blistering
  • Enhanced 3-D padded deep heel pocket that provides both comfort and durability
  • Cushioned sole provides impact resistance
  • Lycra is used extensively throughout the entire sock, this creates a perfect fitting sock, extra comfort, a non-slip sock design and durability
  • Modal yarn from Austria is three times more effective than cotton at absorbing moisture and ventilation, this helps prevent foot odour and keeps your feet dry.
  • Non-restrictive cuff design is comfortable and easy to wear, yet stays in place so your socks won't fall down.
  • The socks are manufactured with a delicate 220N knitting needle, this creates a very soft sock with a fine texture
  • Breathable mesh-like ventilation panel along the top of the sock maximises ventilation which keeps your feet cool and dry.

Fabric Content

  • 38.1% Cotton, 25.0% Modal, 33.7% Nylon, 3.2% Lycra


  • Black, Grey


  • Foot Length 23 to 27cm

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Measurement Tips

  • If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string and measure against a ruler.
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Size M
Foot Length 23 - 27cm

TXG Crew Socks are Compression Free (0mmHg) Socks

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I am pleased with them

The black txg-crew-socks are good. I am pleased with them, the only criticism,or suggestion that I make is that I personally would prefer to have top of the socks higher up the calf,like the diabetic cushion unisex socks.

Jude Bignell
We will definitely be returning customers

Hi Heather, These socks were bought for my 15 year son who has autism and also is a Type1 diabetic. I mention his autism because this makes it very difficult for him to wear anything new and he is very sensitive to any scratchy or uncomfortable clothes. So the feedback from us is that it was very easy to use your informative website and buy on-line. The service was amazing and so quick but most of all, my son was a bit weird about them when they first arrived but has since tried them and LOVES them. Winning! We will definitely be returning customers and if anyone else in the diabetic community asks, I will point them in your direction. Many thanks and have a happy day.

I like that they are dry and odourless

Because of long standing hours I always have sore heels and these socks reduced the soreness to significant extent in 1 week. They are comfortable and I like that they are dry and odourless. Strongly recommend coz they are good.

You have a customer for LIFE!

My lovely TXG socks just arrived this afternoon as you announced. Thankyou very much or the fantastic follow up and follow through! Thankyou very much or the fantastic follow up and follow through! You have a customer for LIFE! Well done !!!

Jill Murray
They look good

They look good, they are a gift for a friend