Our Process of Manufacturing TXG Compression Socks

At TXG Socks NZ we often jokingly refer to “our sock workshop” and the arduous journey each pair of socks undertakes to arrive safely at your home. However, there is a very serious side to the manufacture of each and every pair of TXG socks which we would like to share with you.

We are very proud of the complex and stringent manufacturing process that every pair of TXG socks goes through, to create, what we think are the best, highest quality medical grade compression socks available worldwide.

TXG compression socks and stockings have been designed in close consultation with TXG's Medical Consultant Dr Guang Yi Liu, a Cardiovascular Surgeon specialising in the treatment of Varicose Veins at the Guang Qian Clinic in Taiwan, he provides ongoing medical expertise to TXG in the development of medical grade compression socks.



Dr Liu is TXG's Medical Consultant

Bunker Chen is TXG's Sport's Consultant who works alongside the TXG team in the development and testing of the TXG range of sport's compression products. Bunker attended the National Taiwan University of Sport and is a well known and respected coach for Marathon and Triathlon, 300 gyms and Pose Method Gym training and events.

Buster Chen is TXG's Sport Consultant

TXG Compression Socks have been manufactured in Taiwan since 2009 on a high-tech automated compression hosiery production line, using the same manufacturing equipment as many well-known European and American brands of compression socks

The manufacturing process to produce our Medical Grade Graduated Compression Socks and Stockings is complex and involves many stages:

Step 1: Raw Materials

TXG is committed to using only high-quality yarns from reputable environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturers. Each type of raw material is carefully researched and compared to ensure that they are the highest quality available worldwide.

The raw materials of Lycra, Protimo, Aquatimo, Coolmax, Tencel, Modal, Supima Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal, Acrylic and Micro Nylon are inspected to ensure that:

  1. The materials conform to the manufacturer's label
  2. There are no defects in the raw materials

Step 2: Dyeing

TXG Socks does not use dyed raw materials.

TXG is an Official Qualified Dyeing Agent, this accreditation ensures that no dangerous dyes or chemicals are used in the dyeing process.

All dyes and chemicals used are eco-friendly and are tested by OEKO, a worldwide independent testing and certification system for raw and finished textile products.

The raw materials are placed into a Dyeing Machine and environmentally friendly dyes and chemicals are applied, this process takes 4 to 5 hours.

The following chemical agents are applied to the raw materials:

  • Dyes - to colour the raw materials
  • Auxiliary Agents - to ensure the dyeing process is high-quality
  • Dye Fastness Agents - to make the material resistant to fading or running
  • Softening Agents - are applied at the final stage of the dyeing process to make the materials softer and easier to handle

The textiles are then spin-dried.

An automated Potentiometric Titrator is an analytical instrument which analyses the chemicals used and ensures quality control and the correct balance of chemicals is consistent between batches.

TXG dyes the raw materials first, before the compression socks are woven (unlike most other brands), the cost of dyeing first is higher, but we choose to do this to ensure a consistent, high-quality of long-lasting colour in every TXG sock.

Step 3: Weaving

The compression sock hosiery machine and the matching yarn table are placed on the creel of the machine and the computer software of the hosiery machine is selected to the name of the product to be woven.

Once the weaving is completed the woven sock falls from the tube into a basket.

Step 4: Hand-linking of Seams

There are three methods which can be used to sew the toe cage and the heel cage to the leg of the sock:

  1. Overlocker Machine
        1. This is the cheapest method of manufacturing
        2. It results in a raised seam which creates pressure points on the foot
        3. This technique is used by cheap compression sock brands


  2. Automatic Seamless Machine
      1. This creates a flat, seamless join and is fast to manufacture
      2. This technique is used by most compression sock brands
      3. The seam is flat, but not durable


  3. Manual Hand-Linked Seamless Technique
    1. The price of manufacturing by the manual hand-linked technique is significantly higher than the over-locking and automatic seamless machines as the process is very skilled, painstaking and labour intensive.
    2. This technique produces the highest quality seamless join which has no pressure points and is comfortable and long-lasting.
    3. This is the only technique used by TXG Socks, the quality of these seams surpasses all other compression sock brands.

Step 5: Heating

Each sock is then placed onto a hosiery board (a board which is the shape of a foot and leg) to help the sock retain its shape.

The hosiery boards are then rolled into a Stocking Setting Machine, this is like a big steam oven. Steam is used to heat the socks and the high temperature disinfects and sterilises the socks.

Once the heat is turned off, the socks are left to cool down.

Step 6: Compression Testing

TXG Socks uses the internationally approved Satra Pressure Detector to ensure that the pressure value of their socks is accurate to the international mmHg standard.

This pressure test is performed every 100 pairs of TXG compression socks which are manufactured

Step 7: Testing and Certification

TXG Socks is proud to have the following independent, internationally recognised certifications for their range of compression socks and stockings:

  1. Medical FDA (American Food & Drug Administration) Factory Certification to manufacture up to Class 2 compression stockings
  2. TTRI, the official government Taiwan Textile Research Institute which tests the raw materials used in each product to ensure they agree to the labelling
  3. OEKO, the worldwide independent testing and certification system which ensures that all dyes and agents used in the raw materials and finished textile products are safe and eco-friendly
  4. SGS, the international Regulatory Agency which ensures compliance with International Regulations, this provides assurance that TXG socks have certification of the following:
    1. The fibers used in the manufacture of each product agrees to the labelling
    2. Testing of colour fastness to perspiration and water
    3. PH Value
    4. Testing to ensure that the socks do not contain any traces of Formaldehyde, Lead, Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium and Selenium


Step 8: Quality Control

Every single TXG Sock is inspected manually by TXG staff, three times during the production process to check for hooked yarn, stains, pilling of fibers, missed stitches, colour fastness, hand-linked seams and sizing:

  • Inspection 1: After the hand-linked seam is completed
  • Inspection 2: After the heat setting treatment is completed
  • Inspection 3: Prior to the socks being packaged

Step 9: Packaging

Each pair of socks is carefully checked.

Then wrapped in a soft, silky bed of the finest tissue paper, that money can buy.

Then carefully lowered into the finest, custom designed cardboard box, that money can buy.

Then gently placed into the strongest packing box, that money can buy.

Then flown first class to New Zealand

Step 10: From our TXG NZ Sock Warehouse to your home

When the TXG socks arrive in our TXG NZ Sock Warehouse, they are carefully inspected by our enthusiastic, sock loving Sock Checkers.

When you place your order, your socks are carefully selected and gently placed into the finest courier bag, that money can buy.

Our trusty and reliable courier collects your order from us and they begin their final journey to their new home, at your place, where they will be your loyal companions for many years.

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of TXG Socks. We love talking about our socks, if you have any questions, we're just a phone call or email away.

We have created this short video of the production process of TXG Socks

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