Keeping fit is key to living a long and happy life. TXG's Sports Unisex Compression Socks are designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts. They have been developed with the optimal amount of compression to increase the flow of oxygenated blood. Whether your exercise of choice is long distance running, high intensity resistance training, or yoga – our sports socks and compression sleeves will help enhance athletic performance and recovery.


It’s been proven by experts that using compression wear while working out decreases your post-exercise recovery time and injury risk. All exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscles, which causes the soreness you feel after a tough workout. When you use compression wear, your muscles are forced to retain less fluid and so will swell less. Compression helps boosts lymphatic function, so these areas hurt less after working out.



TXG's sports socks are designed for both professional athletes and casual sports enthusiasts. They’ve been developed with the optimal amount of compression to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to enhance performance and recovery in men and women. The soles have extra padding for shock absorption. Our unique patented X-pattern design provides strong yet comfortable protection for the ankle area – simulating the benefits of strapping the ankle without the tape. Our socks are made using Coolmax, a high-performance fabric that combines an effective fiber-based moisture management system with a unique twill weave for a high level of breathability and comfort.

We offer calf compression sleeves, should you need extended provide calf support and performance-enhancing compression while still being able to wear your favourite socks or team uniform. We also offer arm compression sleeves to keep your arm muscles compact while regulating temperature, so that you gain more power from your arms with less fatigue.

Diane's TXG Sock Feedback

"They are great, stopped my legs from swelling and helped with my bad knee. I will always wear them now."


"I've been doing an Alpine tramp over Cascade Saddle in Aspiring National Park & I wore the TXG compression socks. They are great. Stopped my legs from swelling and helped with my bad knee. I endured no lactose build up in my calf muscles despite the very steep ascent and descent. I will always wear them now and have recommended them to my tramping friends."

Dianne Parker

Reena's TXG Sock Feedback

"After a long shift, my legs didn’t swell or even feel sore."


"After me being on my feet for 24 hours and wearing the TXG compression socks for that length of time; my legs didn’t swell or even feel sore. I wasn’t as physically tired either as I usually would be after working a 12-hour shift at the hospital. The socks are wonderful and far exceeded my expectations."

Reena Nandlal

Aroha's feedback on her TXG sleeves

"I love my arm and calf sleeves, they help me at hockey"


"I purchased some arm sleeves and calf sleeves and love them. Trialled them out last week during my many games of hockey and at an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament to see if they’ll help me at my next hockey tournament and I can safely say yes, I especially love the arm sleeves keeping my forearms from tightening which is so important when dribbling. They also help at the gym during any arm work where I grip tightly and my forearms tighten. Usually, I would fatigue and be forced to stop, but I get far more out of my arms."

Aroha Sakura

Paula's feedback on her TXG socks

"I am able to stand longer during the day and I am less tired at the end of the day."


"Before I started wearing them I would notice that I had a varicose vein that would stand out on my lower leg. I wear my socks all day and at the end of the day when I take them off, there is no vein standing out on my leg. The spider veins are still there but even those are less prominent too I am able to stand longer during the day as well. They are probably one of the best things I have bought."

Paula Roberts

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